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H-King High Torque Waterproof Analog Servo 40g/4.5kg cm/0.13s/60 (USA Warehouse)

H-King High Torque Waterproof Analog Servo 40g/4.5kg cm/0.13s/60 (USA Warehouse)
H-King High Torque Waterproof Analog Servo 40g/4.5kg cm/0.13s/60 (USA Warehouse)

HobbyKing ball bearing analog servo, featuring 2 ball bearings on in the gear train for added smoothness and precision.

This servo is o-ring sealed and waterproof.

Voltage: 4.5-6V
Speed: 0.16sec/60deg(4.8v)   0.13sec/60deg(6.0v) 
Torque: (4.8v) (6.0v)
Size: 40.9mm x 20mm x37.75 mm
Weight: 40g
Motor: Brushed
Gear Train: plastic
Ball Bearing: 2
Type: analogue

PRODUCT ID: 9225000013

Weight (g) 40
Torque (kg) 4.5
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.13
A(mm) 40
B(mm) 42
C(mm) 39
D(mm) 20
E(mm) 54
F(mm) 30
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Weight: 55g
USA West Warehouse
International Warehouse In Stock View Item
Price HKD50.05

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Total of 4 discussions.
driff7  8 points - 1/5/2014
Yes this is a standard size servo
Jess  2 points - 9/20/2013
Is this a standard size servo
 Derek A 3 points
Yes! It fits perfect in various RC models. I personally have used these reliable servos in each of Traxxas' 1/10 2wd models several times.
David  1 points - 8/25/2013
( Will this work??) I have been out of RC for about 15 years now and I see way behind times. I am rebuilding a old Traxxas Rustler and a old Traxxas Radicator. Looking to buy the HK-GT2 transmitter w/ receiver will this servo work for these cars?
 jeffie8696 24 points
It should work just fine and a lot cheaper than Traxxas servos
John  1 points - 3/30/2013
How many amps does this servo need?
 SocialEnigma 7 points
This is showing drawing 700 mA. I use them as dual rudders for my float plane. They now turn like a knife thought butter!
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this servo work great in tamiya M05 car had a futaba high torque and the car would go to the right or left never could get to go straight. this servo i set it up and now it stay straight all the time. has good torque and has the same as the futaba gear did not have to change anything and it water proof and cheaper than futaba for the same torque and futaba not water proof.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Installed in my airboat for rudder, torque seems good, tiny bit of play outta the box, time will tell how waterproof it is...

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