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Quanum QFX Plus GPS Multi-Rotor Flight Controller With GPS Functions

Quanum QFX Plus GPS Multi-Rotor Flight Controller With GPS Functions
Quanum QFX Plus GPS Multi-Rotor Flight Controller With GPS Functions

The New Quanum QFX flight controller is a state or the art Multi-Rotor plug-n-play flight Controller with a host of features that almost anyone can set up and use. The QFX utilizes a host of sensors from; accelerometers, gyros and compass for flight, voltage for safety and a barometer/GPS for positioning. All equaling a smooth, stable and safe flight for your Multi-Rotor project. 

The QFX has 5+2 flight modes with the included GPS and compass module;  manual, balance or “auto level” mode, balance and altitude, balance + altitude + GPS, go home (RTH or return to home), and fail safe (RTL or return to land). All modes can be easily configured with the included graphical user interface to a three position switch on your transmitter.

Not only does the QFX come with the GPS and compass module with a pedestal mount, it also includes a BEC and LED unit to supply power and give you a bright visual indicator of GPS and flight mode status. The kit also comes with the required servo extensions and a CD that contains the Quanum tools software, user manuals and “how to” videos to help you be successful with your new QFX flight controller.

There are a host of supported features from S.BUS inputs to gimbal outputs even low voltage protection. The new QFX may be complicated on the inside but it’s one of the simplest controllers to install and set up. The list of features for the price make this an easy choice for a turn-key package.

• 5+2 Flight modes
• GPS functions
• Low Voltage Protection
• 2 Axis gimbal output
• Easy to use Computer GUI
• S.BUS and PPM receiver support
• Quad + and x support
• Hex + and X support
• LED visual indicator
• Return to home features
• Independent GPS and compass Module with pedestal mount
• Included BEC

Frame support: Quad x,+ Hex x,+
ESC output: 330hz
Working voltages: Fc 4.8-5.5v
BEC output voltages: 2A@5v
Power consumption: Max 1.5w (.3A@5v)
Operating Temp: -10c to 50c
Software Support: Windows XPsp3, 7 and 8
Hovering Accuracy (GPS mode): Vertical +-0.8m Horizontal +-2.5m
Max Yaw angular velocity: 200deg/s
Max tilt angel: 45deg
Ascent/Descent: 4m/s
Weight: FC19.3g, GPS 11.6g, BEC 28g
Size: FC 48x35x19mm, BEC 29x18x8mm, GPS 53mm/dia x10mm

PRODUCT ID: 9390000021-0

Weight: 294g
International Warehouse
Price  $119.70

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Total of 107 discussions.
GODLESS-FLYER  51 points - 4/21/2015
Looks like HK doesn't accepts negative feedback. This is the worst FC I ever flown. The quality is very cheap. GUI seems like 1990's visual experience. Do not even backorder.
William/Melissa  1 points - 3/25/2015
can i use this with devo rx
Joshua  8 points - 3/13/2015
Will this work with the S500 kit??? Anyone know??
 samuel85 2 points
Yes Joshua it will defintly work with S500 But you have to wait for a little time as it is on backorder you can add that on your wishlist thank you
andre  1 points - 1/20/2014
ou peut on trouver le câ*ble de liaison entre l'ordinateur et le module du quanum
IvanBorrelly  5 points - 1/9/2014
Did somebody test this unit already? I see some reviews based on manuals or descriptions, but i haven't heard from somebody who actually have tested it!!! I'm still waiting for mine, it hasn't arrived yet!
 alna1957 39 points
Zac... I believe we are to use Opto ESC's with this Quanum FC. Opto ESC's don't have a built in BEC or UBEC which give 5volt power to the FC. The Quanum comes with it's own BEC (power suppl)y. I'm wondering if the extra power to this FC is where some of the problems are coming from. If all one has is a ESC with BEC then I'm told to we need to remove the red wire so no power gets to the board or receiver from the ESC so that it gets 5v power from the Quanum BEC only. Someone here might know more on this and hopefully comment on it?!
 Zac 3 points
Thanks alna 1957 but I have cut the red just like my naza v2 & I also have an ideafly 4s it has the same program but this one I'm not happy with I have 40amp Optos esc we try them to but they say to use 330 HZ esc can't find any
 goatninja 380 points
hey zac, Hking sells 45amp multistar opto esc's with up to 500hz, so 330hz no problem, but... I would use a 40a or 45a opto esc with simonK firmware on it. there are plenty different versions from different retailers out there. search and you should find!
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating3/30/2015
Like it?
sent this back. GPS did not work. fc seemed like it worked but no way was any of the GPS functions working correctly. Large group on rc groups posting never had anyone that bought this and got it to work.

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Overall Rating4/21/2015
Like it?
On the second use, the Power/LED blown. Nothing is responsive now. The quality is very cheap and disappointing. Quanum must maintain quality assurance. Will never buy this again.

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