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Turnigy TrackStar 1/10th Scale 60A Car ESC Version 2 (USA Warehouse)

Turnigy TrackStar 1/10th Scale 60A Car ESC Version 2 (USA Warehouse)
Turnigy TrackStar 1/10th Scale 60A Car ESC Version 2 (USA Warehouse)

The Turnigy TrackStar 1/10th scale 60amp car ESC is the latest addition to Hobby Kings Car ESC range.

Using a Fast Silicon Labs MCU and high quality On-Semiconductor MOSFETs the TrackStar 60A ESC sets a new standard in high quality yet affordable car ESCs. With Intelligent MCU logic the TrackStar series ESCs allow extremely precise start up control and positioning feed back from the motor. This translates in to very smooth start up and acceleration.

The Turnigy TrackStar 60A ESC also boasts a host of programing options not usually found in a 1/10th scale ESC at this price and can be programmed with ease via the Turnigy TrackStar programing card (sold separately) The Turnigy TrackStar 150A ESC also included 3 x 10AWG Motor wires and 2 x 10AWG power input wires.

The Turnigy TrackStar 60amp ESC comes with an XT-60 plug and 3.5mm Bullet plugs pre-installed so you can install it in your car with without needing to do any soldering.
Cont. Current: 60A
Burst Current: 90A
Car Size: 1/10th
Battery: 2-3 Cell Lipo
BEC: 5V / 2A Output
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless
Size: 51.6 x 30 x 27.4mm
Weight: 78g
Battery Plug: XT-60
On/Off Switch: Yes
Reverse: Yes
Thermal Overload Protection: Yes
Motor Terminals: 3.5mm bullet

Programming Options (Via Optional programming card)
Brake/Reverse type
Brake Amount
Voltage Cut off
Drag Brake
Reverse Power
Start Power
Throttle Dead Band



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  • Turnigy TrackStar ESC Programing Card (USA warehouse)

