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HobbyKing® ™ Go Discover FPV Plane EPO 1600mm (PNF)

HobbyKing® ™ Go Discover FPV Plane EPO 1600mm (PNF)
HobbyKing® ™ Go Discover FPV Plane EPO 1600mm (PNF)

Take your FPV experience on the path less traveled, with the new Go Discover FPV plane from HobbyKing® ™.

The Go Discover was designed from the start to be a great FPV platform with a massive center bay, straight forward layout and superb, predictable, yet sporty, flight characteristics.  The 1600mm swept reflex wing provides great lift and slow, predictable behaviors, yet under power has the agility and feel of a combat wing. The power system with the 800kv motor and 40A esc matched to a 10inch folding prop, provides ample power for big loops and epic FPV climb outs, but can just cruise along happily just sipping power at quarter stick for FPV endurance. Designed to use a 4cell 3000-4000 Li-Poly battery the Go Discover can stay afloat for ample FPV fun.

What makes the Go Discover stand out is the integrated pan and tilt system in the nose, giving an un-obstructed bird’s eye view of the world below. The pan and tilt system uses 2 gear driven engagements for a smooth solid camera platform. The pan and tilt system  was designed to perfectly house a GoPro 1, 2, 3 or 3+ as well as any other board or cube FPV camera with an easy swappable back mounting plate, all housed behind a clear acrylic dome. The front dome provides a great view, while protecting your FPV gear. The Go Discover has replaceable domes, as well as a few light reflective optional ones as well.

Purposely designed and perfectly sized the HobbyKing® ™ Go Discover can help you discover the world from a different point of view.

Wingspan: 1600mm
Length: 737mm
Weight: 1800g
ESC: 40A
Servo: 9g x4 (2 for the flight elevons and 2 for the pan and tilt)
Radio: 3ch for flight ( 5ch or more recommended for Pan and tilt use)
Motor: 800KV 35mm
Battery: Li-Poly 14.8v (4s) 3000-4000mah 25c

Go Discover FPV Plane
800kv motor
40A ESC with BEC
4 9g servos
Pan and tilt mechanism
10inch folding prop

4ch radio (6ch recommended)
Battery 14.8v (4s) Li-Poly  3000-4000mah and charger
FPV equipment (optional)

We have a full selection of Go Discover Parts

PRODUCT ID: 9310000119

2 1:IC/2:Elec 3 Channel 1600mm (62.99in) 737mm (29.02in) 1800g (3.96lb)

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  • Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 1) (v2 Firmware)

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  • HobbyKing Go Discover FPV 1600mm - Replacement Reflective Dome

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Total of 163 discussions.
the bat  18 points - 9/25/2016
Just some tips 1. put a wide rubberband around your tail just before the motor. 2. put a normal rubberband around the nose cowling. 3. add 2 small balsa blocks to the upper and lower halves(cut and glue in) and use a servo horn with the servo side cut off to make a unscrewable point to keep body halves together better. 4. note the clear parts peel away from the stickers. 5. Glue in a battery tray (piece of wood with velcro straps) 6. carefully push a few small head needles all the way into the front of the wing fences. If you do all those things you should without and major crashes have this plane for years like me, i still enjoy my Disco and ive had it longer than any other plane that is flown commonly.
 Eyalaz 1 points
Do you have some picture of those modifications?
Eyalaz  1 points - 8/28/2016
Can I put 5200Mh 10C battary?
 the bat 18 points
I put a 5000mah in mine and it felt sluggish ,with a 2200mah I can get 10 minute flights out of flying high and drifting a bit and flying back up again. the 5000 didnt really provide that extra time it really just weights down the windload, I would not go over 3600mah all thou if you pair 2 lightweight 2000mah batterys you can get 10 minutes of solid go juice. and let me tell you this plane moves fast.
 Eyalaz 1 points
Thanks a lot! I was wondering about the 10c battery, in general it can supply 52 amp, and the esc in this plane is 40amp so I think it will be ok. Also the battery is 400 gram so I think it will be fine. Let's fly and see! Thanks also for your tips!
Nazzareno  5 points - 8/11/2016
Vogliamo il go discover nel magazzino europeo.. Grazie
Florin - Dorian  26 points - 7/19/2016
Please restock it to the European warehouse!
Florin - Dorian  26 points - 7/12/2016
What is happening?! It has been removed from Europe Warehouse models list!!!
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Like it?
I love This plane.. If you plan on putting deference servo's in it, It may be better to just get the KIt. Or buy a set of wings. Because they glued them in really well and there is no way to get them out with messing up the wing.. I put a 50amp ESC in mine and will save the stock ESC for something else. And everything fixes really nice. Prop came balanced ( i check it ). I took all the sticker off and covered the hole plane in Car Wrap Dash Vinyl MATTE MILITARY GREEN and Matte Silver Grey Metallic. Took a long time to get all the stickers off. Flies like a dream. Love it. Thanks HK you got this one right..

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Overall Rating
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What a fantastic FPV wing for the money. Yeah, there may be a few little things to fix or align but you can't beat the value for the money. Mine arrived very well packaged, no damage, no missing parts. It assembled with no problems and am very happy with the purchase and would recommend to those who are hesitant. Thanks HK for a great product and parts support!! Hope to do my 'maiden' soon!

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Overall Rating
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Not sure if it is an adequate platform for FPV however for aerial video is amazing, mine came with a few issues though such as cracked firewall the problem is that you have to perform surgery to replace it, anyways, propeller adaptor terribly unbalanced so i installed a regular apc 2 blades one. Plane flies decent but a little more punch wouldn't hurt, i think the motor can handle 5s with the proper ESC, glides ok but is not a slow plane BEWARE, and last but not least landings are not so nice, it will skip like a flat rock in a pond lol, but nice looking plane tho.

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Overall Rating
Abo Soud
Like it?
very solid packaging, it deliver it safe but it cost a lot in shipping especially if you're using dimensional weight, the box is huge. nonetheless the quality id pretty fine and the plane has a lot of video online to check the flight mood of this bird, good deal if you can save on shipping. recommended if money is no issue.

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Overall Rating
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Received mine with a broken canopy clip (one side of the canopy won't close with the supplied plastic screw) and with some of the decals on one of the wings dried and peeling off. i haven't flown it yet but am somewhat disappointed with the quality of the product..

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