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Arkbird Autopilot System w/OSD V3.1020 (GPS/Altitude Hold/Auto-Level)

Arkbird Autopilot System w/OSD V3.1020 (GPS/Altitude Hold/Auto-Level)
Arkbird Autopilot System w/OSD V3.1020 (GPS/Altitude Hold/Auto-Level)

The Arkbird Autopilot System w/OSD is an all-in-one solution for your FPV model's navigation. This unit is loaded with features such as GPS waypoint flight, "Return to Home" functionality, auto-leveling, altitude hold and much more! It utilizes GPS, barometer and attitude sensors to stabilize/control your model's flight.

Worried about losing control of your FPV model when flying out of sight? With the Arkbird Autopilot System on-board there is no need to worry! The "Return to Home" function can be activated at any time to fly your model back to its take-off position and will be activated automatically in the event that your model flies out of RF range.

The integrated OSD system provides you with all of the information you need during flight such as altitude, flying direction, home direction, roll angle, pitch angle and time since take-off just to name a few. This system also includes a current sensor with pre-installed XT60 power plugs so you can monitor your model's flight battery status via the OSD.

The Arkbird Autopilot System comes with everything you need to setup your FPV model for the ultimate in GPS based Autopilot flight. It features a "plug and play" design meaning there is no soldering or modification required to use. All power plugs and wire connections are pre-installed.

• GPS, barometer and attitude sensors to stabilize/control your model's flight
• Integrated OSD functionality
• GPS based "Return to Home" functionality
• 4 point GPS waypoint flight
• "Cruise Flight" mode offering straight and level flight pattern holding
• Auto-leveling
• Easy to setup and adjust

See user manual located under the "Files" tab below for full features/specification for this system.

Arkbird Autopilot controller
Dimensions: 50x38x14mm
Weight: 26.5g

Gstar R-15E GPS module
Dimensions: 44x34x12mm
Weight: 19g

Arkbird Autopilot System w/OSD
GPS module
Current sensor
All necessary connection cables

PRODUCT ID: 421000001

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 Customer rated
Total of 453 discussions.
Jose Ivan  38 points - 2/10/2016
I use it in this Big plane
1snake  19 points - 2/7/2016
Hobbyking, Why don't you stock the Arkbird air speed sensor ???
Danny  5 points - 12/22/2015
Hi there, does anyone know where to get the firmware update file? I can't find it... thanks in advance, Danny
 Doros 2 points
 Peter 13 points
You have to connect your arkbird to your computer, look up your arkbird uniqe ID and mail that number to arkbird, they will later mail back the new firmware to you.
giorgi22bm  66 points - 12/15/2015
hello everyone i want to setup this on a plane with 2 servos on the wing can i do that thank you (if i connect them 2 in 1 with wire i have problems with aurora hitec transmiter , i move the ailerons left right and stack elevator muve also ) thank you
 MyTBoy 26 points
You can have 2 servos connected on a Y-lead, as there is only one output on the arkbird.
 giorgi22bm 66 points
i did this already and it does'nt work cotrect when i move aileron moves also elevator or rudder by axcidently
 rogerpettersen 7 points
if you use a flying wing use ch 1 and 2 and set the arkbird to FWING on the flight parameter menu (or set key 4) see page 6 on the manual: 3. Installation: 3. While using on flying wing, connect channel 1 output to right servo and connect channel 2 output to left servo. DISABLE the mix function from transmitter, switch Dip switch 4 to “*0”* to enable flying wing mix.
Hurley  375 points - 12/10/2015
I just bought the new Arkbird Autopilot 2.0 include airspeed sensor I'm surprised Hobbyking dont have them yet..
 kanga 1149 points
V1 is better and can be upgraded to use the air sensor any way . The 2.0 interface is gimmicky and hard to read.
 Hurley 375 points
The 2.0 has a built in tracker module. I have not had a v1. I use a cyclops tornado with a tracker module in line. So I have to have 2 GPS on the plane. This way I only have to have One. I could put a V1 and only need one GPS, If I use the V1 and the in line tracker module it still have 2 things in the plane. And it would be more money in the end. And I'm sure they will be up dates are this to ( in the future).
 kanga 1149 points
The inbuilt tracker module only works with the arkbird tracker , which comes with its own airbourne tracker module when you buy it any ways . Also the v1 can be used with a single gps on the plane too np. At least you can read the V1 arkbird .. the new 2.0 is completly unreadable especially in goggles..... most people that have the 2.0 are asking arkbird to go back to the old osd interface ... cant be done unfortunatley even the setup screens are very hard to see and read. There are updates coming but its a case of too little too late . They are set on having the scrolling fighter interface , which is the worst screen to read.
 Hurley 375 points
I have the arkbird tracker, with the module. And have been use it. I have not heard any bad things about it until you. I'm working on getting it in my new X8 black.I just have not had time to get it up going. I've been working alot. I hope it not hard to see. I guess I will see..
 Hurley 375 points
I have not heard any bad things about the 2.0.. I do hope you are wrong:(
 kanga 1149 points I will let you be the judge :)
 kanga 1149 points try this 1
 Hurley 375 points
Man that looks bad.. I will see. Thanks or the help!
 kanga 1149 points
There will be some updates soon .. hopefully that may help .. X your fingers. Follow the thread on RCgroups on the original osd .The end of the thread is about the 2.0 :)
 Hurley 375 points
Ok I will Thanks For your help..Thanks
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installed it as rcmanpilot did, on EPP FPV, specs as enumerated by him see images tab

