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RF-MFX720-JR Module Series Multi-Protocol Spectrum System (MTSS-Mul)JR Style

RF-MFX720-JR Module Series  Multi-Protocol Spectrum System (MTSS-Mul)JR Style
RF-MFX720-JR Module Series  Multi-Protocol Spectrum System (MTSS-Mul)JR Style

 The ‘MTSS-Mul’, is a 2.4G spectrum transmitting system, based on a brand-new "ONE TO
ALL" designing idea, supporting DSM2,DEVO(Walkera) and J6PRO(Nineeagle’s) at the same time.

The  MTSS-MUL Module allows you to now control your favorite DSM2, Walkera (DEVO) and Nineeagle’s(J6PRO) model with your favorite transmitter! No more luging around multiple brand specific transmitter’s to your favorite flying spot.

Supported Transmitters:
JR 9XII,FS-TH9X-B, Hobbying 9XR,and many other JR RF bay style radio's

Maximum transmitting power:20DBm
Working voltage:5~12V
Working current:100mA

1 X RF-MFX720-J Module
1 X Antenna

*Note Support’s DSM2 , Walkera’s (DEVO) and Nineeagles (J6PRO) protocol’s please verify compatability

PRODUCT ID: 289000009-0

Weight: 58g
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Price HKD819.18

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AlexM  18 points - 11/13/2014
This would be a great system if it also supported the FrSky 2.4GHz ACCST TARANIS system for true versatility, a one radio module for all, take up the push to have a true all in one that would support all JR module based trasmitters, one of these in a TARANIS X9D Digital Telemetry Radio would be the ultimate mix, but work equally well in JR, 9X, 9XR and others, top it off with a Futaba module version, and you could have everything covered..everone happy
Michael2  230 points - 11/7/2014
Does that Module work with Robbe Trainer CP :Blue Arrow Trainer CP S-FHSS RTB
Christopher  1 points - 9/22/2014
Hi guys, I was wondering if this Tx module will bind to my Blade Nano Qx? I have it plugged into my Frysky Taranis X9D Cheers. P.s If so a ''how to would'' be greatly appreciated.
Nikola  2 points - 8/15/2014
Hi , can it works with FrSky Taranis x9d ?
 chly3001 549 points
yes it can, taranis has a jr styled bay so it works
longbonce  7 points - 7/9/2014
Hi all anybody out their tried to bind this with any walkera rx,s if so how did you get on especially if your tx is on open 9x
 Varun 1 points
Bound it to my V120D02S very easily. Attached module to my FS TH9X-B (er9x), then set the module's switches to F1 and B. First turn on the RX, then your transmitter, and that's all. You may need to wiggle your rud/ele/ail controls around to complete the binding, but I didn't have to do that.
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Just received this module and like other Origin products, the quality of manufacture is very good. The only unfortunate aspect is that it has no instructions included with it, HK should really take more initiative with things like this as it's not just a simple module. It has a 2-position switch and a 3-position switch which are marked F1-F2 and A-B-C. Not exactly intuitive. So rather than spend a lot of time on hit & miss combinations of the switches, I emailed Origin. They replied within 12hrs, were apologetic and sent me the pdf manual for it. I have uploaded it to the files tab. I will continue testing for binding in all modes and basic range testing, although I really don't expect any issues from what I've seen so far.

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Tried to bind with yak54 from horizon hobby today and it bind like it chould do with the spektrum receiver Very happy , thx HK

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