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Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller w/FTDI (ATmega 2560) V2.0

Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller w/FTDI  (ATmega 2560) V2.0
Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller w/FTDI  (ATmega 2560) V2.0

This board features a multiple serial interface as well as a dedicated I2C interface. You can now plug in a GPS directly, and you still have extra ports for other external devices. In addition to that, the new ATmega 2560 has more IO pins so it can both read the PWM signal from your receiver and it has enough PWM outputs to control the ESCs directly without the need to do the PWM signal in software. 

This controller even has a MicroUSB port right on the board, no need to attach an extra FTDI USB interface.

The motion sensing side features a new generation MEMS Gyro, a MPU6050 by InvenSense, which has the MEMS Gyro / Accelerometer sensor on a single chip. There’s also a 3-axis magnetometer and a barometer sensor with a resolution of 0.01 millibar – approximately a 10 cm height difference.

Interested in GPS functionality? Well this is one of the most cost effective ways to get started - simply add a 10Hz GPS module (coming soon) and you’re good to go!

• Supported MegaPirateNG and MultiWii firmware
• Up to 8-axis motor output
• 8 input channels for standard receiver
• 4 serial ports for debug/Bluetooth Module/OSD/GPS/telemetry
• 2 servos output for PITCH and ROLL gimbal system
• 1 servo output to trigger a camera button
• 6 Analog output for extend device
• A I2C port for extend sensor or device
• Separate 3.3V and 5V LDO voltage regulator
• ATMega 2560 Microcontroller
• MPU6050 6 axis gyro/accel with Motion Processing Unit
• HMC5883L 3-axis digital magnetometer
• MS5611-01BA01 highprecision altimeter
• FT232RQ USB-UART chip and Micro USB receptacle
• On board logic level converter

Flight mode for Multiwii:
• One of the following basic modes
– Acro
– Level
– Alt Hold
- Heading Lock

• Optional mode
– HeadFree (CareFree)
– GPS Hold (Need GPS receiver)
– GPS Back to home position (Need GPS receiver)

Flight mode for MegaPirate:
• Acro
• Alt Hold
• Loiter (uses GPS)
• Guided (uses GPS)
• Position (uses GPS)
• Circle (uses GPS)
• RTL (uses GPS)
• Auto(uses GPS)
• Follow Me(uses GPS)

Dimension: 50mmX50mm
Height: 11.6mm
Fixing hole spacing: 45mm
Hole diameter: 3mm
Weight: 14.2g

3 x 3Pin to 1Pinx3 cable 100mm 
1 x 3Pin to 3Pin cable 100mm 
1 x Molex 1.25mm 4Pin cable 100mm 
1 x Molex 1.25mm 6Pin cable 100mm 
1 x Molex 1.25mm 8Pin cable 100mm 

