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Hobby King Battery Monitor 3S (US Warehouse)

Hobby King Battery Monitor 3S  (US Warehouse)

Hobby King Battery Monitor 3S
This unit will give a warning buzzer when the Lipoly pack drops below 9v.


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d_toolman  60 points - 12/20/2013
9 volts is too low. It should be set for 9.3v You can damage the battery if it drops below 3v per cell.
Dave  43 points - 11/9/2013
I have one of these and usually it last longer then when my timer on my TX goes off but i usually mount it at the rear of my Quad or the Tail of my Tricopter for since it has that blue light. Looks good and give me a good sense of direction. I am ordering another one for this purpose.. Usually wnen TX 9:30 timer goes off when i check my battery it is usually about 11.1 Volts so sometimes i run it a little longer and end up at 10.5 Nice product with more then one use.
wesvasher  2 points - 9/17/2013
The documentation says this buzzes at 9.9V for 3S, however I have found that I think it buzzes at 10.6 which is fine, better on the safe side. I'm not sure if I'm reading my battery voltages wrong or not.
 Joseph 8 points
Probably the difference between running under a load and then measuring without a load. Also the voltage tends to rise slightly after the load is removed.
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Mine came with two of the pins on the back IC soldered together. It reported fully charged 3s batteries as empty. After removing the solder between the pins the device functioned correctly.

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