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Quanum GPS Logger V2 with Backlit LCD Display NEO-6 U-Blox

Quanum GPS Logger V2 with Backlit LCD Display NEO-6 U-Blox
Quanum GPS Logger V2 with Backlit LCD Display NEO-6 U-Blox

We have all heard the “fishing stories” out at the field and on the track, “My RC car does 120mph” or “My ducted fan accelerates going vertical!”…well, it’s time to prove it!

The Quanum GPS Logger V2 Is a stand-alone device that Packs the power of a U-BLOX NEO-6 GPS receiver, and records everything from; distance traveled, start and end positions, UTC time stamps, course and speed…and the infamous MAX speed the logger reached. The data can be viewed on the integrated backlit LCD or the NEMA data can be downloaded to a PC and plotted out on map sites such as Google Earth. To save weight the logger gets its power from a spare channel from your receiver so no additional battery is needed.

There are endless uses, from finding your model's maximum speed and utilizing the hard-data to refine your set-up, and of course there is provable bragging rights you could flaunt around on youtube! Heck, you could even attach a small battery pack and drop it in your kids backpack and see if they really went to the library after school or not…The Quanum GPS Logger is just one of those tools you should just have in your tool box for when hard-data is better than your calibrated eyeball.

Receiver: NEO-6M U-BLOX
Frequency: L1, 1575.42 MHz, C/A Code
Channels: 50
Max Speed Recording: 1000km/h
Sensitivity: -161 dBm (Tracking & Navigation)
Accuracy: 2.5 m (GPS), 2.0 m (SBAS)
Cold Start: 27 s approx.
Navigation: UTC date and time, geographic coordinates, time, speed, course
Logging: geographic coordinates, date and time, speed, course, distance (up to 100km)
Logging time: >1000 hours
Logging ON/OFF Control: Manual, RC (1520us)
Indicator: LCD, 2*16 with backlit
Control: menu/page, enter
Voltage: 4.5V ~ 6.5V
Current: 80mA typical
Size: 24 x 77 x 18mm
Weigh: 43g

*Note: To download the NMEA file to your computer for history mapping, you will need a standard RS-232 cable - not included. All other information can be viewed via the integrated LCD and menu.

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Total of 155 discussions.
maria  4 points - 2/5/2016
hi it says 6.5volts to see lets say km i guess if i use a 7.4 2s lipo it wont read because the voltige is to high so i guess at the end of the battery going on to 6.5 volts than i will get a reading please someone or hobbyking give me an answer oh it cant read a 11.1 3s lipo only a 6.5 ........................................then tell me is it worth buying bought one it better work ......................who uses 6.5 volts come on hk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David  1 points - 2/5/2016
Can I seal this in my TRANSPARENT radio-box with the display up and always have my MPH displayed? Will it reset when I power the radio off? DO you have to use the buttons to set up MPH every time? I really only want the speed displayed and I'd like to be able to see my speed every time I run it without having to take the radio box apart. There is an on/off switch on the outside of the radio-box so powering off and on is easy. If this resets by toggling the power, it may be perfect for me. Thanks Reply With Quote Reply to Private Message Forward Message Forward Quick Reply
Walter Clark  35 points - 10/24/2015
Go to files and click on "QuanumGPS Converted to Path Logger" to turn this product into a true logger. You need to buy something for about $25 but the total price is still cheaper than any other way to get recorded path data. Yes the description above is in error or certainly misleading, but this file will satisfy your need to see in a 3D, the path where you model flew. Walter
Mc awesome  23 points - 8/21/2015
This is a really nifty little GPS thing, it will display the max speed and distance on its internal display, just as the description says. The only manual is the one in the files section and it is not very well written. It is possible to turn on and off the logging remotely from your transmitter although it is difficult to find that in the manual, but what is the point in turning on and off logging if you cant download the logs to your computer (as the description says you can). I have tried to get some sense out of HK support but that was a waste of time, their only solution is - "return it for a refund". I don't want a refund, I just want to be able to download the logs. Can anyone help?
 Walter Clark 35 points
Mr. McAwesome, I have confirmed all the negative comments below and yes those are all type-ohs above like about putting in your kids back pack. But it is still a fine produce for only $56. The kind that actually record are triple that price. The only time data comes out of the microJST connector is with menu item: "PC connect." Notice it doesn't say "file download." And it comes out in a continuous stream* never stopping. It is giving the present location, continuously. The word logging means recording and this it doesn't do. You have to add an Arduino or something to do the actual logging. Remember this is made by Chinese engineers and the people that write the description... Oh never mind. I've already been kicked off once for pointing out errors. It is a fine product considering that it is one third the price of the ones that do all that is described above.
 Mc awesome 23 points
The only typo is where they say NEMA instead of NMEA. The description above definitely does say it will download NMEA FILES not just a live data stream. I dont believe the description is misleading or wrong, I believe that the "support" people are just too lazy to find out how to make it work. Even the logger says "saving log" when you stop logging, a friend of mine has a similar one but a different brand brand and the menus etc are exactly the same, I believe it is the same chipset, and that is supplied with software and a cable and an internal battery and it is only slightly more expensive. (definitely not triple price) So come on Hobby King get a real SUPPORT section.
matth1000  126 points - 8/15/2015
Hi, Has any one put this on the front of a plane so it is visible through the fpv camera so that you can see the current speed and altitude as you fly. or does it only show max speed reached.
 Damiano Emmolo 1 points
Hi! no, when you are logging the session, on the display you can just see "logging..." than when you finish stop to record and look the info recorded
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Got it today and taped it to my Radjet, seems to work ok (logger says 160km/h). I also had it in the car, indicated speed is very good, a few km/h less than the car tacho. I also love the logging start-stop by flipping a switch on your tx. This logger is slightly bulkier than the old one, however you can remove the plastic casing, which takes approx. 4 mm from the thickness, so 14 mm total at the thickest point. The screen is poorly visible in daylight. Mine has a very fast GPS lock, almost instantly. There is a way to connect it to a PC, but how, that's very vague....

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Wow just got this thing in the mail and ran it down the street in my buggy, amazingly precise!!! Took about 20seconds first link and then after that about 3-5 seconds after that. The screen worked nice, backlight works pretty well in the sun. For $50usd this thing is a bargain! Thank you HobbyKing!!!!

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Nice gps logger has a hard case really only good for bigger models finds sats quick not to bad a little bigger than i thought.

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cool!connexion rapide!et très précis ,tester aussi dans ma voiture! super produit Quick! highly accurate, test as in my car! great product! thank HK.

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Ok tested it today on a saw outrigger and this unit worked great compared to my Etrex forerunner ..just 1mph difference.I liked it because the unit is small and fits well in the front of my boat connected by a Y conector with a spare battery that feeds my receiver.Let see how it will go in the next runs.

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