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Tarot T-2D V2 GoPRO 3 Brushless Camera Gimbal and ZYX22 Controller

Tarot T-2D V2 GoPRO 3 Brushless Camera Gimbal and ZYX22 Controller
Tarot T-2D V2 GoPRO 3 Brushless Camera Gimbal and ZYX22 Controller

Tarot needs no introduction, their name is synonymous with quality and their 2 axis ZYX22 gimbal controller and T-2D v2 brushless gimbal for the GoPRO 3 is no exception.  

The Tarot’s T-2D v2 gimbal is designed specifically for the infamous commercial quality Gopro Hero3. Using 6061T6 aluminum alloy full CNC precision machining, and their incorporation of the brushless motors as part of the overall framework reduces size and weight. The T-2D has been engineered to perfectly balance out with the GoPro3 so the load on the motors is minimized and require almost no tuning. The T-2D v2 comes with a new style two layer vibration isolation mount and BLGC mount and has various new frame mounting options.

The Tarot ZYX22 Brushless gimbal controller is unique from all the other run of the mill BLGC on the market. They removed the FTDI chip from the board to save size and weight, but is just as easy to use with the included USB adapter. The Tarot’s computer user interface for setup and tuning (if required) is the easiest and most intuitive seen yet. The Tarot packs in more options, like support for rate mode or position mode as-well as custom initial pitch angle, and support for standard RC input as well as S.BUS and Direct DSM2/DSMX input via a satellite receiver. The T-2D combo is simply the most refined brushless gimbal for a GoPro 3 on the market.

• Vibration isolation mounting (new version)
• Integrated motor and frame design
• GoPro 3 direct mounting
• Supply voltage polarity protection and voltage compensation
• Short-circuit protection
• Custom initial pitch angle
• Sensitivity parameter adjustment support and software 
• Supports joystick rate mode and position mode
• Dual 32-bit high-speed ARM core processor
• Easy to use software

Working Voltage: DC 7.4V ~ 14.8V (Recommended 12V, three lithium battery)
Working current: 200mA-500mA (power supply voltage and the motor related)
Working temperature: -15c ~ 65c
Processor: Dual 32-bit high-speed ARM core processor
Sensor: Three rotor MEMS gyroscope rotor MEMS accelerometers 
Maximum angular rate: 2000 ° / Sec
Maximum acceleration: 16g
Control frequency: 2000Hz
Motor drive frequency: 20KHz (no noise smoothing drive)
Control accuracy: 0.1 deg
Control angle range: -45Deg  ~ 45Deg (roll), -135 ° ~ 90 ° (tilt)
Power Interface: DC 7.4V ~ 14.8V (Recommended 12V, three lithium battery)

Camera equipment:
GOPRO Hero3 (not included)

ZYX3 rotor gyro USB cable group × 1
GOPRO two-axis gyro sensor head × 1
GOPRO two-axis gyro head master controller × 1
USB computer interface x 1
T-2D gimbal with motors and isolated mounting
ZYX22 brushless gimbal controller
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Gunnar  1 points - 9/2/2014
Would this gimbal work on the new Blade 350QX2? If so What Spektrum transmitter would I need to purchase to use the tilt control on the gimbal? The 350QX2 RTF comes with a 4 channel spektrum, but I could get the BNF version and purchase my own transmitter. I was looking at the 5 channel one would that be enough to use the tilt control? Thank you
canterburyflyer  321 points - 8/31/2014
Any of you guys running this with the SJ4000 ( Turnigy Action Cam) ? There is very little room for AV cable output. I am looking at a PCB 90* mount parts from Mouser electronic supply. I believe the clearance for this USB MicroB plug by Hirose will foot the bill but we are talking about near zero clearance between the USB plug housing and the Tarot camera support. The MicroSD card is completely covered. So I am going to try to make a cable that will allow me to both charge and also to connect to PC for downloading new footage. Will be looking for info also on RCG. Thanks for any comment or experiences you have had C
Cedalson  2 points - 8/30/2014
Hi! will this gimbal be ok for my Phantom FC40? and do i have buy a seperate parts in order to install the gimbal? many thanks!
Tim  56 points - 8/23/2014
I have two of these gimbals and love them. They do have micro-vibrations when sitting still, but video is jello-free and the horizon holds well. They even do well in crashes, except for the plastic mounting sections. HK doesn't sell replacement mounting brackets, but if you google Power Hobby (in NY state) they have them for $25.
michael  7 points - 8/22/2014
I want to set this gimbal up for hand held use. What would be the ideal battery solely with powering the gimbal in mind. Also got a guess on how long it would last and should I run a low power buzzer? Cheers
 Tim 56 points
I have one setup for handheld use - I usually use a 460mah 3S Nanotech battery, which is good for at least an hour of average use, depending on how active the motors are.
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Mine came with instructions for the V1 model, but it isn't terribly hard to figure out how to assemble it. The unit does suffer from micro-vibrations when idle, but once you are in-flight and the motors are constantly working, you don't really notice it in the video. For the money, you really can't go wrong. I'm running mine off my main 4s pack and it works great, just have to turn down the gains a little bit.

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Works out of the box, minimal assembly required, very fair price. Could weigh a little less with glass/CF arms, but the tradeoff is acceptable because it's very solidly-built. As always, protect it from crashes with landing gear.

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hello I you buy the tarot t2d v2 but or then I to find the software d' installation and which s' opens? thank you d' advance

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V2 doesn't mean upgraded, it seems cheaper version of T-2D, they are plastic mount instead carbon and don't even come with gopro cable. product working fine

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