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Boscam HD19 ExplorerHD Full HD 1080p FPV Video Camera with Integral Recorder

Boscam HD19 ExplorerHD Full HD 1080p FPV Video Camera with Integral Recorder
Boscam HD19 ExplorerHD Full HD 1080p FPV Video Camera with Integral Recorder

The ExplorerHD is an compact sized HD camera, a high quality FPV camera and able to record your in flight aerial video. Great for aerial photography and FPV at affordable price!

It's High Resolution too! Featuring a 5 megapixel CMOS camera and capable of recording in Full 1080P HD (1920x1080) at 30 frames per second, coupled with a wide 146 degree field of view (FOV)!

Aerial photographers will appreciate the ability to utilize a spare receiver channel to remotely switch the camera's recording function on or off.

Check out the specs below!

• Designed for FPV, shield in aluminium housing
• Compact size, light weight - only 58g! 
• Easy to change the lens
• 7-16v wide range voltage input
• 146 degrees wide view angle with clear PAL/NTSC analog video output
• Firmware update supported
• Full HD recording supported
• Radio-controlled HD record, you can utilize a channel of your radio system to control your HD Camera to initialize recording

Image sensor: 1/2.5" CMOS
Effective pixel: 5 mega pixels
Lens: 3.15mm
View angle (FOV): 146 degrees
Still picture resolution & file format: 2592*1944 JPEG
Motion picture frame rate/resolution/screen ratio:
1920×1080 (30FPS) 16:9
1440×1080 (30FPS) 4:3
1280×720 (60FPS) 16:9
1280×720 (30FPS) 16:9

Recording medium: High-speed Micro SD card(TF card) capacity up to 32GB
Dimensions: 37x37x31mm
Weight: 58g (memory card and battery weight not included)


Note: Software update available in the files tab below. 


** Many fake, poor quality & untested FPV products are currently entering the market. Don’t get caught out with poor quality substitutes, Boscam FPV equipment is tried and true and has been tested and developed by FPV pilots for FPV pilots. 

PRODUCT ID: 263000010

Weight: 295g Quantity: 
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Price $109.99

  • Boscam Pan/Tilt Camera Mount for HD19 ExplorerHD FPV Video Camera

    Combo Price: $37.92   IN STOCK

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Hugh_AH  59 points - 8/16/2014
Just to check, after spending time over three days trying to make this thing work... If you connect the Red and Black to 12 and ground, and the camera won't power up when you press the power button, it's DEAD, right? I've tried both the 5-pin cable and 2-pin cable (same connector style) and I can't get the camera to do ANYTHING. I've tried power off a BEC and power off a 12v DC adapter plugged into the wall. Plugging the USB cable into a computer does nothing as well ** computer does not think anything is there.
 v_max 3529 points
Insert formatted (fat32) microSD card at least class4... better 6 or 10. (wothout card camera wouldn't do anything) Power camera with 7-12v via red/black wires on white connector. Then PRESS AND HOLD power button for at least 2 sec. Led will turn on. Now press camera record button ... red led will start blink lazy... (recording)... press record button again to stop recording. Connect USB and it will be mounted as usb storage, you can download recorded video.
 Hugh_AH 59 points
Micro-SD is class 10 and formatted. None of the rest of that happens, so this HD19 is DOA. Nice job Boscam!
 v_max 3529 points
Press AND HOLD power button...
Asadullah  1 points - 8/13/2014
So the mobius has more vivid color..
e_lm_70  801 points - 8/11/2014
Comparison video with Mobius on a HobbyKing x900 aerial video
Jason  3 points - 7/22/2014
Does this have any way to get OSD into it?
 v_max 3529 points
No. only video out.
 Jason 3 points
Dang thats too bad :(
 v_max 3529 points
not as bad... as OSD is mixed over ANALOG video which has much lower resolution then this cameara can record... So... there is no simple way to overlay OSD without loss of video quality... If you want to record video with OSD overlayed, better way to do it on the receiver side. (on the ground)...
 Hugh_AH 59 points
To record on the ground, you can find a small "DVR" on Newegg, just search for "HD Super Mini DVR". The one I got was $15, and you connect it inline with the analog video signal and 12volts your receiver likely uses. It has motion detection if you want to use it, and it records on a micro-SD.
 v_max 3529 points
Standard video signal can be recorded with any resolution (including full HD) but what the sense to record low resolution video signal at HD quality? Absolutely senseless.. source signal low quality wouln't become better if you record it as full HD. Just waste of storage space.
Carlos  1 points - 7/11/2014
Thanks v_max
 v_max 3529 points
You are welcome... Best way to be thankfull is press award points button.
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recieved mine today and gotta say its a gem , comes with a ton of leads some reading material and a box , its a small camera perfect for FPV , but how to mount thats going to be the tricky bit , but id buy this again no worries its easy to use will be interesting to see if any waterproof go pro like cases come out for it or a quality small pan tilt set up thats suitable for the camera mounts , though i will knock something up p 0 p

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Overall Rating
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looks good out the box very solid.not had chance to use on plane yet but seems to work ok on the bench.good plenty of cable options come in the box

good camera,good price.

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Overall Rating
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Great camera at a very affordable price! Come with the latest 1.13 firmware. I think that the manufacturer can make it a REAL best seller if they put some effort in releasing a better firmware.

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Amazing little camera. I simply unplugged my board camera and plugged-in the boscam. Check your wiring, I did and it happened to be the same. The picture quality is great and it is light and small. I used it as my FPV camera and the lens is great for that. Best purchase!

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Excellent quality picture for the money. Note that it will run off 5 volts on the USB socket but not off the other socket. It will happily run direct off a 3S LiPo.

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