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BMS-616DMG HS Digital Buggy Servo (MG) 10.2kg / .12sec / 46.5g (USA Warehouse)

BMS-616DMG HS Digital Buggy Servo (MG) 10.2kg / .12sec / 46.5g (USA Warehouse)

BMS-616DMG+HS Super Strong Digital Servo for bugggy  (Metal Gear)10.2kg / .12sec / 46.5g
Double ball bearing (Si-oil)
CE Certified Strong 3 Pole Motor
Heavy duty sealed water proof case
Alloy heatsink
Digital signal design with 100% fitting square PWS
Automatic measures central ms
ALU 6061 alloy and C95 gear material
Digital IC (SOP package with 12bits transfer data)
MOS-FET driver (spirited driver able to push over 7A power) 
Weight: 46.5g / 1.66oz
Dimensions: 40.5 x 20 x 38.5mm / 1.60" x 0.78" x 1.54"
Torque At 6.0V: 10.2kg/cm , 136 oz/in
Speed At 6.0V: 0.12 sec / 60° at no load
Operating voltage: 4.8 - 6.0V


Weight (g) 46.5
Torque (kg) 10.2
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.12
A(mm) 42
B(mm) 41
C(mm) 38
D(mm) 20
E(mm) 55
F(mm) 26
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 Customer rated
Total of 6 discussions.
Michael  7 points - 5/9/2014
Reliable enough for a large scale airplane?
 Juan 1 points
Wouldn't know on big scale airplanes but I've been running these for steering on a 1/7 kyosho scorpion with the servo saver tightened and it has taken one year of punishment and bad landings with zero issues so far. It still performs like new.
Dylan  7 points - 4/1/2014
Used In Traxxas Slash 4X4 LCG (Rally) raced in a national indoor off-road two weeks ago zero problems. Would refer this servo to anyone. Great quality and super strong!
Carlos Javier  6 points - 3/21/2014
sirve esto para un trex 550
shahar  6 points - 7/29/2013
is this servo waterproof?
 Egon 2 points
Not really... On the output shaft is no rubber o-ring, which should be visible due to the slightly transparent plastic. I can directly see the ball bearing. But the 3 junctions of the servo body have rubber rings. I suggest that you put some grease on the output shaft to act as a shield and it will withstand watersplashes, but no submerging or high pressure washing.
garrett  1 points - 6/1/2013
Can I run a Lipo battery while using these blue bird servos in a mbx6r nitro buggy? Thx
 Dennis 2 points
I have 2 of these in my 2 and 4wd durango buggies running on 2s lipos without a glitch and they are outstanding for durability on the off-road. Torque is strong and speed is perfect for off road. They cost half to one third the price of big name brands at these specs and I wouldn't think twice before buying them again!
 Egon 2 points
No, you can not use LiPo packs with these servos. It says "Operating voltage: 4.8 - 6.0V", which means you can only use it with a 5-cell NiMH or a 2-cell LiFe pack. Both of those battery types have 6.6-6.7V at full charge, which is normal. With load the voltage gets lower, usally around 6V. LiFe packs are more recommended than NiMH because of a more stable voltage and less charging time.
 routerman690 13 points
Actually, you can use lipo batteries with this servo. Even though a fully charged 2S lipo shows 8.4 volts the BEC circuits in your ESC only allow 4.8 to 6.0 volts to the servo circuits.
 Egon 2 points
He referred to a "mbx6r nitro buggy"... where does it say it's electric and has a BEC? It is just how I explained it... Please read the entire question before answering anything here, or the people asking just get confused and may damage their equipment. Have a nice day.
 MilleniaMan 12 points
I researched this a little bit and discovered you can use this servo IF you have a voltage regulator from the controller... The recommendation is for a 7.4v servo (to remain unregulated)... Hope this helps...
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Great servo, put it in my SC10.2, and have not looked back. Highly recommend.

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Great servo, nice strong and quiet

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I am a serious racer and I have recently built a T4.2 and was looking for a cheap servo. Really wasnt expecting much for 20 bucks but was I wrong!!! This servo is amazing!!!! My first time out in pro class truck I got third thanks to this servo! Says .12 but acts like .09 hope this helped!

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The servos work great for a while then they stop centering. Constantly adjusting servo center on transmitter.

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drinfting broke my old one. This works great.

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