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Turnigy PRO Steady-Hand Gimbal 3 Axis KIT

Turnigy PRO Steady-Hand Gimbal 3 Axis KIT
Turnigy PRO Steady-Hand Gimbal 3 Axis KIT

After months of design and testing, Turnigy have brought a Pro level product to the masses at HobbyKing prices. The Turnigy Pro Steady-Hand Gimbal, for the Pro to hobbyist cinematographer.

If you are in the world of making anything from Small films to YouTube content, you know the benefit of a stabilized camera rig but the price has always been out of reach for most, till now. The Turnigy Pro Hand gimbal is designed to handle anything from a small Sony Nex5 to full blown DLSRs with unlimited adjustability and motor options.

The Gimbal is made from high quality 3k carbon fiber and flat black anodized precision cut CNC aluminum components. With 4mm of carbon plate for the supports and matched quality hardware you can be confident your rig and investment is secure. 

The internet is filled with support and videos for proper balancing and tuning of hand gimbals so even those not in the RC hobby can be successful and making movie magic in no time.

Weight: 900g without motors or controller
Size: adjustable (max 370 x 420 x 230mm)
Max camera size: 190mm width
Recommended Motors: 40-90mm Brushless gimbal motors x 3 (52mm recommended)
Recommended Controller: AlexMos 3 Axis 

*Note: This is a kit and does not include the motors or controller, this will need to be assembled and tuned for your camera set-up. 

PRODUCT ID: 450000111-0

Weight: 1140g Quantity: 
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Price $175.70

  • DYS Joystick controller for Brushless Camera Gimbals (AlexMos Basecam compatible)

    Combo Price: $8.78   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack

    Combo Price: $7.85   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy HD 5208 Brushless Gimbal Motor (BLDC)

    Combo Price: $37.92   IN STOCK

  • XT60 Male w/ 12AWG Silicon Wire 10cm (5pcs/bag)

    Combo Price: $5.81   IN STOCK

  • 5.6mm x 13mm M3 Nylon Threaded Spacer (10pc)

    Combo Price: $0.75   IN STOCK

  • 3.2x7x0.5mm Shock Washer (10pcs) - 110BS, A2003T, A2027/28/29, A2031, A2032, A2033, A2035, A3011

    Combo Price: $0.92   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy HD 5206 Brushless Gimbal Motor (BLDC)

    Combo Price: $37.92   IN STOCK

  • Quanum AlexMos Brushless Gimbal Controller 3-Axis Kit Basecam (SimpleBGC)

    Combo Price: $130.35   IN STOCK

  • ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 25C

    Combo Price: $9.95   IN STOCK

  • Electrical Zip / Cable Ties Nylon 4mm x 150mm - 100/bag (Yellow)

    Combo Price: $1.95   IN STOCK

  • Hex Screw M3x8 (20pcs)

