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Turnigy Micro-X Quad-Copter DSM2 Compatible with FTDI Tool MWC (Multi-WII) (BNF)

Turnigy Micro-X Quad-Copter DSM2 Compatible with FTDI Tool MWC (Multi-WII) (BNF)
Turnigy Micro-X Quad-Copter DSM2 Compatible with FTDI Tool MWC (Multi-WII) (BNF)

Introducing the Turnigy Micro-X Copter, the smallest BIG thing to come to the multi-rotor market.

The Micro-X Copter packs the power of Multi-Wii into a pocket size quad. This PCB based quad has an integrated DSM2 compatile receiver, 6050 MPU and Atmel 328P processor working their magic. With additional provisions for future development, this one of the most stable and adaptable little quad copters on the market. 

The Micro-X is a complete package and only requires a DSM2 compatible transmitter. The kit comes with 2 LiPoly batteries, a charger, 2 sets of props and a matching FDTI tool, no need to fashion your own cables or hunt down the right spare battery.

For those that just want to bind and fly, the Micro-X comes preloaded and tuned with Multi-Wii. For the MWC gurus that want to play with PIDs and flight modes, the included FTDI tool lets you do just that. Binding to your DSM2 compatible transmitter is a snap, if the last bound transmitter is not found after 15 seconds the Micro-X goes into bind mode automatically.

For those that want rock solid performance, hackability and micro sized fun, this mini quad copter is a maximum must!

• 6050 MPU and 328P Atmel processer
• Built in DSM2 compatible receiver
• 2 LiPoly batteries included
• Charger included
• FTDI and cables included
• Upgradable

Wheelbase: 100mm
MPU: 6050
Processor: Atmel 328p
Weight: 21g without battery
Battery: 300mah 3.7 LiPoly (2 included)

A DSM2 capable 4ch transmitter 5ch recommended (for flight modes)

Note: This is a kit and does require some assembly.

PRODUCT ID: 154000010-0

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Weight: 172g
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Price  $52.29

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TonyInVa  1 points - 2/5/2015
What replacement blades does this use?
 Nobby 182 points
There are a few of the smaller copters that run this type of blade including the BladeNanoX in fact I think both the Micro Bladecopters run these blades but there are cheaper alternatives if you look around the Nano/Micro Copters on sites
PinkX  17 points - 2/5/2015
Hi anybody knows if it's possible to hooked it up with a GPS and Barometer? Thanks!
 Nobby 182 points
It is possible to hook a gps to the IC2 port but trying to get enough lift from the motors/props will be your real task!.I tried to add another 200mah to the lipo from 300 to 500 and that was enough extra weight to ground it,well it did lift off but couldn't clear the grass and at full tilt holding it on hand would sink slowly to ground.Looking for gruntier motors and larger prop combo Now!. Will post any results. Cheers and also good luck with the Soldering on the gps (bit fine for my rig)
debay  58 points - 2/4/2015
I assembled mine, ran it through the multiwii config and everything was good. as soon as i got it bound to the my TX one motor started spinning. Now all 4 spin. If I dont arm it, all 4 motors spin at WOT. Nothing in arduino or multiwii will make them stop. i havent even tried putting the props on yet.
 Nobby 182 points
recalibrate your escs . Good luck and fly heaps
Cheongdy@naver.c  6 points - 2/2/2015
Two of my quads have gone mad. GUI multiwii shows acc has steep slope. They should be placed sharply tilted to have them level in the GUI. What is the way to have them retrieved to factory settings
 Nobby 182 points
Go into the software package and re-load your default settings for the board from recall it was where you asjusted pids it gave the option to save your own settings to board or save to file and also reload from board and reload from file and then reload defaults.Havent looked at that software for many years now but fairly cetain it's in that section.
johnyfoxter  2 points - 1/24/2015
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Fantastic! Assembled in the time it took to charge the batteries! I used the photos above as a guide for where to solder the wires. The included USB dongle works perfectly for interfacing with the multiwii GUI. Really impressed with this quad, great value for money and a great flier!! Thanks HK!

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Very impressive, put together without instructions very quickly. Had to watch the youtube video to work out which way to solder the wires as there's no instruction manual yet. My first time into a MultiWii setup, and had a hard time trying to arm the motors to get going, but that was quickly sorted when I realised my rudder was reversed so I was trying to arm the wrong way! Quick reversal in my TX and it was good to go. I set the GYRO stuff for stable hover and it all flies very well. Battery time is around 5-6 mins I believe but haven't timed it. Broke 1 propellor so far doing something dumb, but seems very resilient. As long as spares come it's a brilliant model for the money. Comparing the size of my Friends multiwii and receiver on his Turnigy Tricopter frame to this, its laughable that it's so small!!

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I received my Micro H today. and it is a really nice micro quad. it took me literally 15 minutes to mount the motors. solder the wires and hook to the computer. which it has MC 2.2 on it. an then bind and fly. the quad is super stable and has room for future upgrades. In the air is very agile along with being stable. it has a lot of power and will climb extremely fast. but controllable. this quad would be great for someone wanting to learn MWC and minor assembly. HK has a winner on there hands with this quad

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not to sure on the quality of assembly of these quads as when I bound mine one motor was running no matter what i did it would not stop ,then it would not bind at all ,go plug it into the usb on my lap top one motor would run at half throttle weird thing ,looks like this lemon is going back to hobby king.

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I totally love this thing!! i just bought another 2!. I have flown it outside and it still performs great. Very easy setup(i just followed one pic) and in 10 mins i was flying it.The props are very strong and the motors barely get warm after 2 batteries of run time. Run time being around the 7 min mark! I just purchased a fpv kit to go on this system so cant wait! I recommend it to anyone that wants to fly indoors or out :) Benji

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