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jaysonragasa  8 points - 4/23/2014
can use this "Hobbyking G-OSD 3 Mini OSD System w/GPS Module" for flight modes and GPS hold and GPS return to home?
matthew  1 points - 4/22/2014
im having trouble arming the device, i have followed the guides and im still stuck. i am unable to go past the wizard on my mission planner wizard as it will not pass the acc calabration part. i have up loaded the settings via audiono aswell but no luck. the boards red light keeps flashing i have calabrated the esc. im using a 9xr and frsky reciver thanks matthew
 tricopterY 887 points
You do not have a working sketch i.e uploaded firmware. Reload the firmware only via Arduino, then connect and go to Terminal and see if it reports the correct version.
 matthew 1 points
Ok I shall give this a try. I don't suppose you could recommend the best fireware that works with the board. In case im using the wrong one
 tricopterY 887 points
I personally prefer Multiwii firmware. Much easier to setup and master. It's equally good for a stable flight. Megapirate has more bells and whistles, like waypoint flying and auto-landig. That takes away the fun of piloting your craft. My two cents worth, horses for courses. Happy flying.
 matthew 1 points
Lol thanks tri you have made a stressed person smile once again. ( horses for courses) I shall give megapritate another go failing this the wii will be my way forward. Wil keep you posted :-)
 matthew 1 points
unfortunately still no luck :( the unit A and C lights keep flashing. is there someone out there that can send me a pre made config file for this FC, my setup is the esc and fc no gps no extras, I have a 9xr fr sky djt module and a frsky v8fr-2 rx. Thanks
 tricopterY 887 points
After initial firmware upload, you must calibrate the Accelerometers and Magnetometers. The constant flashing of A and C, is telling you that the FC has no datum to work from.
 matthew 1 points
but when I try and connect the multi wii gui to the board the software will not connect. even though I have selected the correct comport and I have tried all the bands that I have access to :(
 tricopterY 887 points
If you managed to upload the firmware (your FC is defined as either MultiWiiMega or CRIUS_AIO_PRO_V1 in the Multiwii config.h file), your selected port should be ok. Make sure you have Arduino closed (just this time to be sure, the port is not open by it). Connect via USB (be careful not to pull hard on it or it will break off - I normally apply tiny bit of epoxy to the legs to reinforce the USB connector) to your PC, start the GUI and select a port the Connection view will go green. Click on start button and you should see the Animated Craft (based on your frame type a Quad/Tricopter etc) coming alive. If the start button does not do anything for you, click close comm and select another reported port. You may have to do this several times. Then after successful communication you can calibrate the Accl and Mag.
 matthew 1 points
I have finally managed to get ths device talking :-D mostly to the help of tri. Just one more problem with the thr alignment. Each time I increase it the aux goes up instead. I thought I might have placed the connect in the rx into the wrong place but I dobt believe so. So I guess its with in the code ?
 tricopterY 887 points
Throttle header pin is clearly marked i.e third header pin on the Single Row headers next to 5V pin - so connect your Rx throttle channel to that header pin using the supplied pigtail cable. Make sure your Tx throttle channel trim is in lowest position (you may also have to reverse that channel on some Txs). Aux channels are normally used for flight mode switching, so double check your cabling.
 matthew 1 points
checked the cabling and all seems to be connected correctly. I have only connected the thr cable in the rx ( in channel 1 ) then connected the 2 pins for power to the rx unit. still popping up as an aux input argh
 tricopterY 887 points
I am not familiar with the Frsky Tx/Rx stuff. The GUI would display what it reads from the single header pins. So, you must be connected to an Aux header Pin on the flight controller (FC). What Aux channel (there are 4 of them) does the GUI reflect, when you move the throttle stick? Is channel one on the Rx the throttle channel? What if you connect to another header pin on the FC ? Have you enabled SBUS receiver stuff in config.h file?
 matthew 1 points
I have been doing a little bit of searching on the web and appeartly the frsky unit has PPM composite output, which means as far as I under stand one cable can be used to send all the signals to the fc board. also on the same document it had said that this model of fc will allow you to connect all esc if they have bec connection that is linear meaning that you do not need to disconnect the red pin on the other 3 esc. ( though to play it safe I think I will just use the ubec adapter I have just bought)
Nejc  30 points - 4/22/2014
Hi, does anyone know how and what pin to connect battery to board for monitoring, not power supply . Whats the max voltage for input?
 georgiev.s 409 points
For voltage sensor you can use the Analog Pin0 and for current the Analog Pin1. You can see the pinouts under the "files tab" in purple under the product description. There is a file named "ArduPlaneNG R5 pinout". Hope this helps you.
 tricopterY 887 points
The firmware looks at V_BATPIN A0 (Analog PIN 0). This pin is brought out on the 6 pin molex connector. Look at markings on the back of FC. You need a voltage divider consisting of two resistors R1=33k pulled high to battery voltage, and R2=51k connected to GND (this is for a 3S Lipo i.e 12.6V, adjust resistor values for 4S to give you 4.95 - 5V at the junction of two resistors in series). You may have to adjust VBATSCALE parameter from default 131 to something different, if read/displayed battery voltage is different than actual pack voltage. You must also define BUZZER and VBAT in config.h. All of the above refers to MultiWii firmware and not MegaPirate. Too much work and not worth the consistencies or lack of it. Use a Low Battery Voltage Buzzer for few dollars. Works like a charm, you can even hear it from a long distance.
 tricopterY 887 points
...oops, sorry the above should read: two resistors R1=51k pulled high to battery voltage, and R2=33k connected to GND. Then the divider junction would be at 4.95V i.e 12.6 divided by (R1 R2), multiplied by 33k.
bigjohn47  19 points - 4/21/2014
H to every one hope you had a good easter : just one question i thought when you mounted this board (AIO) that the arrow always faced to the front but on mine it faces to the right that is so on the gui (MegapirateNG) every thing works ok i/e when the front lifts up the ground on the gui goes down is this ok or is there a way to change it.
 Luud 1 points
Can't you just unscrew the board and place it the right way?
 tricopterY 887 points
You must have defined your Flight Controller (FC) board wrongly. If you are using MegapirateNG you must define MPNG_BOARD_TYPE CRIUS_V1. That takes care of all sensor orientations as per the board's components layout i.e the white arrow MUST always point forward. Do not fly your craft, if the arrow is not pointing forward, and the GUI does not reflect the correct orientation/attitude.
 bigjohn47 19 points
Thank you i have the board set up to the HK board i will give it a shot and let you know.
 bigjohn47 19 points
Hi i have just changrd the board from Freeimu_4 to the Crius_v1 and every thing works ok i must say i got the info for the freeimu board from some one who had setup there board with it but never mind it is working know THANK YOU.
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bought my third controller and i hope that i do not have to solder the vreg on this one a big plus for this board are the sensors they all work flawles i fly with 2 of the faulty????? boards that i have soldered the vreg and for sure i can say it is worth the money yes its not a crius but works the same for half the money AND PLEASE HK DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT ERASE THE REVIEW AGAIN because that PISSIS the buyers off

