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Turnigy PRO Steady-Hand Gimbal 3 Axis KIT

Turnigy PRO Steady-Hand Gimbal 3 Axis KIT
Turnigy PRO Steady-Hand Gimbal 3 Axis KIT

After months of design and testing, Turnigy have brought a Pro level product to the masses at HobbyKing prices. The Turnigy Pro Steady-Hand Gimbal, for the Pro to hobbyist cinematographer.

If you are in the world of making anything from Small films to YouTube content, you know the benefit of a stabilized camera rig but the price has always been out of reach for most, till now. The Turnigy Pro Hand gimbal is designed to handle anything from a small Sony Nex5 to full blown DLSRs with unlimited adjustability and motor options.

The Gimbal is made from high quality 3k carbon fiber and flat black anodized precision cut CNC aluminum components. With 4mm of carbon plate for the supports and matched quality hardware you can be confident your rig and investment is secure. 

The internet is filled with support and videos for proper balancing and tuning of hand gimbals so even those not in the RC hobby can be successful and making movie magic in no time.

Weight: 900g without motors or controller
Size: adjustable (max 370 x 420 x 230mm)
Max camera size: 190mm width
Recommended Motors: 40-90mm Brushless gimbal motors x 3 (52mm recommended)
Recommended Controller: AlexMos 3 Axis 

*Note: This is a kit and does not include the motors or controller, this will need to be assembled and tuned for your camera set-up. 

PRODUCT ID: 450000111-0

Weight: 1140g
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Price  $29.95

  • DYS Joystick controller for Brushless Camera Gimbals (AlexMos Basecam compatible)

    Combo Price: $8.78   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack

    Combo Price: $9.95   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy HD 5208 Brushless Gimbal Motor (BLDC)

    Combo Price: $37.92   IN STOCK

  • XT60 Male w/ 12AWG Silicon Wire 10cm (5pcs/bag)

    Combo Price: $5.81   IN STOCK

  • 5.6mm x 13mm M3 Nylon Threaded Spacer (10pc)

    Combo Price: $0.75   IN STOCK

  • 3.2x7x0.5mm Shock Washer (10pcs) - 110BS, A2003T, A2027/28/29,A2031,A2032,A2033,A2035,A2038&A3011

    Combo Price: $0.92   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy HD 5206 Brushless Gimbal Motor (BLDC)

    Combo Price: $37.92   IN STOCK

  • ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 25C

    Combo Price: $10.81   BACKORDER

  • Electrical Zip / Cable Ties Nylon 4mm x 150mm - 100/bag (Yellow)

    Combo Price: $1.95   IN STOCK

  • Hex Screw M3x8 (20pcs)

    Combo Price: $1.76   IN STOCK

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Total of 113 discussions.
nicolas  1 points - 11/27/2015
Hello, Is the price really 28.15€*? Thank You
Ursula  1 points - 10/3/2015
Hello what motors I would need for gimbal for a Canon 5D Mark III ?? I still need except the engines?
 James 428 points
The standard Turnigy HD 5208 Brushless Gimbal Motor (BLDC) will be fine to use, unless you use an oversized Lens then it could be too heavy... you can always research a larger motor for the top so it can carry more weight.
Daniel  11 points - 7/6/2015
Hi, I´*m looking for a usefull profile. Could someone send me or save under "files" a usefull profile for 5D MIII. THX
 steven 54 points
Based on motor size/balance, not really. I went from two different nex5 to the 7 cameras and had vastly different pids and powers on the exact same unit
 steven 54 points
Stsosz  7 points - 6/29/2015
Could this be mounted on a multirotor? Is there a conversion kit?
 steven 54 points
Yes, I do when I want a perfect shot. No extra peices. I used it on a tarot 810. Take off all three handles.....its hard to discribe the rest.
 steven 54 points Ment to post to this one
tommcgarry  68 points - 6/1/2015
Will this handle the weight of a Canon 7D? Thanks
 steven 54 points
Yes with te right motor selection
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
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Overall this is worth every penny. Couple of things to note: - This comes with no screws for the motors. If you buy the 5208 motors they list here you will also need to buy the M3x8 screws since the motors only come with screws for one side. HOWEVER, the M3x8 screws are too long and so I used 2 small washers between the plates and the motors to make them the right length. This also helps so that the c-clip on the motor doesn't rub up against the plate. - The yaw motor has screws in place so that the motor is mounted upside down. I put new holes in it so that I could mount the 5208 motor right side up < this way the cable sits below the handles and can spin infinitely around the yaw axis without binding. - When you open the product up there will be a lot of carbon dust over all the parts. You may want to wash them first before assembly. I didn't and my hands turned pretty black by the time I was done. - It says this in the instructions but since the hardware is aluminum, don't overtighten, you will strip the screws. - This doesn't come with any stand-offs for the controller or IMU... you will need to provide your own. - Assembly tip: always slide pieces to the center before you put things on the end of a tube... I had to re-assemble things a few times. Otherwise this is a great kit. And for the price I'm not complaining.

