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TURNIGY 3A UBEC w/ Noise Reduction

TURNIGY 3A UBEC w/ Noise Reduction
TURNIGY 3A UBEC w/ Noise Reduction

The TURNIGY 3A UBEC utilises switching technology to gain a much higher efficiency than a linear BEC, this means less heat and longer battery life. The UBEC is equiped with a noise reduction alloy housing to reduce noise even further. Incorrect polarity safety feature ensures the UBEC will not be destroyed should the battery be connected incorrectly.

• Over current and over heat protection.
• Switching frequency 300khz.
• 92% chip efficiency
• Noise reduction alloy housing

Output: 5v/3A or 6v/3A (selectable)
Noise: <50mVp-p(@2A/12v)
Input: 5.5v-23v (2-5S Lipo pack, 5-15cells NiMh)
Size: 41.6x16.6x7.0mm
Weight: 7.5g


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Abuhth  1 points - 9/3/2016
 handyjap 842 points
I have seen similar looking devices elsewhere also with the cap, voltage select and shield cover, but it does not specify "Low RF Noise". I sincerely hope that it has not been discontinued.
Chee Kheong  8 points - 5/14/2016
Are they still selling this..??? have waited for more than 2 months for the stock
j0747  1 points - 2/9/2016
Does anyone use this for supplying 5V power to a GoPro Hero 3? How about longtime usage? I checked the voltage of the UBEC in 5V mode but it supplies 5.3V and not 5V. The gopro can only handle 5V according to the manual. I don't want to burn my GoPro.
 HSNRc 91 points
Hello friend, this one has 3A output, GoPro chargers usually use 1A. You can also look for step down modules/regulators to set the output voltage. or there are FPV AV connectors which includes charging cable for Hero 3. check them out, too.
 Brian Kuehn 45 points
You should be okay using this with a GoPro. I'm assuming you checked the voltage without any load. When the output is loaded (actually powering a device that draws power) the output voltage will drop a little bit. Whenever you check a power source without a load it will read a bit high...this is all by design. You don't mention if you are going to be using this in an aircraft or other R/C vehicle. IF your GoPro will be in an R/C vehicle, you can take power from your receiver (5V) or from an ESC on the craft (Many ESC's have built-in BECs [Battery Eliminator Circuits]. This device is built in to most ESC's. Don't worry about the 3amp output....that indicates how much power the device CAN supply...NOT how much power it WILL supply to your GoPro. It will provide the GoPro with the power that it requires (milliamps) and no more.
 j0747 1 points
Thank you very much for your clear advice and explanation, Brian. Yes, I measured the Voltage without any load as I do not know which load corresponds to a gopro hero 3. I read that the hero 3 can only handle 5.0V /- 0.1V and so I was worried when I measured an actual ubec output voltage of 5.32V. I still did not connect the UBEC to the camera, as I would prefer to read at least that somebody else is using this with a gopro hero 3 for a longer time without any problems before risking damaging the camera. And yes, I do want to use the gopro in a quadcopter with a Pixhawk autopilot. I use a FrSky D8R-XP as receiver and four Turnigy Multistar 30 Amp Multi-rotor Brushless ESCs 2-4S, but their BEC Output is: 5.5V/4A. How can I use the power supply via the receiver? Thanks in advance!
 j0747 1 points
Has anybody actually used this with a gopro? any experiences?
 handyjap 842 points
All my regulators of this type is either 5.25V or 6V selectable. None of them has a 5V output.
 Tarmo 736 points
USB voltage is also 5V -0.25V so I think it is no biggy. Also if you like soldering, it is easy to replace some resitors near voltage selector jumper to mach whatever output you need. It is a good reliable BEC, has never failed or brown out on me.
Juan Carlos  7 points - 1/17/2016
Tengo uno en un edge 540 seagull con motor de 20cc y otro en un pilot sbach 342 30cc para alimentar la ignició*n y con unos 40 vuelos el sbach y unos 15 en edge sin un problema lo recomiendo a 100%
Alex111  9 points - 12/27/2015
I've used this for 3 months or so and today when swapping out the battery something happened 3-4 seconds later, the receiver dropped out and there was no lights on the flight controller. I checked and it looks to be giving out 2.5V, opened up the case and SS34 diode is getting 100C , could be that or the IC that went faulty. Now it looks like only some of the flight controller works.
 handyjap 842 points
None of mine have failed so far but I will keep my eye on them from now. Thanks for the info.
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Overall Rating
320 thumbs up!
Very tiny module. I was expecting a little bigger... It came in transparent shrink wrap.

The output wire has a JR battery terminal.
The input terminal has no connectors attached, so you can attach the connect of your choice.

Actually weights 8gms

I am using 5 Futaba 3004 servs without any problems. IT barely gets warm.

Suggest to keep a min 10cm distance form the reciever to avoid interference.

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Overall Rating
Hannes Steets
61 thumbs up!
I checked this UBEC on a spectrum analyser to see wether it put out lots of interference in the 35 MHz radio frequency band. There is some switching noise between 100 Khz and about 2 Mhz, which is to be expected as this is the main switching frequency and the harmonics of it. I was able to lower the noise by winding 2 extra turns of cable on the ferrite core. If you want it REALLY quiet, you can solder a small 4,7 uF Tantalum capacitor between the red and the black cable. Mine fits nicely inside the ferrite ring. But I guess these alterations reflect just my tendency to perfectionism. It would be interesting to do some comparative range testing with this UBEC vs. a receiver battery. Maybe when the wether gets warmer...

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Overall Rating
27 thumbs up!
Very BAD PRODUCT.. The Cable is so Thin..!! i bought 1 of these and tested to my Turnigy Lipo 1300mah, than the Cable BURNING..!!

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Overall Rating
25 thumbs up!
Poor quality. Have after some tests sometimes no output voltage. Just one time is to mutch. Thank god, i don`t have crashed my full glass EP-warbird with this BEC. I took another BEC.

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Overall Rating
23 thumbs up!
Dont agree that this is photographed and labeled, 5A UBEC but when you get it, the instructions state 3 amps. Labeling a device that says UBEC - 5A but not stating 5A amps for 10sec is not right. It's rating is 3 Amps Constant, so it sould be labeled as shuch. I purchaed 2 of these thinking that I got nice small UBEC running at 5 amnps.. Wrong!!!

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