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GPS Expander for R/C V4 DataRecorder

GPS Expander for R/C V4 DataRecorder

New GPS Expander Module based on the latest GPS technology. Built-in LED which indicates 3D fix. Fast 10Hz update rate. Built-in battery backup for quick fixes.

Plugs into the eLogger V4 to provide live and/or recorded lat/lon, ground speed, GPS altitude, distance to pilot, course, UTC timestamp, and more. Integrated display/3D graphing software included in data system. WAAS and EGNOS compatible, built-in patch antenna.

NOTE: if you plan to use the GPS with your eLogger with 8S (approximately 30V) packs or higher, the Battery Backup Harness (CAB-BAT-BACK) is required.

Manual can be found below;


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Total of 43 discussions.
Abuhth  1 points - 9/3/2016
Alexey Dmitrievich  1 points - 11/9/2015
I have bouth this GPS module on last week, but it is does not working. LED flashes several times and turns off. LED flashes several times and turns off. I do not know what is it. Who can help me?) Last my GPS worked exellent!!!
 AlexH32 10 points
No Flash means it has 3D FIX.... Eagle Tree Instruction Manual -> The GPS’*s built-in LED indicates when a 3D fix has been attained, for convenient usage. The LED flashes UNTIL a 3D fix is attained, then stops flashing.... Or look at the Product picture...
mrdrifter  101 points - 6/3/2014
So this can be used with the V3 logger as well? If not which one is compatible,because i think cant find any other one. Thanks in advance.
 mrdrifter 101 points
well i ll reply myself as i just found the asnwer. This GPS module CAN be used with the V3 as the Eagle Tree site refers. "Plugs into the eLogger V4 or V3 to provide live and/or recorded lat/lon, ground speed, GPS altitude, distance to pilot, course, UTC timestamp, and more."
Roar  9 points - 4/1/2014
Can this gps be used on the ardupilot? Anyone tried?
 keninvic 10 points
Works perfectly with the APM 2.X And yes, I did use it on my APM 2.5. You do need to make a cable up, but that was very simple to do.
abbaselmass  4 points - 11/25/2013
Can i use this gps like lea or neo moudles?
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Deryn McVeigh
22 thumbs up!
Excellent addition to the micropower V3 logger. Can log speed, distance from operator, altitude as well as the vehicles course.
Acquires a fix very quickly, usually within 30 seconds in my experience.
Accuracy is excellent for logged parameters (speed, course, etc) though general co-ordinates are slightly off (~2-5m).
May greatly reduce logging time depending on parameters selected. In a 1/8 electric buggy I have ~10mins at 4 samples per second with 2 temp sensors, brushless rpm sensor, basic eletrics (amps, watts, volts) & all GPS.
I had ~30mins prior to adding the GPS expander.
The eagletree software (micropower V3) also allows you to view the data in 2D or 3D graphs and makes it possible to save recorded sessions to view in Google Earth.
Not really a necessity, but great for informational purposes (esp. speed!).

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Overall Rating
Dave Ede
18 thumbs up!
Will log 30plus minutes of data on an eLogger V3. You can do 3D charts using Google Earth as a background (awesome). Acquisition takes under a minute in a new location, almost instantly if you fly in the same location as the previous flight. Great for your plane, boat, rocket, heli or just fire it up on the dash of your car to track and plot your trip to the corner store when you are not flying!

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Overall Rating
15 thumbs up!
Excellent device. Logs very accurately in adverse conditions, even upside down (i.e. inverted hovering on a CF/Alu heli).

Very light at slightly over 10 grams and quite small - wires are about 40cm long so you can choose an optimal spot to mount it.

Highly recommended - the only time it has trouble getting an accurate position/speed reading is when the vibration level is too high (try mounting it on a soft pad to fix that if necessary).

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Overall Rating
9 thumbs up!
Great product at a great price. I've flown four test flights with it so far and it's working perfectly. I'm using it with the Eagle Tree OSD and a video downlink, so I can see all the GPS info in realtime, in addition to logging it on the V3 for reviewing later.

If you power up where you flew previously, it acquires GPS fix quickly. At a different location it can take a minute or two on a sunny day, or up to 5 minutes if its cloudy.

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Overall Rating
Blue Angel
6 thumbs up!
I can absolutely recommend this GPS.
I had the GPSv3, new GPSv3 and now the GPS v4.
I it is very small and light weight.
Reception is very good and with 10HZ is really fast.

thanks Eagletree and HK
5 stars

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