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Overall Rating
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Before you buy make sure you can view the 3axis controller as its not showing as a related product, also no switch comes with the controller and they don't show this as a related product, HK don't even reply to posts when you ask where it is? Not a easy product to set up takes about 3 hours to build the gimbal and about another two hours to connect a solder, then you will get to the stage I'm at at trying to connect to the computer in which its not clear how to configure due to HK taking off the 3 axis controller in which the document files are on that page in order to download and click through on the web links to 3rd party websites in order to download drivers etc.

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Overall Rating
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I've built two of these gimbals with large motors and 32 bit AlexMos controllers and they work. However, this gimbal does not work well with a large DSLR. The main reason is the walls of the carbon fiber tubing used are very thin (1.0mm thickness), and so the entire lower portion of the frame from the yaw motor down actually flexes slightly when operating with larger cameras. The controller tries to compensate for this, but what ends up happening is you get slight vibrations in the footage, usually on the roll axis. If you look at some of the larger gimbals built from carbon fiber tubing, you will see in photos that the wall thickness of their tubing is slightly greater. All that would have to be done to fix this is to upgrade the tubing from 1.0mm thickness to 2.0mm. This would greatly reduce the flex in the frame. I am in the process of upgrading both of my Turnigy gimbals to 2.0mm thick CF.

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Overall Rating
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compre este gimbal por su bajo pecio, y me parece que en general esta bien aunque me llego con una rosca dañada. tambien llega bastante sucio por lo que es mejor lavarlo antes de armarlo para no terminar con las manos negras del polvo. En cuanto al los ajustes para el balanceo me parece que debieron diseñarlo mejor ya que es algo incomodo la hubicacion de los tornillos que hay que aflojar para poder mover los tubos del marco en la direccion que queramos para balancearlo. La electronica q le puse fue un controlador alexmos 32bit dual sensor, 2 motores turnigy 5208 y 1 turnigy 9017. Al principio fue algo complicado balancear y configurar el gimbal, pero despues que lo logres todo funciona excelente.

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Overall Rating9/11/2015
Like it?
Ive built and sold several of these, regret my last purchase not going through here. Motor selection is key! Balance is next, then tuning from pitch, to roll then lastly yaw. I use a bluetooth link to my phone to 100pcnt be sure there is no weight difference. Battery charge also makes a big impact during the tune. If it goes away quickly you are constantly tuning againest the clock. The old 8bit I can get decent time on full size dslr, with 32 bit I get 20 mins of good tuning time with the sony nex for a base line on 1300mah 20c. If you feel you are adding more than 100pcnt power, really should check for absolute perfect balance. Remeber the angle of the boom drop can change everything. Used on; 810 tarot, 10 mile hike in my hand. And also small indy films. If you dont build this kind of thing normally, should really consider letting someone. $200 in motors alone misstake can suck. Ive spent hundreds testing for all the applications I do. This isnt a traxxas rustler where you drop in the hop ups and go, there is real setup, and real time invested. Ive taken 4 hours over 5 days to make these stunning.

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