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Chubbs  129 points - 3/20/2014
I'm Interested in buying this ESC, but i'm concerned about the abnormally low burst rating. Has anyone had trouble with this thing frying? The trackstar 25A ESC has a 90a burst rating. The HobbyKing 35A ESC (Xcar) has a 190a burst rating. The Turnigy 35A ESC has a 190a burst rating also. Yet this 60A ESC is only good to 90a? What gives?
 edgeverse 1 points
I have this esc. I got it last month. I am running it in a slash 2wd with a hobbywing 4000k motor and so far its running good. I recommend getting the Trackstar programming card if you decide to get this esc. For the price its a good esc. Temps have been low on mine as well.
 Mwildmann 49 points
Chances are the burst current rating on this ESC is realistic and the burst current rating on the other ESCs that you mentioned are BS. IMO, you shouldn't really be choosing an ESC based on it's burst current rating anyway. The ESCs continuous current rating should be equal to or greater than the max. amps required by your motor.
I had my doubts about this esc, My son was running a hpi flux and the motor esc and motor failed. I replaced it with this esc and the Trackstar 1/10 9T 4370KV Brushless. Wow was i impurest, i blows the $200 hpi set up we had in to the ground.
 edgeverse 1 points
I have been more than happy with this esc.
Moe  2 points - 2/25/2014
Does anyone know if this will work for stock 1/10 buggy class 17.5, does it have a blinky mode?
 lars 2 points
Yes, but only if the motor is brushless (three wires coming from the motor). Assuming blinky mode is low voltage cut off? Yes but you need a programming card.
 Mark 49 points
No blinky mode as it doesn't have any led's. Personally I don't really like the "feel" of the esc. By that I mean it feels sluggish (no bottom end snap)and not nearly the top end as compared to the 100amp hk esc. I have played with all the punch setting and timing also and im not overloading it. Lars**-Blinky refers to spec zero ESC timing. ESC typically has a blinking LED to indicate it is in the spec no boost mode.
edgeverse  1 points - 2/20/2014
I just ordered this esc after reading alot of good things.
 Super Trooper 90 points
I have been using the Track Star 80A Turbo ESC in my Turnigy Trooper 4x4 and it is awesome. Very high quality at a low price. You ordered a great speed control.
 edgeverse 1 points
Minbe arrived last week on monday, I soldered a new battery connector on it, installed and calibrated it, It runs really good. I have the programming card on the way.
Sharushan  2 points - 2/8/2014
Can I use this in a 1/14th truck?
 Mwildmann 49 points
Sure, as long as it will handle the motor that you're using and you can fit it to mount it on the chassis.
 Sharushan 2 points
Awesome thank you I think it should, I have a Tacon Valor MT. Another question I'd like to ask you is if it will work with this here XK2430-4500KV Brushless Inrunner?
 Mwildmann 49 points
Yes it will work with that motor. However there might be a better option. I also have a Valor and I'm running this motor: XK2845-B-3700KV with this ESC: I've geared it with a 19t pinion and it still stays cool. The Tacon 1/14 scale cars use a 28mm diameter motor so you can pick a larger motor if you'd like. One concern that I have is the screw holes in that motor lining up with the holes in the motor mount. Also, you're going to want to get an adjustable motor mount for a Soar so you can play with the gearing. The ESC that you have picked is way overkill for that motor and you might have a hard time mounting it. If you go with that motor you could probably get away with a 25 or 35 amp speed control.
 Sharushan 2 points
Thanks that helps a lot, I definitely think I'll get that motor now the only issue is I like this esc because it has all plugs already soldered on and I can't solder things. If you can show me another ESC with the same XT60 and 3.5mm plugs I'd appreciate that.
 Sharushan 2 points
Oh btw your link didn't show up.
 Mwildmann 49 points
You would be doing yourself a big favor if you learned how to solder. It's not hard, just takes practice. As for other ESCs with everything already soldered on I'm not going to be much help because I don't pay attention to connectors and what-not. I've been soldering stuff for over 20 years now. Look me up on RCTech or UltimateRC, send me a PM (same username as here) and I'll walk you through soldering if you want help. Honestly, it's a skill you'll need.
 Mwildmann 49 points
Sorry, it's this one: Turnigy Trackstar 1/10 45A Sensorless Car Esc.
 Sharushan 2 points
Cool thanks. Out of curiosity though what would would happen if I were to use this ESC with the motor you suggested.
 Mwildmann 49 points
What would happen? The motor would run and ESC would barely even get warm. You could probably ditch the cooling fan too. This ESC is capable of providing far more current than the motor would ever ask for. There's no down side, with the exception of more cost and size of a better ESC.
 Sharushan 2 points
Cool thanks for helping me out so much, appreciate it.
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hey wassup people ps9/jon here i just got this in mail from usa ware house and im gonna warn u now esc wont work unless you properly set the throttle range 1st!!!! and then im warning you for after you do that dont stand behind the rc n full throttle it with out body Armour and goggles..... trust me i know i did it and pelted my self with large rocks from rear of the 2wd sct we got n the mud flaps didnt stop any thing... im not gonna lie i had the sct for 5 days put that esc in it n guy came to buy a slash but wanted the sct after seeing it run with stock motor... last warning traxxas the saying "fastest name in rc " those days are numbered n its in double digits!!!! i promise, ok be safe have fun

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For the money so far I am happy with this esc. I already had the program card and it is really easy to use with this esc. ok so far I have only ran this esc in a mini e erevo with the stock 380 motor but even on medium settings the esc puts out more than enough power to match the stock velineon esc. I was still able to do back-flips and wheelies on command and the tires still ballooned and rubbed the body when running a 3s battery. The aluminum case is also very handy as i flipped this thing plenty of times with the fan upside down in dirt and it's still works like new. It runs nice and cool on 2s and just a little warm on 3s. so you can probably go up in teeth if you're putting it in a merv. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the burst amps are too low for this esc compared to others in its price range on hobbyking. all the xcar esc's have burst ratings above 120a this thing doesn't even break 90a. the old version of this esc used to have a burst of 160a with only 90a burst it really limits what you can run this esc in. i think it would probably do fine in a 2wd 1/10 off road setting, but 4wd offroad would most likely imo fry the thing. and that really sucks for an esc that's labeled 1/10th scale. That being said I would highly recommend this esc for any application under 1/10th scale. id be cautious about using it in extreme 1/10 2wd offroad situations and I

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Overall Rating3/7/2014
Super Trooper
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Track Star are the best ESCs and Motors that Hobby King makes. A USB link along with computer software would enhance this product.

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Overall Rating4/8/2014
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Excelente ESC, trabaja bastabte frio en mi Turnigy DB

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