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2040SL 4800kv Brushless Inrunner (WaterCooled) (USA Warehouse)

2040SL 4800kv Brushless Inrunner (WaterCooled) (USA Warehouse)

2040SL 4800kv Brushless Inrunner (WaterCooled)
Kv: 4800rpm/v
Diameter: 25.2mm
Length: 56mm
Shaft diameter: 2.3mm
Weight: 77g
Battery: 2-3S 2200mAh+
Standard size mounting holes enable the motor to be installed in a large range of motor mounts.


PRODUCT ID: 4800-2040SL

Kv(rpm/v) 4800
Weight (g) 77
Max Current(A) 0
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 11
Power(W) 0
Shaft A (mm) 2
Length B (mm) 45
Diameter C (mm) 25
Can Length (mm) 39
Total Length E (mm) 55
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eric  1 points - 8/30/2016
Will this motor fit on an Atomik Barbwire XL?
Cheyne  3 points - 2/19/2016
I have an FT012 boat that has been an electrical nightmare. I have put two of the HK 30amp esc's through it after the stock unit quit working. Both of the 30amp ESC's have burned up and it sounds like that might have been due to my second stock motor going bad. Will this motor fit into the FT012? If I use the stock propeller for this boat, which ESC should i use?
 相偉 1 points
Solarbuz  2 points - 8/30/2015
so many concerned warnings about running 3s 11.1v 2200 mah lipo s.????..I Used a hobbyking 50amp ESC running 3s lipo in an Atomic Barbwire. lightweight fast enough,not much more than stock 32mm prop lugs it. same boat installed a turnagy 10.0t 3900kv.NOW Barbwire sings sweet rooster tails..alot more weight however,must balance handling holeshot plane time increased,however really fast
SAM  1 points - 7/28/2015
i used it in my 757 jetboat, screams! It doesn't get hot, but it loves batteries! 2s/3s 2200mah minimum! I ran my 757 with 2s 2200mah 20c and got less than 15 min run time. I ordered some 3s 2.2A 30c to pair these with a dual prop boat. 30A was recommended for this motor so i got 60A watercooled BL ESC's
martin  13 points - 5/26/2015
What amp speed controller is needed?
 SAM 1 points
oh, for the 757, i got a seaking 35A watercooled esc
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Boy is this motor fast. I run this with a 3s lipo with just a 30 amp esc for a tug boat, so this is great for my application. Does seem to get hot either.

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