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Turnigy Typhoon 600H Heli Motor 1100kv (600 class)

Turnigy Typhoon 600H Heli Motor 1100kv (600 class)

The Turnigy Typhoon is a very serious upgrade for any 600 size heli. Tight copper wire turns with high pressure pressed laminations make this motor very efficient and powerful.
Users will notice the instant power increase and higher idle speed when using this motor & we suggest you adjust your throttle accordingly.

Dimension: 44mm x 61mm, 84mm(with shaft)
Weight: 308g
Kv: 1100rpm/V
Voltage: 22.2V (6S)
Max current: 70A
Diameter of shaft: 6mm
Length of front shaft: 23mm
ESC: 80~100A

A serious upgrade for any 600 size heli.

PRODUCT ID: 9047000024

Kv(rpm/v) 1100
Weight (g) 308
Max Current(A) 70
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 23
Power(W) 1550
Shaft A (mm) 6
Length B (mm) 61
Diameter C (mm) 44
Can Length (mm) 38
Total Length E (mm) 85
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Total of 13 discussions.
davidross222  33 points - 9/5/2015
Will someone guarantee that the 44mm diameter of this motor will fit into a stock HK600GT frame? The original motor is 42mm diameter and a bit longer overall.
 Windman 98 points
I have this motor in my HK600GT. Fits, no problems. If you run on 6S you will have to replace the pinion gear from the HK600GT kit to accomplish higher RPM.
 Windman 98 points
The original one is 9T, I replaced mine with a 14T from Ebay and the heli flies really nice now!
 davidross222 33 points
Thanks, David for this info. This is the motor I've been looking for. I'll give one a try. The original was 42mm diam and 269g. Have a collection of pinions so will find a suitable one amongst them. Aiming for about head speed of 1600 for hover? That's all I do!
kpilot786457  23 points - 7/10/2015
have not used it, but looking at this motor, its a very high quality well made motor, perfectly clean, tight windings and thread to keep the windings in, dynamically balanced bell.... awesome. This is why I love the typhoon motors so much.
Heli-Player  42 points - 5/20/2015
Hobby King............. please restock in Euro Warehouse........... immediatly..... thanks
Heli-Player  42 points - 5/7/2015
Please restock immediately in the Euro-Warehouse.
Daniel 450  1 points - 3/3/2015
are this motor good for a 600 heli like HK afirm?
 Johnny66 47 points
I have this motor in the HK-600GT heli and it's OK for general sports flying with basic loops and rolls. For even mild 3D it doesn't have enough torque in my opinion. If you use this motor, make sure you're high in the air if you want to push it a little harder. When I bought this motor 2 years ago it was rated at 60A. The new rating is 70A. I have recently purchased the NTM 600 1220kv motor which is rated at 90A continuous which is around 2000 watts. This is 50% more power than my Typhoon 600 which I said was rated at 60A continuous. I have not tested the NTM motor yet as I have purchased quite a bit of stuff in the last sale HK has had including 4 heli kits (2 are BLADE helis). When I install the motor I will write a review! But that could be awhile!
 Johnny66 47 points
Forgot to mention the Typhoon 600 motor I have has a 5mm shaft! The one pictured here is a little different and appears to have a 6mm shaft as stated.
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I use this motor in my HK550 with 6s2p (20V, 5Ah) LiFePo. The total weight of the heli is about 3.3kg. The motor has a very high efficiency. The current consumption is about 3500mAh for 12 minutes flying. I only fly arround (circles and eights) without 3d. For this the motor is perfect.

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Excelente motor. Muito potente para heli da classe 600.

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