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2804-210Kv Brushless Gimbal Motor (Ideal for GoPro to Compact Style Cameras)

2804-210Kv Brushless Gimbal Motor (Ideal for GoPro to Compact Style Cameras)

Looking to make your video platform ultra-smooth? This is the ultimate in smooth high pole count purpose built brushless gimbal motors.

The 2804 motor comes with flush mounting so any DIY to PRO projects are simple and straight forward, it also comes with the standard female connector pre-installed, So wiring is as simple as plugging it in. It’s a perfect match to our Brushless Gimbal Stabilization Board and IMU.

The 2804 is the perfect size for cameras around 100-300 grams (GoPro style).

Poles: 12N14P
KV(RPM/V): 210
Resistance: 10.4omh
Weight: 35g
Wire: 0.19mm
Torque: 240g
Bottom holes center to center: 16mm and 19mm
Top holes center to center: 12mm

PRODUCT ID: 047000029-0

Kv(rpm/v) 210
Weight (g) 35
Max Current(A) 0
Resistance(mh) 10
Max Voltage(V) 0
Power(W) 0
Shaft A (mm) 0
Length B (mm) 15
Diameter C (mm) 34
Can Length (mm) 10
Total Length E (mm) 15
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Federico  2 points - 8/24/2016
We cannot find in any place some wirings specifications about this motor. What do the brown, orange and red cable stand for?
Stefan  9 points - 10/6/2015
Since the max voltage and current is not specified, I just did some math: First I transform the KV value to the electrical constant in SI units: k = 1/KV = 0.04547 Vs/rad or Nm/A (mind the 2*pi/60 for the transformation from RPM to rad/s) Then I assume, that the given torque of 240 g means 240 g*cm. Thus in SI units, the torque reads: torque = 240 g*cm * 9.81 m/s^2 = 0.02354 Nm Dividing the torque by the electrical motor constant yields the required current for this torque: current = torque/k = 0.518 A And multiplied with the specified resistance yields the voltage required to generate the specified torque: voltage = current * resistance = 5.385 V Sounds reasonably to me, what do you think?
 La Bidouille 3 points
And can U tell us the age of the captain, please ?
Mikhail  5 points - 8/19/2015
Dennis  11 points - 7/3/2014
I was incredibly frustrated when I received these motors without any screws. It took me two weeks to order various screws that would fit. Luckily I had some M3s so those worked perfectly in the back of the motor. But the front was the challenge. I've shared this info on YouTube for those that are interested in what screw sizes are necessary.
 Dennis 11 points
For some reason my video didn't post. Trying again:
vccat  2 points - 5/29/2014
What size screws does this use???? I see the hole location info, but nothing on what the screw size is? Also whats the max screw depth?
 Attenbach 85 points
Check out the vid from dennis. He should tell you. Credit please
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enfin ces moteurs chez HK , la on va pouvoir réalisé ces propres nacelles a moindre coût comme d'habitude chez HK. merci

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Overall Rating
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Perfect motor for GoPro H3 (Roll-axis). Buy the smaller motor for pitch. Smooth and silent. Very happy with mine.

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I bought 6 units of this motor and only 2 of them work. The windings are open on the rest. Hobbyking needs to improve quality checks ASAP ! I also bought 3 controller boards and 1 unit came with a DIODE bad. Had to replace it myself.

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meka kama nahe podi e ne neda

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these motors should have high quality bearings with no clear ens to the axles images are shaky and a lot of wobble, my next motors will be of a higher quality

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