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Turnigy SCT 2WD 1/10 Brushless Short Course Truck (KIT) upgraded version

Turnigy SCT 2WD 1/10 Brushless Short Course Truck (KIT) upgraded version
Turnigy SCT 2WD 1/10 Brushless Short Course Truck (KIT) upgraded version

*Note: This is the KIT version requiring full assembly and your own electronics.

Get ready to tear up the local dirt track with the new Turnigy SCT 2WD 1/10 Brushless Short Course Truck! This version of the SCT arrives in KIT form requiring assembly. This is a great option for those of you who like to build and want to setup this truck with your own electronics.
The SCT chassis is lightweight yet rigid offering a perfect combination of weight savings and strength. Additionally, it features large front/rear and side impact bumpers to protect your model while running.

This truck includes proper short course style racing wheels, soft compound tires for increased traction and handling, as well as a pre-trimmed body shell. Also, with features such as fully adjustable suspension, aluminum oil filled shocks and adjustable camber/castor, it is easy to fine tune the ride to the conditions of your favorite track or bashing spot.

Adjustable camber, caster and shock mounting positions
Full aluminum front/rear shocks
Carbon fiber battery hold-down
Low center of gravity chassis design
Large front/rear and side impact bumpers
Soft compound tires for increased traction
Pre-trimmed body shell w/decal sheet included

Battery compartment: 195x49x21mm MAX SIZE
Length: 530mm
Wheelbase: 330mm
Height: 200mm
Ground Clearance: 41mm

2CH Radio System (Rx/Tx)
3650 Brushless inrunner motor
35~60A Brushless ESC
Standard size high-torque steering servo
2~3s 4000MAH LiPoly battery

PRODUCT ID: 9249000909-0

Weight: 3420g
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Price  $84.28

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  • M2.5x6mm Screw Set (10pcs/bag) - A2027,A2028,A2029,A2030,A2031,A2033,A2035,A2040,A3007andA3011

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 Customer rated
Total of 63 discussions.
benn  132 points - 11/11/2015
Any ways to improve the drive cup longevity? Not bashing or driving it that hard on 2s batteries and after 3-4 runs there is a lot of wear on the cups. My HK Vandal has the same issue. Cheap metal... Are there any decent after market replacements? Buying the same type will have the same problem.
 Pat 1 points
Hi Benn, I took mine out and used Kyosho diffs and drive shaft. The lowered the weight in the drive by almost 100 grams. I have raced it at my local track that way for almost 7 race nights and have had no issues. I had to add double the drive bearings because the Turnigy transmission is really fat.
Garret  2 points - 9/2/2015
Yes, that is the one I used
Max  1 points - 9/1/2015
Can I put the 80a waterproof esc on this thing
 Aussie pete. 209 points
Yes, you can put whatever ESC you want on it.
avrohom dovid  2 points - 8/29/2015
how dureble is this truck?
 Garret 2 points
I have beat it very hard so far. I have driven it daily for 3 weeks and so far I have broken a tie rod and worn out the diff outdrives and axles. BE AWARE the driveline parts are from the quantum e-guanna. So when you order a new spur gear you HAVE to use an e-guanna spur gear.
 benn 132 points
I have the older model and they are ok. Never snapped a part. The arms are pretty strong but the body will not last long, cracks very easily. Also the drive cups wear out very quickly as they have used a poor grade metal. Seems to be a issue with other HK cars.
 Pat 1 points
I have been using the truck and thinks have been great, I have been very pleased. I also have an associated SCT 4.2 and the Turnigy seems more stable. I have the newer version and I am competitive with the other guys at the track. I did purchase a pack of stainless steel M3 screws to replace most of the screws that come with it. If I started this project again, I would uses shoe glue and Self Adhesive Fiberglass Cloth Tape White Mesh Roll for Drywall. I use it on all my SCT. you can cut it long ways stick it to the inside of your truck body. Then use the shoe glue with your finger to coat over the mesh. You have to do this all the way around the truck body. This will keep the body in good condition. If you get cracks in the body above your shoe glue line it is easy to repair. If you don't do that, plan on your trunk body cracking on the first run.
Berry  1 points - 8/17/2015
Dear Hobby King Staff I am interest for this trunigy sc truck but i am wondering if I purchase after does Hobby King have any spare parts supporting , i didn't see any spare parts at the spare parts selection . could you please reply me at once before i make this purchase. Best regards Berry
 meeki 987 points
The 1/10 Turnigy SCT 2WD in the RTR version of this kit, so parts fot the 1/10 Turnigy SCT 2WD will fit thiskit.
 Brandon 28 points
Follow this link:
 Brandon 28 points
Sorry... Cars & Parts > Spare Parts > 1/10 Turnigy SCT 2WD Parts
 Pat 1 points
Hi Berry, When you log in, make sure you are looking at the global location. There are really no spare parts other than the arms in the US locations. Anyways I bought almost every spare part you can get. After adding it up after the fact. It would have been better to buy two trucks. Also after two months of competitive racing at my local track, I have been using a 13.5 turn motor, I have broke no Turnigy parts on this truck.
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From my order on the website (Inter whouse) to delivery to my door in Canada using FEDEX, it took 4 days !!! Wow. Can you believe that !?! Anyway, it came very well packaged, the instructions are really good, not in Chinglish at all. Clear and well enough illustrated. All the parts are of what seems to be very good quality so far. Day one of built: Shocks, diff & gear box: Shocks machining is perfect. everything fits very nicely. Same for diff and gearbox. No complaints as of now. I'll update as I find time to build the thing. Keep posted.

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Having ordered with a bunch of other stuff the postage was only 2/3 weeks to Australia total cost was around $300aud for entire order including post. The overall quality of the kit isn't bad especially for the price. Mostly plastic parts seem durable enough for light bashing. The shocks were a nice surprise:-) however the body is no good only held up for 2 crashes admittedly on road. But to the build all went smoothly and instruction booklet was easy to follow. Keep in mind there is no stage 12 (spare parts bag) also no instructions on painting body. (Basic outline for color scheme of picture wouldhave been nice) i bbrought everything through hobbyking to see what a cheap build would be like i went with Turnigy electics and servo. The only thing that didn't come from hobbyking would be some tamiya ps paints and radio ( flysky gt3c purchased in Australia for quick postage) TrackStar TS-410MG Digital 1/10 Scale Short Course Steering Servo 62g / 9.45kg / 0.13sec Turnigy TrackStar Waterproof 1/10 Brushless Power System 4000KV/80A Also using an zippy 50c 2s 6000Mah flightmax I think i would buy another kit (rock crawler/ truggy) due to cost only issue would be spare parts/ upgrade options.

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fun little project and nice quality for the price

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kit is good if use all round with hex hardware will be much better.

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