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Hobbyking Pulse Jet Gasoline Engine "Red Head" with Ignition System

Hobbyking Pulse Jet Gasoline Engine "Red Head" with Ignition System
Hobbyking Pulse Jet Gasoline Engine "Red Head" with Ignition System

Have you heard the BUZZ? Pulse jets are the Bees-Knees. 

Pulse Jets are not new, they were around before the turn of the century.  They were made famous however when the Germans used them to power the V-1 flying bomb. These were dubbed the “buzz bomb” due to the distinctive sound made from the pulse cycle of the shutters and combustion at such a high rate.

Jumping forward a few years, due to their simple design they made their way into the early days of modeling. Pulse jets were used by the hardcore modeler breaking records and they strapped them to anything that moved! Anyone that has ever seen or heard one run in person will never forget it.

The HobbyKing Red Head Pulse Jet is a retro flash back to the days of modeling where nearly everything was an experiment and the possibilities were endless. Anyone that has ever seen the old pulse jets have instantly had ideas (some smart, some not so smart) of strapping one to something or another. Now is your opportunity!

The Red Head Hobbyking valve pulse jet is classic in design and yet modern in quality. It runs on just plain old gasoline (no oil needed), starts with a bicycle pump and comes with just about everything needed to fire it up including the ignition system to the mounting hardware, spare parts and reeds. 

Hobbyking’s Red Head Pulse Jet Engine is perfect for anyone looking to feel nostalgic and strap it to a model, place it on their mantel, or take into the garage and upset their neighbors.

length: 550mm
Diameter: 64mm
Ports/Reeds: 10
Weight: 460grams
Thrust: 1.6 kilograms (3.52 lbs)
Fuel: gasoline (no oil required)
Ignition: external igniter box 20kv (only needed for starting)

Red head Pulse jet engine
Spare parts (to include reeds and spark plugs)
Mounting Clamps
20kv igniter

2~3 cell lipo with XT60 connector (for igniter)
Gasoline safe fuel tank and fuel line
Bicycle tire pump or other air source capable of 40psi (for starting)
Hearing protection

**Note: This is not a toy and gasoline is dangerous. Proper use and safety must be considered and exercised before, during and after use.

PRODUCT ID: 9171000211

Weight: 1901g Quantity: 

  • Silicon fuel pipe (1 mtr) Yellow for Gas/Nitro Engines 4x2.5mm

    Combo Price: $1.45   BACKORDER

  • Turnigy nano-tech 1300mah 3S 25~50C Lipo Pack

    Combo Price: $10.05   IN STOCK

  • Hobbyking Pulse Jet Gasoline Engine "Red Head"

    Combo Price: $70.95   IN STOCK

  • Pulse Jet Ignition System 20KV Igniter Box

    Combo Price: $25.74   IN STOCK

  • Replacement Reed Valves for HobbyKing "Red Head" Pulse Jet Engine (5pcs/Bag)

    Combo Price: $1.95   IN STOCK

  • Replacement Fuel Nozzle Assembly for HobbyKing "Red Head" Pulse Jet Engine

    Combo Price: $1.78   IN STOCK

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T-bag  54 points - 4/16/2014
is there a reason why these aren't mounted internally in an airplane, similar to a turbine? I'm aware they get hot, but you could wrap them in heat proof wrap??? do they overheat or something??
 Sawdust 1780 points
I think it is mostly a matter of the heat. Even if you could protect the plane with enough insulation you'd then have this thing melt. They glow bright red when running exposed to air which helps to cool them, wrap them up and I'm pretty sure it would actually melt, if not weaken to the point it just burst open or at the very least severely deform. Do NOT credit any of my answers.
russ  1 points - 4/7/2014
how much thrust does this have? how heavy of a plane would this be good for?
 Colin 1 points
3.52 lbs according tot he listing above. Thrust: 1.6 kilograms (3.52 lbs)
Fighter Command  101 points - 4/3/2014
Maybe Hobbyking could bring out a "V1 Rocket" kit to go with this pulse jet??
haran  1 points - 3/28/2014
i have mine and i have done everthing wright but it wont start
 Colin 1 points
Look at the Igniter. I got mine yesterday and when I tried it with the supplied igniter I got a few pops and so on with flames out the back but the battery went dead very quickly, and there wasn't much in the way of spark. I tried another Igniter that i have here and it produces a shower of Sparks much more than the one supplied with the engine and the thing started first attempt with it.

I also turned the spark plug around so that the Earth Electrode wasn't shielding the spark so the electrode was facing the back of the engine or tail pipe so that the incoming mix was better exposed to the spark so Ignition may be easier.

They also suggest removing the Earth Electrode which may make a better spark with the stock Igniter. Though it may also cause the spark to jump into the case of the plug and remain shielded from the incoming charge. I didn't do that so I'm not sure, my other Igniter which runs off a 9 V Battery just did a better job of getting it started.

Just a word of warning start it in an open place they are very noisy.


 Colin 1 points
I've just had a play with the standard igniter and it looses spark after it's been switched on for a while. Apparently you have to use these in Short Bursts as to me it's looking like the internal circuity gets hot and is less efficient.

If you used your igniter for more than about 30 Seconds the spark gets smaller and less bright so it's going to be harder for it to ignite the mix. You'll need to turn it off and let it cool down for a while and allow it to return to the way it's meant to work then you can try again.

I also tried pushing on some fuel tubing to the Air Inlet and blowing the compressed air into that as the Air Gun I have here is a bit wonky to hold tight against the inlet and not have leaks.

I hope that is of some help

Nicole  2 points - 3/24/2014
Why when I paid for a pulse jet in November and still did not receive it in february can you not give me a full refund? Are you in the habit of taking money for goods that you do not have and then deducting$53 from the refund?
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I hope HK will start selling spare reed valves for these pulse jets in time, very important replacement part that should be offered for sale.

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Hi all, I purchased this 7 days ago, got to me in Australia in record time, thanks hobby king My pulsejet was better quality with regards to welding and oval shape as listed in rv model reviews YouTube video, so maybe one for quality control, but I got. Good one so I'm not complaining. I wanted to see if it actually works, and it does! Nice and loud, I followed the instructions included, and it all works well. Awesome petrol to noise converter!

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Pulsejet arrived today, took two weeks. Body is made from relatively thick stainless steel compares to other pulse jets and the welding is satisfactory. They did get a little over enthusiastic with the grinding down of the welds on the outside though. Valve head is nicely machined, but it is covered in small but sharp burrs, including where the valve closes, preventing it from sealing. After deburring, all looks good.The mounting straps are excellent and the ignition system works really well.

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endlich ein super pulso muß ich nur noch testen!!

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Cant fault the valve head, mine was perfectly machined . The weld was a bit uneven, but what the heck only about $99! what do you expect foryour money!
Bad news is I could not get a consistant start, it was either too lean or flooded, mind you the air temp. was 2 degrees C!. Too cold perhaps?
Anyone got any Hints? was using staight unleaded petrol tank approx 10mm lower than jet.
Possibly an in line needle valve?

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