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Lithium Polymer Charge Pack 18x22cm Sack

Lithium Polymer Charge Pack 18x22cm Sack

Protect your family and home from the hazard of lipo charging.
This lipo-guard is a fireproof bag, designed to stop and contain the fire caused by incorrectly or poorly functioning lipos, especially during charging.

We urge all customers to always practice extreme caution when charging and never leave a charging battery unattended.

This pack is the small size. It is 18x22cm. It will fit three 2200mah 3S1P packs comfortably.

The LP-Guard is made from a fibreglass woven fabric. Similar to fireproof suits worn by some firefighters.


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Weight: 155g
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Jojo King  3 points - 12/22/2014
they're selling other smaller fire proof/fire retardant pouches. you might want to purchase those for your individual lipos. check the lipo safe bags under the batteries & accessories
airbiscuit  223 points - 5/28/2014
If there is a "smaller" bag of the same bag. I am planning to put all of my Lipos in their own bags for storage. I know that may be too much but yeah.
 MaimexRC 10 points
That's also what I would like to do, to save also the others lipos and not only the room.
 airbiscuit 223 points
 chly3001 608 points
this is the smallest they have. would suggest buying a few and wrapping individual lipos in them (roll the bag up) since they're so cheap anyway. they have something smaller that they released a few months back i think, but that will cost you twice the price of this
Mohanned  2 points - 4/5/2014
Will it fit a 3s 3200 lipo battery?
 Miguel FP 1709 points
E - flite 3s 3200 fits (13,2 cm).
 Hasan 14 points
I can fit the a Turnigy 5000mAh 20-30C 3s Lipo, a Zippy 4000maH 20C 3s LiPo, and an E-Flite 3200mAh 20C 3s Lipo all together! The bag is bigger than you think.
 Zaloo 20 points
Yes, it will fit your battery, and more :)
 airbiscuit 223 points
This will fit a lot of LiPos. Even the bigger version fits more. IMO it best to buys small ones like this so you can save your LiPo in case anything go wrong. Too bad the weight of these bags takes alot. It is in my wishlist tho' to buy small ones and if possible to store them individually.
Karl  5 points - 3/29/2014
they saved my workshop from going up in smoke
 BuBu1 294 points
Thanks. Everyone should be aware that lithium batteries can catch fire, and protect their home accordingly.
ervin  5 points - 9/22/2013
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Foo Yuk Lee
19 thumbs up!
Provide safety while charging, transporting and storing my Lipo batteries.

3 x EVO 1500mAh 3s1p
3 x Loong Max 1300mAh 3s1P
2 x Loong Max 800mAh 3s1P

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Overall Rating
William Klingbeil
17 thumbs up!
I think this item saved my house from burning down. I had a lipo explode while charging. This bag contained the fire so it was a lot easier to exstinguish. DO NOT leave your lipos charging unattended. It's not worth the chance.

The last batch of these bags were white not the usual silver.

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Overall Rating
Nik Komsic
8 thumbs up!
Absolutely great! I would have preferred to have purchased the larger sized one but it was out of stock. However, I can still fit 5-6 3s2100 lipos in this puppy but it's a bit tight!

- Great product for protecting your investments!
- Great price!
- Fits about 5 3s2100 lipos!

- Get the larger bag if you have more than 5 lipos (it's easier to carry one larger bag than 2 smaller ones)
- Added a handle to mine and would recommend that it is an added feature in the future (Nylon school bag straps works great!)

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Overall Rating
Jo Erlend Thunberg
6 thumbs up!
I ordered one of each size, both delivered within 9 days wich I consider rather quick for such a low shipping cost. Luckily I havenĀ“t tested them with lipo fire yet :)

I have however compared them with a similar product of another brand, and these bags seems equal in material, but have far better seams and welcro. Not to mention the price my two UH bags delivered in Norway cost less than half of the other bag..

The large bag easily fits 5 3s 1800mah lipos and 4 3s 1000mah lipos. The small one fits 4-5 3s 1800 or 4 3s 1000 mah as well as 4 3s 300mah and 1 3s 400mah.

A positive side effect is that I sleep better at night with my lipos in these bags!

Jo E

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Overall Rating
Peter Smith
5 thumbs up!
Good sack, same as more expensive sacks. Good quality stitching all around the sack. I got 2 sacks for this price and threw them in as extra weight on an aeroplane kit I ordered. I do not know why people are storing more than 1 lipo in the sack? If one goes, I'm sure the rest would?
Thanks for my sack.

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