    Combo Price: $1.76   IN STOCK

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Total of 87 discussions.
Obi-Wan-Kenobi  1 points - 9/13/2014
Is Hobbyking going to start stocking the clamps that come with this gimbal? The reason I ask is because my gimbal came with a clamp that has bad threads, and it would be nice if I could buy spares, but all I'm finding are the bolt/nut type, not any bolt to threaded block like these. I know I could make a bolt/nut type work, but these threaded type are much easier to work with (Only one tool and hand required) and make aligning and balancing so much easier.
claudio  1 points - 8/17/2014
Hello, can i use this as a gimbal with an exacter? thx
 Manuel 10 points
whats an exacter?
 claudio 1 points
i mean exacopter, a multicopter, multirotor.
 Manuel 10 points
Ah ok :-) Yeah you can. The yaw motor can eather be mounted directly to a plate on your multicopter or you can use the normal plate to do it.
Ondrej  1 points - 8/11/2014
Im little bit lost here. So do you or do you not use zoom on that lens? How long does it take to rebalance the gimball when changing zoom or whole lens for another one?
 Manuel 10 points
as mentioned below you cannot zoom during shoot exept with a remote follow focus on the zoom ring. You should be good balance wise with a well balanced gimbal with good pid values and an in case zoom (no increasing tube lenght) Switching from one lense to another is done in seconds with the camara mounting screw and pushing the camera back or forth a little bit.
Ondrej  1 points - 8/6/2014
Hi Manuel Im looking for gimball for my 6D 24-105 lens. This setup weights about 1500g. I understand that 3x5208 motors arent enough. Are you satisfied with your 5208 2x9017 setup? Isn't it too heavy to operate? It's like: 1500g camera 1000g gimbal 1000g motors Aku, cables, electronics etc. 3000g minimum I guess. Seems like a lot for me. Do you have some videos already? Thanks a lot!
 Bas 33 points
I have a 1600g camera and it works great as long as you balance it VERY WELL! First mine was unbalanced (a little) and I thought my motors would be too weak.
 Ondrej 1 points
What motors do you have for that camera? I'm afraid that 24-105 F4 lens isn't much usable for this kind of stabilizer is it? Because of lens length change when zooming. This will make big influence to gimball balancing am I right? Is this a big trouble? Can anyone tell? Thank you
 Bas 33 points
My camera has a 18-200 lens on is and I use the zoom because it wil change the balance of the gimbal causing too much weight on the motors. I just use the Turnigy 5208 motors.
 Ondrej 1 points
Im little bit lost here. So do you or do you not use zoom on that lens? How long does it take to rebalance the gimball when changing zoom or whole lens for another one?
 Bas 33 points
Haha sorry I was tired when I wrote that, I meant I can't use the zoom. *)
 Manuel 10 points
Technically you can use the zoom with a Remote Followfocus system or a DIY variant of it. Bas I don't know how your Roll motor 5208 keep up with the weight of your setup mine didn't move 1mm. The whole system is pretty heavy but you can easyly hold it up on head hight if you're not completely out of shape. Balancing for a new lense/zoom is done in seconds. You just need to adjust the camera back or forth. the Whole right left and yaw balance won't get affected too much. I realy like the LD9017s so wouldn't go with anything smaler on roll and yaw even with a smaler DSLR. The only thing I need to change on my setup is the yaw holding plate. It's to thin and bounces when i walk. Will change that to aluminum in the near future.
Manuel  10 points - 7/30/2014
Ok guys finished the build with the 2 LD9017 motors. After a quick setup it works fine. Sure I need to finetune everything but for now its nice. I will now write down my adjusted items list to get this gimbal to work with full size DSLRs (7D/5D): 2xLD9017 gimbal motor (YAW,ROLL) 1xHD5208 (PITCH) 6xTube Clamp 25mm (you cant reach the screws between roll axis and roll motor and between yaw motor and axis because of the larger motor diameter so you need them to fix that) 5.6mm x 13mm M3 Nylon Threaded Spacer M3 Nylon Nuts Hex Screw M3x8 M3x6 Shock Washer (3.2x7x0.5mm) 14AWG Silicon Wire red/black connector of your choice Soft Ferrite Rings 16x7x10 Servo Terminals (JR) Gold Plated (simple motor connectors) Additionally gear I used: 4s 3000mAH LiPo Zip Ties Camera Mounting Screw double sided tape (mount IMUs)
 kalpesh 1 points
Hey How are you? Great to here that you have finished your project. Can you please advice me hoe to comet my main bored to yaw board. Hobby king has a deferent diagram. If you have any diagram please share with us.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating7/14/2014
Like it?
Overall this is worth every penny. Couple of things to note: - This comes with no screws for the motors. If you buy the 5208 motors they list here you will also need to buy the M3x8 screws since the motors only come with screws for one side. HOWEVER, the M3x8 screws are too long and so I used 2 small washers between the plates and the motors to make them the right length. This also helps so that the c-clip on the motor doesn't rub up against the plate. - The yaw motor has screws in place so that the motor is mounted upside down. I put new holes in it so that I could mount the 5208 motor right side up < this way the cable sits below the handles and can spin infinitely around the yaw axis without binding. - When you open the product up there will be a lot of carbon dust over all the parts. You may want to wash them first before assembly. I didn't and my hands turned pretty black by the time I was done. - It says this in the instructions but since the hardware is aluminum, don't overtighten, you will strip the screws. - This doesn't come with any stand-offs for the controller or IMU... you will need to provide your own. - Assembly tip: always slide pieces to the center before you put things on the end of a tube... I had to re-assemble things a few times. Otherwise this is a great kit. And for the price I'm not complaining.

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