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Pocket Radar Doppler Speed Measuring Gun PR1000

Pocket Radar Doppler Speed Measuring Gun PR1000
Pocket Radar Doppler Speed Measuring Gun PR1000

Are you ready to role play Starsky and Hutch style with your own radar gun?

The Pocket Radar is a real professional grade pocket size Doppler speed radar that has 1001 uses, from your kid's fastball to grandma's mobility wheelchair racing league…perfect for bragging rights or tuning your R/C setups. This is one of those tools you just need to have! It's toolbox pocket sized to boot.

K-Band Handheld Doppler Speed Radar
Operating Frequency: 24.125 GHz
Measures from: 7 MPH to 375 MPH (11 KPH to 600 KPH)
Accuracy: +/- 1 MPH (+/- 2 KPH)
Range: (Under good radar conditions, results may vary)
Baseball from 120 feet
Car from 1/2 mile
Size: Max Height 4.7 inches
Max Width 2.3 inches
Max Depth 0.8 inches
Max Volume < 7.9 cubic inches
Weight: < 3.7 ounces without batteries
4.5 ounces with Alkaline batteries
Battery Life: >10,000 readings on 2 "AAA" Alkaline Batteries
Operating Temperature Range: 20o to 140o F (-6o to 60o C)
Storage Temperature Range: -40o to 185o F (-40o to 85o C)
Polarization: Vertical
Instant-On: From completely off and in your pocket  to a speed measurement in < 1 second.


PRODUCT ID: 471000001-0

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Mel279  173 points - 11/4/2013
how do you use this thing?
 __Kylu 362 points
You measure the speed similarly as you record video on a smartphone. In the picture three the square in the upper part of the device is radar which sending and receiving waves.
Lichael Lan  17 points - 11/3/2013
I bought the Bushnell hand radar unit for $150 landed LOL
 neca79 379 points
Yes it is a good and cheap price : )
CDC444  54 points - 11/2/2013
pricey! I looked at it and i guess i was being stupid but i expected around $50. How much would a normal radar gun sell for?
 FusionTiger 1627 points
This is sold at the official PocketRadar**** site with a discount for US$199 excluding shipping. I've went ahead and checked on the shipping costs and it slap me a quote of over US$50 to ship it to me. Knowing that, I came straight back to HobbyKing and placed an order for one without hessitation. This is a damn good speed sensor and not many radar devices out there can read up to 600KPH! And at such a tiny well-built size! Check out the official Pocketradar site for more info. This is worth every penny!
spitfire2010  695 points - 10/31/2013
This one looks really good. Now i am excited.
 neca79 379 points
There is such a good video. To learn how things work
 Robert 37 points
hi spitfire2010 can you please tell me where this slope flying site is thanks rob
Mar11  2745 points - 10/31/2013
 neca79 379 points
What do you want?
 milehiclub 69 points
I bought the HobbyKing LCD Tracer radar gun for 99.00 and it works great for half the price. Save a hundred dollars and buy something else with it.
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