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Arkansas warehouse now open.
Our USA warehouse is now open! Low cost shipping and an ever growing variety make ordering from the Arkansas warehouse even better value!

Multi-Rotors, Drones & Parts

HobbyKing has a large selection of Remote Controlled Drones to fit all types of flying. From FPV Racing Multirotor style Quadcopters to be used with First Person View (FPV) Flying to Aerial Video and Aerial Photography Drones. The range includes Beginner to expert level Drones in all styles from Tricopter, Quadcopter, Hexacopter and Octocopter formats, and size ranges from Mini Quads to Aerial Video Drones. Also included from our range and depending on if you wish to buy something pre built in a Ready to Fly (RTF) format, or semi-built in Plug & Play (P&P) where you simply add your own Remote Control system or a complete DIY custom built Multirotor, we have them all covered in our Multirotor Range. Also you will find within HobbyKing all the components needed such as Flight Controllers, Propellers, Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC), Electric Motors (Brushed & Brushless), Multirotor Frames, LiPo Batteries, Remote Control Systems, Lipoly Chargers, FPV Goggles, Action Cameras and much more.

If you want to enter the exciting world of FPV Racing or see the world from up above to capture Aerial Video and Aerial Photography, HobbyKing has everything you need.

FPV Racing Drones FPV Racing Drones
FPV Racing Track Equipment FPV Racing Track Equipment
Ever wanted to build your own FPV Racing Drone track to practice or having fun with friends flying through air gates. HobbyKing has a selection of track equipment to get your own track up and running.
Aerial Photography Drones Aerial Photography Drones
Want to capture the World from a birds eye view. Our range of products is perfect for Aerial Video and Aerial Photography drones. Offerings in Ready to Fly or custom builds, HobbyKing have a complete range of Multirotors.
Looking for a quadcopter without having to spend hours building from parts? Our range of ready-to-fly and almost ready-to-fly drones is sure to have something that takes your fancy. Our drones can make a beginner fly like a pro in no time
Frame Kits Frame Kits
MultiStar MultiStar
Multistar has a great range of Multirotor parts and accessories for your Drone. From FPV Racing equipment to Aerial Video platform equiment, and of course the range of Multistar backpacks.
DJI Products DJI Products
Camera Gimbals Camera Gimbals
To make pictures and video look like a professional you can add a Camera Gimbal to your Aerial Video and Aerial Photography Drone for camera stabilization. These come in different formats to suit either an Action Camera or DSRL Style camera.
Flight Controllers & Accessories Flight Controllers & Accessories
The Heart of all Multirotors is the Flight Controller, this gives stabilization and control to all Multirotors. HobbyKing has a wide range of Flight Controllers for your Drone for all types of flying
Speed Controller (ESC) Speed Controller (ESC)
Most Popular Speed Controllers (ESC) for FPV Quad Racing in the Sub 180 and 250 range. World’s best range of ESCs from Turnigy, AFRO, MultiStar, Hobbywing, Flycolor OneShot, BLHeli, SimonK. We work directly with some of the best engineers and manufacturers in the industry, our ESCs are rock solid and ready for racing
Motors & Accessories Motors & Accessories
Propellers Propellers
Electronics Electronics
Building up a Multirotor may require some additional parts, power distribution boards (PDB), cables and more. You will find a good range of products listed here.
Lighting Accessories Lighting Accessories
Want to add some additional lights to you Drone? If you want to light up the skies to your FPV racing drone or add lights to help with orientation of aerial video multirotors. You will find a complete range listed here.
Protective Carry Cases Protective Carry Cases
Nothing like transporting your Multirotor equipment with protection. HobbyKing has a great range of products to protect your Drone, Lipo batteries, FPV goggles, Remote control transmitters, accessories and more. If its travel backpacks or transport cases you are after you will find these listed here.
DIY Parts & Accessories DIY Parts & Accessories
Doing a custom built Multirotor and looking for tube clamps, carbon fibre tubes, fitting and spaces and more. HobbyKing has a large range to suit your custom build of your drone.
Spare Parts Spare Parts
Looking for spare parts for your Multirotor? Had a heavy landing or just maintenance. HobbyKing has spares for most popular models of your Drone.
RotorBits RotorBits
Just because you may have outgrown your Legos and Erector sets does not mean the fun has to stop. Introducing RotorBits, the modular construction set of endless possibilities. Based on the idea of standardized connections and dimensions, the only limit to what can be built is your imagination.

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