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HobbyKing™ High Torque Servo MG/BB W/Proof 12.8kg / 0.22sec / 58g (US Warehouse)

HobbyKing™ High Torque Servo MG/BB W/Proof 12.8kg / 0.22sec / 58g (US Warehouse)
HobbyKing™ High Torque Servo MG/BB W/Proof 12.8kg / 0.22sec / 58g (US Warehouse)

HobbyKing high torque metal geared ball bearing servo, featuring an all metal gear train and 2 ball bearings on in the gear train for added smoothness, strength and precision.

This servo is o-ring sealed and waterproof.


Voltage: 4.5-6V
Speed: 0.26sec/60deg(4.8v) 0.22sec/60deg (6.0v)
Torque: (4.8v) (6.0v)
Size: 40.9mm x 20mm x37.75 mm
Weight: 58gram
Motor: Brushed
Gear Train: Metal geared
Ball Bearing: 2
Type: analogue

PRODUCT ID: 9225000014

Weight (g) 58
Torque (kg) 12.8
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.22
A(mm) 45
B(mm) 41
C(mm) 39
D(mm) 20
E(mm) 53
F(mm) 30
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thenated0g  4 points - 11/7/2015
Love these servos. I use them on my crashtesthobbies Reaper XL.
 thenated0g 4 points
fogey  59 points - 2/19/2015
Servo is VERY slow and HEAVY. Seems to center good. Servo arms fit very tight and hard to mount on servo. These are a brute, should be fine for RC cars, boats, though. Can't beat the price.
Michael  7 points - 5/9/2014
Would these be safe and reliable enough for a large scale plane? The torque rating is more than high enough, but I can't have them fail in flight or my very expensive plane will become an unfortunate pile of sticks...
LG350z  38 points - 4/29/2014
How's the centering of these servos, are they accurate?
Dan  1 points - 2/4/2014
I'm building a 30 cc sport plane (Not a 3D plane ) to get into basic aerobatics in alarger scale plane .. Does any one know how these hold up ? Again i'm not going to fly 3D with plane ..
 Derek A 4 points
I have had no troubles, and mine is pushing two large tires all by itself on one of my E-Maxx's! I'd recommend them to anybody. target=_blank>
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Super nice servo. I use them on my crawlers. Chosen for torque, water tightness and bang for the buck

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Overall Rating

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Not much to say other then, thanks Hobbyking for bringing us another quality product at a great price. Just had to buy a Futuba servo to hold me over until these arrived and this is just as good but a quarter of the price. It pained me to spend 32 dollars when I knew these were on the way already. What can you say?

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Overall Rating
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I wasn't sure what to expect for $8. Man, I couldn't be more impressed. These have great torque, they seem to return to center reliably, and appear durable thus far. I'll purchase more of them in the future.

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