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Arrow 4.3g / .8kg / 12sec Micro Servo

Arrow 4.3g / .8kg / 12sec Micro Servo
Arrow 4.3g / .8kg / 12sec Micro Servo

Supply voltage 4.8V 6.0V
Speed 0.12sec/60oNo load running
Torque (
Operating angle 40o/one side pulse traveling 400usec

 The net weight of this servo is 4.3g.
It can also be rebuilt into a lighter one.

The net weight of this servo is 4.3g. It can also be rebuilt into a lighter one. With the servo-case bottom removed or using the JST plug, the weight can be reduced to 4.0g. Use the enameled wire to connect, the weight can be reduced by 0.8g. Totally, the weight can be reduced by 1.1g, and finally, you get a servo only at 3.2g.


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Weight (g) 4.3
Torque (kg) 0.8
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.12
A(mm) 27
B(mm) 20
C(mm) 24
D(mm) 9
E(mm) 27
F(mm) 15
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Weight: 25g
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 Customer rated
Total of 8 discussions.
kevin  8 points - 2/12/2015
any body tried 8,4v?
fefefefe  6 points - 3/2/2014
Will it work in a MiniBreeze? i need a little bit more trust on the elevator
 Maximilian 17 points
alternativley make some small (~2cm) cuts in the hinge so that there's less resistance for the servo
valiantGLX  70 points - 2/11/2013
Digital or analog?
 Shivakumar 136 points
Jane  5 points - 1/3/2013
Hey guys. Ben Could I use this servo for a 31.5 inch trainer? THX
Mathias  13 points - 11/27/2011
i dont will try that servo on my piaget i think its not a stron servo
 MrGloriousfall 1 points
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Timothy Tait
14 thumbs up!
These are very light and quick, but fragile. Housing is about 1/2 the thickness of an HS-55, so gears are *tiny* and strip easily. Torque is adequate for shockflyers etc. Resolution is not as good as HS-55. However, after the winter storage, I found they had become quite jittery probably due to potentiometer corrosion. Reports of problems with the 3.6g ones are common. Out of 6 of these I had 1 defective, it was the pin on the plug.

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Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
I bought three of these for my shockflyer. Out of the three one had centering issues, the other two are working well. They are powerfull and fast for their size but quality control seems to be a bit lacking.

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Overall Rating
Luka Peternel
5 thumbs up!
I buy two thoose servos and both fail in less than 10min of working. Disapointed!

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Overall Rating
Steve Fox
3 thumbs up!
I have three of these and they all work perfectly. No complaints.

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Overall Rating
Fredi Vetsch
2 thumbs up!
Arrow 4.3g / .8kg / 12sec

Have got another 20 pices they do a grate job in my shockys......

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