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Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller w/FTDI (ATmega 2560) V2.0

Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller w/FTDI  (ATmega 2560) V2.0
Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller w/FTDI  (ATmega 2560) V2.0

This board features a multiple serial interface as well as a dedicated I2C interface. You can now plug in a GPS directly, and you still have extra ports for other external devices. In addition to that, the new ATmega 2560 has more IO pins so it can both read the PWM signal from your receiver and it has enough PWM outputs to control the ESCs directly without the need to do the PWM signal in software. 

This controller even has a MicroUSB port right on the board, no need to attach an extra FTDI USB interface.

The motion sensing side features a new generation MEMS Gyro, a MPU6050 by InvenSense, which has the MEMS Gyro / Accelerometer sensor on a single chip. There’s also a 3-axis magnetometer and a barometer sensor with a resolution of 0.01 millibar – approximately a 10 cm height difference.

Interested in GPS functionality? Well this is one of the most cost effective ways to get started - simply add a 10Hz GPS module (coming soon) and you’re good to go!

• Supported MegaPirateNG and MultiWii firmware
• Up to 8-axis motor output
• 8 input channels for standard receiver
• 4 serial ports for debug/Bluetooth Module/OSD/GPS/telemetry
• 2 servos output for PITCH and ROLL gimbal system
• 1 servo output to trigger a camera button
• 6 Analog output for extend device
• A I2C port for extend sensor or device
• Separate 3.3V and 5V LDO voltage regulator
• ATMega 2560 Microcontroller
• MPU6050 6 axis gyro/accel with Motion Processing Unit
• HMC5883L 3-axis digital magnetometer
• MS5611-01BA01 highprecision altimeter
• FT232RQ USB-UART chip and Micro USB receptacle
• On board logic level converter

Flight mode for Multiwii:
• One of the following basic modes
– Acro
– Level
– Alt Hold
- Heading Lock

• Optional mode
– HeadFree (CareFree)
– GPS Hold (Need GPS receiver)
– GPS Back to home position (Need GPS receiver)

Flight mode for MegaPirate:
• Acro
• Alt Hold
• Loiter (uses GPS)
• Guided (uses GPS)
• Position (uses GPS)
• Circle (uses GPS)
• RTL (uses GPS)
• Auto(uses GPS)
• Follow Me(uses GPS)

Dimension: 50mmX50mm
Height: 11.6mm
Fixing hole spacing: 45mm
Hole diameter: 3mm
Weight: 14.2g

3 x 3Pin to 1Pinx3 cable 100mm 
1 x 3Pin to 3Pin cable 100mm 
1 x Molex 1.25mm 4Pin cable 100mm 
1 x Molex 1.25mm 6Pin cable 100mm 
1 x Molex 1.25mm 8Pin cable 100mm 

PRODUCT ID: 387000007

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Weight: 45g
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Lydia Graham  3 points - 8/30/2015
Has anyone ever actually gotten one of these to work with ArduPlaneNG2xR5? I've been following the files here trying to compile, but all the guides seem to assume you already have the correct version of all library files it does not include...for example: I cannot verify ArduPlaneNG2xR5 sketch because it's missing AP_Limits library, and when I try to get one from a git clone of ardupilot/copter, it must be the incorrect version because it just starts throwing errors (incorrect types, wrong number of parameters). Surely ardupilot is not THIS fragmented that parameters and types passed change from revision to revision?
 v_max 5294 points
docs. megapirateng. com /documentation /compile
(remove spaces) page. There is link to arduino download WITH all necessary libraries included.
James  3 points - 8/23/2015
I have picked up one of these boards from a buddy, and I'm having some issues with it. I can flash it with the MegaPirateNG firmware no problem, and it IS creating the virtual com port when plugged directly to the computer. Yet, I can NOT connect to it via the Mission Planner software. It times out and does not detect any Hearteat Packets. Any thoughts? I've ordered a 2-way telemetry radio system for it, and will report back if I can connect using that or not.
 v_max 5294 points
More likely this problem of connecting. wrong port number or wrong baudrate. Default is 115200 baud on USB port. This also may be problem of wrong USB driver (one from arduino distribution is OK ) or bad usb cable.
Benoit  1 points - 8/23/2015
Every time i want to upload my sketch to the board i get avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 i actually tried it with 2 different boards on several pc (2 windows 1 mac) , i have selected the right board in tools menu (Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (5v/ 16 MHz) w/ATmega328) and i am sure that my selected COM is also the right one as i am able to oben the GUI i have tried pushing the RESET button on the board at any given time of the uploading process (yes even with verbose output activated) and have tried uploading with both the 1.0 and the latest version of the arduino SDK trying to burn a new bootloader results in : avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb" i have pretty much any ideas what else i could try (i also own an original CRIUS AIOP v2 board with which i am experiencing the same problems) Has anyone an idea what i could be missing?
 Benoit 1 points
I should say that I also tried several different USB cables and have verified them with a multimeter for broken connections, with no different result
 v_max 5294 points
this is MEGA2560 board not (5v/ 16 MHz) w/ATmega328)
Stefano  2 points - 8/21/2015
after trying the code MultiWii not stopped me the position, I connected u center and this is the response of the GPS. Watch "GPS neo 7m" on YouTube - This occurs both with ublox neo 7 with both neo 6. there are solutions to this problem? MultiWii 2.3 does not give me the opportunity to load the protocol ublox error with no name a type
 v_max 5294 points
On your video As I can see only 3 sats are in use for GPS calculations (ones with C/N non empty) others is not in use becase of it's signal/noise low ratio. HDOP/VDOP values is too high... In fact NO 3D FIX only 2D with low precision because of low number of actually USABLE sats. This all means bad receiver conditions... Wait till HDOP drop below 1.0 or at least 1.5.. Also be sure you do not mount GPS near any conductive metal or carbon parts or use matal screws.
Stefano  2 points - 8/21/2015
it is normal that the interior can not fix the position, on the outside with six seven satellites hooked is move two hundred meters ... I did the test with GPS smartphone and in that area you can do the fix but my neo 7 He never stops. wondering if and how to configure the GPS.
 v_max 5294 points
After hooking sats it takes some time (around minute or so, cold start can takes much more) before GPS will get stable fix. Also if you have buildings around then reflections of signal which changes while sats move over sky create significan errors leading to drifts..
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Opened up my FC today and wasnt really happy. I got someones returned board. HK didnt even take the time to remove all the the previous persons double sided tape from the back of the board. After reading all these reviews I am wondering if it is worth my time to figure out which version I have and dive in. Man those KK2 boards are making this thing look like a nightmare! All these features better be worth the time investment.

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Top, no problems with it. I use it with Multiwii Software. Altitude hold, Level mode, mag, bluetooth, gps hold and return to home, all works fine with high precision. Nice Board... Altitude sensor must be covered with foam... Gps is a Locosys from a Tiny OSD 2 with serial interface, 10Hz and 112500 data transfer rate... You can use one gps modul for Flightcontroller and Osd (it needs only TX from Gps Modul)

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CNC mill
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very good, it work perfectly!

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Great product at a great price!

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It seems that version 2.0 doesn't have the problem of the 1.0 batch. I am using it with MegarPirateNG, NEO-6M and a bluetooth module. No problems whatsoever. If seems that HK deleted all documents in the "File" section, so search youtube for rcjoseb and you will find some great videos how to configure it. Cheers!

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