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Ahh, I can finally write a review on this product. I'm an original owner of the first version of this board, the one with a faulty GND trace. Upon receiving the board, I highly recommend you go over it with a fine comb. Aside from the known fault on the original board, I also had a lifted pin on the 2560 (A11) which resulted in intermittent yaw control. We're talking really really small pins here, unless you have expert-advanced soldering skills, and even if you do, it's probably best to just request a RMA and send it back. Now that's out of the way, on to the review. If you're new to the multirotor scene, this board is not for you. There's a lot going on with this board and to use it safely, you'll need to have a sound understanding of working/tweaking with firmware, how all the elements work and connect together, and the ability to troubleshoot/fly a buggy multirotor. If you've worked with Multiwii in the past and are looking to move on to something a little more advanced without busting your wallet, then this might be the board for you. It's ability to handle different flavors of firmware is what drew me to this board. As per the description, it can handle Multiwii, MegaPirateNG, and although it's not mentioned, I have been running ArducopterNG on it as well. It's worth noting that the MegaPirateNG and ArducopterNG are both ports of the Arducopter2 firmware. Bec

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Opened up my FC today and wasnt really happy. I got someones returned board. HK didnt even take the time to remove all the the previous persons double sided tape from the back of the board. After reading all these reviews I am wondering if it is worth my time to figure out which version I have and dive in. Man those KK2 boards are making this thing look like a nightmare! All these features better be worth the time investment.

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Top, no problems with it. I use it with Multiwii Software. Altitude hold, Level mode, mag, bluetooth, gps hold and return to home, all works fine with high precision. Nice Board... Altitude sensor must be covered with foam... Gps is a Locosys from a Tiny OSD 2 with serial interface, 10Hz and 112500 data transfer rate... You can use one gps modul for Flightcontroller and Osd (it needs only TX from Gps Modul)

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very good, it work perfectly!

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