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OrangeRX RX3S 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer w/DSM2 Compatible 6CH 2.4Ghz Receiver

OrangeRX RX3S 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer w/DSM2 Compatible 6CH 2.4Ghz Receiver
OrangeRX RX3S 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer w/DSM2 Compatible 6CH 2.4Ghz Receiver

The all new RX3S Flight Stabilizer adds on the original V2 design with integrated OrangeRX Spektrum/JR DSM2 compatible 6CH 2.4Ghz receiver. This eliminates the need for using a separate receiver in your model, not only making installation more tidy and convenient, but allowing you to simply bind and fly with flight stabilization! The RX3S DSM2 stabilizer provides support for V-tail & Delta models, and also offers a remote ON/OFF feature that can be controlled via your transmitter's AUX channel.

Utilizing a single high precision 3-axis MEMS gyro, the RX3S DSM2 stabilizer is capable of stabilizing flight on just about any fixed wing aircraft! It provides added stability by automatically correcting the aileron, elevator and rudder channels in flight. This compensates for unwanted changes in the airplane's attitude due to wind and other factors. In short, it makes your airplane much more stable in flight!

The RX3S DSM2 stabilizer is great for those who tend to fly in windy conditions, as it will compensate for wind gusts that would normally push your model around. It's also an ideal add-on to your favorite FPV model to keep it on the straight and level while flying.

This unit is very simple to install and use. The adjustable gain settings are pre-set to 50% offering mild stabilization. You can easily adjust the gain for each channel as desired to increase or decrease the compensation for the respective channel (AIL, ELE, RUD).

Because we design, test and manufacture these units completely in-house (from 3D/2D drawing to materials sourcing, final assembly etc.) we can completely control production and ensure product consistency from design right through to shipping the product to you. Also, the removal of middle-men has meant we can drive better value to the market and retail these units at factory(our) prices!

• OrangeRX Spektrum/JR DSM2 compatible 6CH 2.4Ghz integrated receiver, simply bind and fly! 
• Capable of stabilizing flight on just about any fixed wing aircraft (including V-tail/Delta models)
• Remote ON/OFF feature that can be controlled via your transmitter's AUX channel
• Supports 3D flight without undermining stability
• Independent gyro gain adjustment for aileron, elevator and rudder
• Easy-to-access gyro reversing switches on front of unit
• Compact and light weight design

Integrated Receiver: OrangeRX DSM2 compatible 6CH 2.4Ghz
IC: Atmega168PA
Gyro: 3-Axis MEMS
Input Voltage: 4.8-6.0V
Signal to Servo: 1520us
Size: 53x34x14mm
Weight: 15g

*Note: User manual available for download located under the "Files" tab below

PRODUCT ID: 9171000185

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Price $24.99

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panib  5 points - 9/1/2014
 panib 5 points
These Android word predictions drive me crazy - not corsair but CERTAIN FUNCTION �*�*
Mark  5 points - 9/1/2014
 panib 5 points
Me again—*I meant dip switches...
DanRaZor  5 points - 9/1/2014
I just installed this RX3S on a MXS and it work quite well. Hwever, i've got a problem. I can't use the second aileron channel. On my "flaperons" servos are already reversed by their position. So my two ailerons goes in the same movement. I can't reverse anything so i had to use the GEAR for my second aileron. Then the stabilizer only uses one aileron to do its job ... Anybody have a solution for that ? There shuld be an option switch to revert "AILE R" for example. I now have to buy an inverter to use "AILE R" ...
 LasseK 1513 points
You can use a Y cable, connect it to the AILE channel and then just connect your two aileron servos to the Y cable. You will not get flaperons this way obviously. You can also re-flash the RX3S with Open Flight Stabilizer firmware, this corrects the problem you see and adds a number of other interesting features. Or you can buy that inverter... Makes you wonder what OrangeRX were thinking when they put in that AILE R channel, eh? HTH
Jack  1 points - 8/29/2014
I am planning on buying a 40 size Piper Cub. They are well known to be a bit difficult on take off. Will the 3 axis stabilizer help me track straight down the runway on takeoffs??? Thanks
 LasseK 1513 points
You seem to be thinking about heading-hold mode, not rate mode stabilization. The RX3S does not do heading-hold stabilization with stock firmware (it only has rate mode). With Open Flight Stabilizer firmware (google it), you can get that option (requires re-flashing the RX3S firmware). I think it is possible to activate/deactivate heading-hold from the TX as well, so you could take off in heading-hold mode, then switch to rate mode stabilization once you are safely in the air (or even switch of stabilization altogether). You will get some level of stabilization from rate mode too while taking off, but it will be probably not be enough. If you want to see the positive effects of heading-hold on take-off, google for KOuPeUE0_nQ. It's too bad HK doesn't offer the RX3S with the Open Flight Stabilizer firmware. HTH
George R  5 points - 8/28/2014
Is the RX3S a full range receiver for bigger electric planes? I plan to install thin on a CHRISTEN EAGLE II. Please respond.
 David 45 points
Hi George, The answer is sort of yes and no. This is a "Park Flyer" receiver with acceptable but typical 2.4ghz range. It will certainly control and stabilize your plane within several hundred meters, however, it lacks significant signal diversity available with satellite receivers. If your project is a small close range plane, this would be a good choice. If you are investing into a larger, more powerful design, perhaps a separate receiver (with one or more satellites) and a stand alone stabilizer would be more appropriate. Hope this helps. Have fun!
 David 45 points
George, a Orange RX RX3S 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer V2 (V2.1 firmware) (V-tail/Delta/AUX) supported by an appropriate DSM2 (or DSMX) and satellite receiver team would be a more robust choice. Again, it is really a function of the dependable range you require.
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nice one, please set it up carefully, with gyro mode to the side you move the control should move in a sense to oppose it and not aid it, if it aids it reverse the sense, there is no auto throttle, i have kept the rudder authority high for my high winger

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The wind has come up recently so only was able to do a few test flights. I mounted on a zoom foamy with graphics of receiver pointing towards the ground. Had to reverse the elevator but it will work. Only flew pots at preset and noticed great knife edge stability. You work your rudder of course but the wing stayed perfectly vertical to the ground, and the plane flew a straight line towards some imaginary point in the distance. Waiting for wind to die down and experiment with pots, I was not able to hovering yet.

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Overall Rating
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Binds good and easy to install!!just follow instructions in files tab!

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Had mine arrived on the 1st week ,test it out and love it big time..this is best Flight can buy,thank you Hobbyking for making it affordable for everyone..I got confuse when using two AIL and they were moving in the same direction like flaps..So what i did was I use a reverse servo,so I do not having to use a Y cable...

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Overall Rating
Graham helis
Like it?
Thia will be my 3rd box, I have each version,and each time all i can say is that they are gettig better.
they work very well ok to se up, and best of all cheap!
i have mine in a 72 inch cub, just the ting for slow low flying, so 5 stars

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