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Our USA warehouse is now open! Low cost shipping and an ever growing variety make ordering from the Arkansas warehouse even better value!

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Wires & Connectors

Wires and plugs are at the heart of rc planes, rc cars, rc boats, drones and camera ships as well as electronic maker projects. We have wires and plugs to suit every type of project, from ¼ scale planes to micro drones to 1/8th buggies to autonomous rovers you will find a wiring solution here solution here.

Everyone has their own way they like to wire up their projects, they have their favourite plugs and connectors, wires that suit their style and soldering methods, particular cable ties that they prefer to retain their wiring looms or they may choose to keep their wiring tidy using brightly colored wire mesh guards, the options are endless. At HobbyKing we do our best to supply the broadest range of products to suit every individual's needs.

All our wiring and plugs come from the highest quality manufacturers, because we understand the importance of keeping the heart of your project in tip-top condition.

If you need charging harnesses to connector your LiPo battery to your charger/discharger we also have a great range of pre-soldered wires and connectors in our Chargers and Accessories category.

Battery/ESC/Motor Connectors Battery/ESC/Motor Connectors
If you need a plug you can choose from a huge range of options including the almost universal genuine Amass manufactured XT60, XT90 and XT30 plugs for rc cars, rc planes, rc boats and quadcopters to the tiny JST-SH Micro plugs needed for the latest drone flight controllers, JST-XH to replace your LiPo balance plugs and the ubiquitous JST and Molex plugs.
Servo Wire, Plugs & Accessories Servo Wire, Plugs & Accessories
All rc planes, rc cars, rc boats and many drones use servo leads for many functions, here you will a huge variety of servo connectors, DIY servo plugs, leads, extensions, adapters, y-harnesses and accessories and of course they all come in the two standard plug types: JR and Futaba.
Silicon Wire Silicon Wire
Our flexible silicone wire is made with the highest quality materials to ensure your RC LiPo batteries have a low resistance path to your speed controller and your brushless or brushed motors get all the power they need from your ESC. But that isn?t all you can do with these noodle like wires, they are perfect for powering LEDs on your drone or camera ship and come in gauges small enough for most robotics or maker projects.
A/V Wires and Plugs A/V Wires and Plugs
With the latest rc models, drones and maker projects the crossover between traditional electronics products such as DC power plugs, RCA jacks and 3 pin Molex plugs is becoming more and more common and as the tech in these projects grows, so does our range of A/V type products.
Wire Mesh Guard Wire Mesh Guard
Keeping your wiring neat and tidy is not just about aesthetics, although it is always nice to have a neat looking project, using these versatile wire mesh guards is a great way of keeping all your wires together in a tidy loom and avoiding them being damaged in moving parts. Simply stretch them over a bunch of wires and finish the ends off with some heat shrink.
Wire Accessories Wire Accessories
Wiring accessories is where you will find all those bits and pieces you need that don’t fit under other categories, such as ferrite rings, spiral tube, copper tape, cable ties, cable tie anchors and pin headers.
Molex Molex
There are a huge variety of Molex plugs used in all sorts of different configurations, in this sub-category you will find the most common of the plugs and adapters to connect to other types such as JR servo, JST-SH and JST-XH as well as male and female connecter adapters.

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