3 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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good points for this AP: Cheap Easy to use even for NBs Fully integrated Main desired options required for beginner and advanced FPVer Good introduction to AP world leading to a good usage & understanding for future switch to DIY ARDUpilots... Finally all in all ARKBIRD then later on full ARDUpilot conf finally cost cheaper for a better quality than a FY teck complete system witch can cost easily up to 1000 dol for not a better result, i would say even lower. With Ardu, you get total energy indication, Air speed indication, good to calculate Head/tail wind for maximum range ( avoid low bat on the way back if Head wind...) In my opinion that's is definitely the real best choice to go later for nuts ARDUpilot FPV!! PS: that's more that 1 year I am getting documented on that subject... Only 4 for overall rating cause no sensor upgrade capability.

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Overall Rating
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producto muy recomendable para fpv y otras un poco lioso porque los cables que van del receptor al autopilot no tienen almenos el color negro en el negativo. pero con cuidado y vigilando mucho no es problema.los cables para la camara i el emisor de video tambien se tiene que mirar las polaridades porque no estan del todo iguales...los cables son un poco cortos y se tiene un avion pequeño es un coñazo....por lo demas con unos bueno alargos se consigue todo..pero sera dificil no tener que coger el soldador i el estaño. provado en tres vuelos...el resultado esta muy enciende la emisora sin ningun tipo de activacion y funciona a la un poco brusco en la modalidad de autoestabilizacion pero bien, muy bien..en vuelo de vuelta a casa es muy rapido y bastante preciso..un poco desordenado porque cuando esta encima del punto de inicio una vez gira a izquierda otra a derechas y no tiene un patron marcado...una vez gira mas cerca otra vez mas lejos pero el resultado final es muy no tienes la altura minima acelera el motor y si pasas de la altura minima baja planeando muy controlado y bien una vez esta a la altura el mismo se va dando gas y quitando...el giro de vuelta a casa es muy brusco pero momento estoy muy contento y la verdad con lo que cuesta un avi0n equipado y con todo el fpv solo con recuperarl

21 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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parte 2..para entrar en el setup tengo que alerones y cola a un lado los dos..una vez entras con la profundidad arriba y abajo navegas y con alerones a derechas entras en el submenu y cuando esta seleccionado lo que quieres alerones a la izquierda y ya esta..a mi me pasa que cuando entra en setup el motor se enciende..a muy pocas revoluciones pero es recomendable sacar la helice...con las baterias a menos de media carga a veces falla la transicion cuando pones el autopilot..y se para.. pero lo achaco mas al variador que al autopilot...porque cuando esta a media o a tope de carga no falla nunca...tardo muy poco en coger los satelites el gps..

4 comments. Reply..

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Overall Rating

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I bought this as my first OSD and autopilot.
Not very dificult to install, but it peace a higjh tecnology,and as so you need to know what your are locking for, and the principels of fisics behind it. I supose all devices of this king requiry the same background knoledge.
Worked sing the first trial, but testing has not yet been very extensive. It's acording to expectation so far.
I have already required suport, and could find with some effort (see if needed).Support was very quick and client oriented . Like!

7 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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