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UBLOX LEA-6H GPS Module w/Built-in Antenna 2.5m Accuracy

UBLOX LEA-6H GPS Module w/Built-in Antenna 2.5m Accuracy
UBLOX LEA-6H GPS Module w/Built-in Antenna 2.5m Accuracy

This GPS module integrates an LEA-6H GPS receiver with a 25x25x4mm ceramic patch antenna, UART serial interface, and USB. The high performance of the u-blox LEA-6H positioning engine enables navigation even in weak signal environments.

Recommended for multicopters in particular, where GPS accuracy is very important. It has active circuitry for the ceramic patch antenna and a backup battery for warm starts. These units will ship pre-configured for ArduPilot Mega use, and the configuration file is available in the Google repository.

This module features a USB V2.0 compatible serial port for power supply and data transfer.

• Micro USB on board
• ublox LEA-6H module
• 5Hz update rate
• High precision 2.5m accuracy
• 25x25x4mm ceramic patch antenna
• Enhanced powersave mode: lower power consumption based on intelligent power management
• SuperSense® Indoor GPS: -160 dBm Tracking Sensitivity
• LNA and SAW filter
• 3V lithium backup battery
• Low noise 3.3V regulator
• Power and fix indicator LEDs
• ArduPilot Mega compatible 6-pin JST connector
• Exposed RX, TX, 5V and GND pad

Note: This module ships with a buad rate of 38400, 5Hz

Power supply: 3.5~6.0V
Backup power: On-board lithium battery, 5mA
Antenna: 25x25mm patch antenna
Operating temp.: -20°C ~ 60°C
Dimensions: 37x37x9mm
Connector: SMT-pads for 10 pin header, Pitch: 2.54 mm
Serial ports: 1 UART @ 3 V levels 1 USB

PRODUCT ID: 9387000012

This is an archived page. This product is no longer available and has been replaced by a newer product.

Weight: 28g
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Price $54.89

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Filipe  6 points - 10/4/2014
How do I figure out how to install gps? What is the correct orientation for installation? Where is the front and which is the back? I use APM 2.5.2 and to use the super simple mode i need to know it. Thanks for the help.
Johan  7 points - 9/9/2014
When I plug the gps into usb the led turns on while connecting and then off 2s later and looses contact with the computer. Same thing happens when I try to connect it to my flight controller. It powers up, then down just as quick without the flight controller being able to communicate with it. Anyone know whats going on?
 Johan 7 points
Never mind, I just needed to connect to another windows machine. Problem solved.
Volker  1 points - 8/16/2014
Hi is the orientation of the module important for gps hold function and how can i find the right orientation
bigjohn47  38 points - 7/27/2014
Hi does any body know where to get a case for this gps as hobbykig does not keep one.
mauserr  1 points - 7/19/2014
Does this GPS works with Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller?
 WillemP 32 points
Yes, you can configure this GPS module with MultiWii and MPNG to work. You just need to use the correct defines for config.h and APM_config.h (if using MPNG) but that's pretty self-explantory when you're working through the file. Otherwise, feel free to ask.
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I just received my module. The antenna is fixed wrong position. ( see files) I check functionality with u-center software. I got 8 satellities in 2-3 second each time. but accuracy is not as good as 2.5 m as now. I see more than 5 mm in deviation map at u-center software.

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I´m very unimpressed about the GPS. First I connect the GPS to the USB port, an it seems to work fine. Next I try to connect to the CRIUS board, but it seems the GPS get no power. I tryed different way´s, also to power the GPS from the 5V Pins from the ESC pin´s but the GPS get no power. After this I measured the 5V input to the ground on the upside of the board, and it looks like, there is no connection from the 5V to the board. So now I will try to get 5V over the USB port and the signal over the SMD and hope this will work. But that could not be the right way it should work :-(

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Again another poorly matched peace of gea from hk. a hextronick gps that does not plug into a hextronick flight board recommended by hobby-king to match. 1. does not plug in as connectors are different sizes 2. cant solder it as power pins don't go anywhere on the board. why supply grnd and 5v pads on a board if they not in the actual circuit. And again no manual on how to work around this stupidity can be found anywhere - that the T hack does not work for peoples info.. Plus this was the board I purchased but mine look different! only way is to power vir usp at 3v - how stupid.

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This thing locks in almost right away. I'm very happy with the speed of finding sats, even in side my house I've got about a 10 m accuracy! Very Happy!

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Good GPS module. Nice to see HK stocking more parts for the ArduPilot 2.5 clone. Speed and ultrasound sensors next please.

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