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FlyCat EDF Foam Jet VERY FAST (kit only)

FlyCat EDF Foam Jet VERY FAST (kit only)

This little kit takes around 4hrs to build and will satisfy the throttle jocky in all of us!

The flycat comes with 56mm EDF and you will need a 25A ESC & 4800kv inrunner.

This plane is extremely fast, (over 100mph!), however still stable at slow flight.

WingSpan: 640mm
Length: 800mm
Weight: 290g
BESC : 25A (not included)
Motor: 4800kv 20-30 size Inrunner (not included)
Lipoly: 1300mAh 11.1v 20C (not included)

Motor & ESC
3 x 9g Servo
5 or 10min Epoxy (Araldite)
1 x Servo Y lead
1 x Servo Extention lead
12AWG Silicon wire (20cm For motor to ESC)
1300mah 11.1v 20C lipo battery
Your own receiver and transmitter

Our flight report.

Kit fits together well, light sanding of leading and trailing edges required to remove extra foam. We chose to not strengthen the wing with CF tubing, which didnt prove to be an issue, even at full speed high G turns.

We opted to mount the BESC being the battery area, in case the battery needed to be moved forward to adjust CofG, however this wasnt necessary.

EDF was mounted on the stick mount. Stick mount was shortened, with the extra piece used to raise the EDF off the stick to clear the EDF shroud. 2 bolts held the fan unit to the stick, one before and one after the fan blades.

First flight.

We kept CofG 9.5cm from the apex of the wings leading edge. The flycat was hand launched at 3/4 throttle, accelerating quickly. To our surprise, no trimming was required.

The flycat is an extremely fast kit to fly, and required a lot of elevator in turns. We suggest putting the elevator on maximum throws. It needs HUGE amounts of elevator during turns!

Overall an excellent plane which flys smoothly, even on windy days.

We suggest a good lipo pack, as this little hotty will chew through a 1500mAh in only 5 minutes. We used the ZIPPY-R 1800mAh 22C 3S1P pack for around 8 minute flights. As compared to the ZIPPY-Q pack which brought us short at about 7 minutes.







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Total of 165 discussions.
Paths  18 points - 4/24/2016
We need this on EU warehouse please, international shipping from international warehouse cost $36 for a $15 product is just a no, no :(
 Rapalagui 55 points
Absolutely! From international warehouse to Germany its 27€*. Way too much for us, and then customs. Please Hobbyking give us this awesome jet in our local warehouses!
 Matt 15 points
And in the UK Warehouse too!!!
Rapalagui  55 points - 4/23/2016
finally.... its here in the int. warehouse!
ryan  189 points - 4/23/2016
we have been asking for these in the u.s.a warehouse for 3 years .. whats the deal ?? are we ever going to get this item
Rapalagui  55 points - 2/27/2016
restock please
 NewToHobbyKing 17084 points
Well Rapalagui it is now back in stock. Sorry to bother you (25Aug2016)
gazza3535  4 points - 2/6/2016
i ordered this to be shipped to the uk total cost with shipping is $50.24, shipped with dhl, now the robbing sods want me to pay $24 import duty and vat, according to there text to me, checked with uk customs and excise, they say that no duty or vat is payable on the shipment as it falls under the import band for import duty, but dhl say that i have to pay them it, i have bought loads of stuff off here and never had to pay duty, but then its never been shipped with dhl before, and guess what, i will never use them again
 Normand 5 points
DHL IS robbery... I always specify that I DON'T want DHL
 Paths 18 points
DHL are extortionist *****. I have received products from other sellers for review and DHL charges for them selves the price of the goods plus taxes.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Tomas Pineda Lozoyo
12 thumbs up!
Good product, but motor and speed controller doesn't work well in my kit. Checked each one separately, with another motor and speed controler, and they work but together not. I think motor is requiring too much current and speed controller can't provide it. No propeller included. I miss a more detailed instruction guide.

8 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Simon Woo
10 thumbs up!
Comes complete with motor and fan. Quite an easy build. Intend to convert to pusher and paint with my own color scheme. Looking good!

1 comment. Reply..

Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
Great plane, very complete. Robust and very fast in flight.

1 comment. Reply..

Overall Rating
Lloyd Armstrong
6 thumbs up!
Great flight characteristics.
Will need to extend the ESC wires to move the esc forward as the edf unit makes it slightly tail heavy. easily fatster than a parkzone brushless stryker when running the flycat on 3s.

kit is also nice and compact but the orange stickers make it veyr easy to see.

would recommend to any one looking for a cheap edf with big bang for buck! no trouble lauching this bird, power is easy 1:1 or more.

7 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
An easy plane to put together fast on an inner runner brushless motor and insane speed on ducted fan and brushless motor

defiently worth the price .a nice flying plane but does need lost off elevator in a turn or else you will lose her

1 comment. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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