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HobbyKing® ™ Skipper All Terrain Airplane EPO 700mm (PNF)

HobbyKing® ™ Skipper All Terrain Airplane EPO 700mm (PNF)
HobbyKing® ™ Skipper All Terrain Airplane EPO 700mm (PNF)

Quite possibly the most fun plane ever...the HobbyKing® ™ Skipper!

Capable of taking off from and landing on just about any surface including water, ice, snow, grass and more, the Skipper is a truly versatile model. Add to that its super low wing loading and high performance brushless power system and you've got yourself a model that is an absolute blast to fly!

The pre-installed 40A brushless power system provides tons of power, just what you need for getting off of the water or grass take-offs. This abundance of power adds to the fun factor in the air, providing unlimited vertical performance. The large control surfaces allow for a fast roll rate and excellent elevator response making aerobatic flight a big part of the Skipper's wide flight envelope.  

Constructed from low-density EPO foam, this model is very lightweight yet maintains a high level of durability. The wing halves are joined with twin carbon fiber spars providing excellent rigidity. The fuselage of the Skipper is moulded in a "flying boat" shape allowing it to easily take off, land and cruise on the water. This smooth, low-drag design also lends itself very well to use on snow and grass.

The Skipper comes in "Plug and Fly" form meaning that the brushless power system and all servos are pre-installed, you will simply need to add your own 4CH radio system and 3S lipoly battery. Assembly is a breeze requiring gluing of the horizontal stabilizer only. You can have the Skipper built and ready for flight in as little as 15 minutes.

• The most fun plane ever
• "Plug and Fly" - simply add your own radio system and 3S lipoly battery
• All terrain flight ability - capable of flying from water, snow, ice, grass and more
• Ultra durable EPO foam construction
• Waterproof brushless power system and servos
• Easy to assemble

Wingspan: 700mm
Length: 970mm
Wing Loading: 25g/dm²
Flying Weight: 575g
Motor Thrust: 850g

Skipper All Terrain Airplane (PNF)
Spare propeller
XT60 plug for battery
Balloon for protecting receiver from water

4CH transmitter and receiver
3S 1300~1500mAh lipoly battery

PRODUCT ID: 9215000015-0

2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 700mm (27.56in) 970mm (38.19in) 575g (1.265lb)

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  • OrangeRx R615X DSM2/DSMX Compatible 6Ch 2.4GHz Receiver w/CPPM

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  • HobbyKing Super Glue CA (50g / 1.7oz) Medium

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  • OrangeRx R410 Spektrum DSM2 Compatible 4Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver

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  • OrangeRX RX3S 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer w/DSM2 Compatible 6CH 2.4Ghz Receiver

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Total of 295 discussions.
BokaPeter  14 points - 3/15/2016
Does somebody know the BL motor KV? And I know that the prop size is 6 inch, but I dont know the pitch. Does anibody know the pitch of the prop? Where to buy spere parts?
 craigfoot 144 points
It is a 6x4 prop.
 craigfoot 144 points
Either the 2835-2100 or D2826-62200 work well with this model. That information is direct from HobbyKing.  15 points - 3/11/2016
Arrived in 3 days from China to Canada,Fedex, of course. Great kit, went together well within 1/2 hour. should fly this weekend. kudos, HK
Zarjanian  9 points - 2/27/2016
Nice plane, not super fast but stable and easy to fly.
Lucas  1 points - 2/23/2016
Could you make an fpv canopy for this and could you fly it off the ocean
 craigfoot 144 points
Yes you could. The Skipper XL has the option for an FPV canopy as well if you want the larger plane. I have both and the FPV camera.
martin  1 points - 2/17/2016
why they include ballon watter can stil go in from opening
 franck70 315 points
Usually it's b'cause if you have a trouble during the flight and you will splash into the water you can save the receiver. Hope this help. Have nices landings. Frank
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Just Remi
Like it?
Came today in perfect condition, took me 15 min to put it together, only easy gluing needed. Flies great of grass, gonna try it out in water tomorrow. Do think that the motor could be a little stronger, no chance going unlimited vertical. Will surely try changing the motor in the future. But good for now. Hope H.K do make it as a Kit as well and maybe make a spare-part list for it.

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Overall Rating
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I have this plane now for 2 weeks, so far i have only used one a gras field, no problem with take offs and landing.Flies very good , and it is also acrobatic.Vertical climb no problem with a 3s 1300 maH lipo.A very good buy for a little money.

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Overall Rating
Electric Power
Like it?
used a 1000 ma batt orange Rx
First batt, did some taxi on the lawn no problems
second batt hit the throt and it was in the air in about 20 feet ( 7 metes)
I made the flight a little short since I was on my lawn and not at the field. Bringing it for a landing kept a little power on to keep the nose up
Will be doing more tests later in the week with bigger batts and more space.
Tip to protect the bottom was trim tape you use on a car. I used the silver but it come in a role and is real sticky backing. Trimmed it about 1 1/2 in ( 30 mm ) wide and not a mark on the bottom from the grass.
Will post more after next test

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Overall Rating
Electric Power
Like it?
2nd flight
got to the field today and was it fun. Again used my 1000/1300 ma batts and it was amazing fun to fly. I had no problem with it going straight up like a rocket and landing was real easy as well. The grass was wet and long so I had trouble lifting off with a 1600ma batt. I am sure it would be no problem on water or snow. I am going to buy another one of these planes and use it or give it as a present.

4 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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Great plane, though not for beginners. It flies nice and fast. I did not test it on water and I can't wait to test it on snow! It's a pity there is no stock in any warehouse though.

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