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2.4 GHz Circular Polarized Antenna SMA (Set)

2.4 GHz Circular Polarized Antenna SMA (Set)
2.4 GHz Circular Polarized Antenna SMA (Set)

Circular polarized antenna's aka "clover leaf antennas" are a great way to increase the performance of your FPV system. Proven to increase range and video clarity circular polarized antenna's have become the standard after market 'essential' upgrade for modern FPV systems.

Frequency Range: 2400~2500mhz
Impedance: 50ohm
VSWR: <1.5
Gain: 2db
Connector: SMA
Cable: RG316
Cable Length: 65mm

PRODUCT ID: 435000009

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Sondre  14 points - 7/2/2014
If I use this on a 2,4 Ghz Tx/Rx and use a normal stock antenna for my radio system, will this interfere or will the difrent kinds of waves not be able to interfere with eatch other?
 XRayMike 109 points
They will interfere with each other, since only the polarization is changed from linear to circular. Your video downlink will most likely be of bad quality.
 Sondre 14 points
OK, i see, what would you recomend to get the best FPV setup? I think about buying a 5.8 GHz system or or is it cheeper tojust buy a new radio module and Rx?
 BrianB192 1758 points
Hello buddy . this As you Mention 5.8 Has Many Concerned. your Choice at this Point IS critical. Beacause what you go into will deturmin your type controles to setup complate. , If you as Many Have 2.4 g controler . And you want to Use this type Long range 2.4 video.. you Must first change boost frequancy converted to 433 UHF eith rmilic or the Less Lower ez433 uhf, Rmilic Is the way Im thinl Now Best to go. So this Unit can take Best eftect,, I Have test eze ,its not very Long range for 433UHF. compared to rmilic system, You can eith stay with 5.8 and get a Normal Mid Long range. tp 1.5 -2 kilomeeters when combining 2.4 controle with 5.8 vodeo. But combine 433 and 2.4 ,, you get More again, Apparent is Video diversity . Egle eyes lets you combine 2 recievers to get diversity with Out Need of rsi signal ,. So Like Many wonder this Is the way It goes. clear as I can say it,/ Hope that Might make it easyer. as your new to this. as we all seam Are. until you tried all combinations,, And UHF seams Best with this, Over Many other low frequancy . lower the better I hear.. so Keeping the field further apart Is the Main issue, if you understand what i mean,
jordster1998  24 points - 2/25/2014
will these work with stock fat shark predator v2 goggles
Crady  25 points - 2/3/2014
Yes. So long as you have a matched pair, RH and LH for your Tx and Rx. FPVtests on YouTube has a brilliant 4 part series walking you through how to do this, and gives real-world demonstrations of the results you can achieve with just antenna mods.
 Crady 25 points
Sorry! I meant 3 lobe (Tx) and 4 lobe (Rx), not mixing RH and LH. If you want to get crazy you could substitute the Tx cloverleaf with a helical antenna or a Yagi array (both highly directional).
 Patrick 5 points
A Yagi is linearly polarized and will not work with any CP antenna. Or at least not well enough to get you 20m away.

A helical s a great choice to greatly increase your range but it is roughly 150* view angle. Not 360* like the leaf.
roland  4 points - 1/9/2014
i realize theses are mainly used for video fpv but i was wondering if this can be used on a radio transmitter to help increase range without stomping on the airwaves with more power using a booster. i am looking to increase range ( 1km over stock) and reliabillity. thanks
 Heppy Ket 595 points
No not really suitable for increasing range, but, they may be good for reducing drop outs instead due to multipathing.
rnelias  11 points - 11/6/2013
Is it possible to fold the cable and keep it folded?
 matschi140 8 points
No you cant ist soldered straight, you Need to put the A/V Transmitter/Reciever with the Antenna facing upwards.
 XRayMike 109 points
Isn't possible. If absolutely necessary, you could try glueing them into place (AT YOUR OWN RISK)
 Kade 43 points
You can bend them, don't get a sharp crease, but if you angle it ~90 degrees without a solid, sharp, kink, you should be fine. I have mine curved and it's fine. That's as far as I'd go 'folding' it though
 XRayMike 109 points
Carly is correct, but as far as the question goes, it will not stay in place on its own (like the spironet antennae)
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hi guys i read 65 mm coax length “skin effect” i hope not Since the feedline is almost exactly ½ wavelength, the shield becomes resonant and acts as a dipole so that mean this clover in not circulair???? what do you guys think of this when my clovers arrive,,i test them on my analyzer rob

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affordable price and well made

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they look good but i havent tested them yet!

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Would buy this again. They can compeed with more expensive cp antennas. Only downside is tht hobbyking saved on the plastic housin. Thus, these antennas can deform very easily and handling with care might not protect yours 100pcnt of the time. Thus, go easy on them or build your own housing!

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