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Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller w/FTDI (ATmega 2560) V2.0

Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller w/FTDI  (ATmega 2560) V2.0
Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller w/FTDI  (ATmega 2560) V2.0

This board features a multiple serial interface as well as a dedicated I2C interface. You can now plug in a GPS directly, and you still have extra ports for other external devices. In addition to that, the new ATmega 2560 has more IO pins so it can both read the PWM signal from your receiver and it has enough PWM outputs to control the ESCs directly without the need to do the PWM signal in software. 

This controller even has a MicroUSB port right on the board, no need to attach an extra FTDI USB interface.

The motion sensing side features a new generation MEMS Gyro, a MPU6050 by InvenSense, which has the MEMS Gyro / Accelerometer sensor on a single chip. There’s also a 3-axis magnetometer and a barometer sensor with a resolution of 0.01 millibar – approximately a 10 cm height difference.

Interested in GPS functionality? Well this is one of the most cost effective ways to get started - simply add a 10Hz GPS module (coming soon) and you’re good to go!

• Supported MegaPirateNG and MultiWii firmware
• Up to 8-axis motor output
• 8 input channels for standard receiver
• 4 serial ports for debug/Bluetooth Module/OSD/GPS/telemetry
• 2 servos output for PITCH and ROLL gimbal system
• 1 servo output to trigger a camera button
• 6 Analog output for extend device
• A I2C port for extend sensor or device
• Separate 3.3V and 5V LDO voltage regulator
• ATMega 2560 Microcontroller
• MPU6050 6 axis gyro/accel with Motion Processing Unit
• HMC5883L 3-axis digital magnetometer
• MS5611-01BA01 highprecision altimeter
• FT232RQ USB-UART chip and Micro USB receptacle
• On board logic level converter

Flight mode for Multiwii:
• One of the following basic modes
– Acro
– Level
– Alt Hold
- Heading Lock

• Optional mode
– HeadFree (CareFree)
– GPS Hold (Need GPS receiver)
– GPS Back to home position (Need GPS receiver)

Flight mode for MegaPirate:
• Acro
• Alt Hold
• Loiter (uses GPS)
• Guided (uses GPS)
• Position (uses GPS)
• Circle (uses GPS)
• RTL (uses GPS)
• Auto(uses GPS)
• Follow Me(uses GPS)

Dimension: 50mmX50mm
Height: 11.6mm
Fixing hole spacing: 45mm
Hole diameter: 3mm
Weight: 14.2g

3 x 3Pin to 1Pinx3 cable 100mm 
1 x 3Pin to 3Pin cable 100mm 
1 x Molex 1.25mm 4Pin cable 100mm 
1 x Molex 1.25mm 6Pin cable 100mm 
1 x Molex 1.25mm 8Pin cable 100mm 

PRODUCT ID: 387000007

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Weight: 45g
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Price $47.06

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Benjamin  1 points - 10/22/2014
I want to connect an SD card breakout board to this flight controller but i need the SCK pin 52 on mega, MISO pin 50 on mega, MOSI pin 51 on mega and SS pin 53 on mega. But this board does not have those pins. it only has digital 2 - 13. on an uno it would be digital pins 13, 12, 11 and 10, but im unsure of what they would be on this board. The FC i recieved also does not have headers soldered where the SPI ones are in this picture so i am going to solder some on tomorrow, but i also do not know which pin is which in the SPI section because there is no labeling. does anyone know what pins i should be connecting to? or is there a way that i can redefine the digital pins to work in my favor? Also i was looking at the arduino sight detailing SPI here, *******, and it talks about ICSP and shows a diagram below the table of 6 pins & what they are. is that diagram the SPI pin diagram on our board?
cole  10 points - 10/18/2014
I received a board with no bootloader. It had a working firmware but couldn't update it. I used a usbasp tool to burn the bootloader and got this message, avrdude: warning cannot set scx period. Please check for firmware update. avrdude: Verification error, first mismatch at byte 0xe000 07 != 0x0d avrdude: verification error* content missmatch. Now I don't have a working firmware and still can't upload a sketch. I really need some help getting this board to work. Thanks!
 tricopterY 1124 points
Make sure you have installed Arduino IDE first - that installs/at least makes available, most USB drivers on your PC. Go to your installed Arduino directory and look for Arduino>hardware>tools>avr>bin and start a command line screen (PCs) and change your directory to the above path (if your PATH environment variable is set correctly you can run the following command from anywhere) Try this: avrdude -p m2560 -c avrispmkII -U flash:r:"c:/ cole_flash.bin":r. You are trying to see if you can read anything from the flash memory and write it to root directory c:/ with a name like cole_flash.bin. BTW, what bootloader hex file are you burning? Check the boot sequence as explained few discussions down for Jonathan, before mocking with bootloader.
 cole 10 points
I'm using arduino 1.0.6 and i just selected the board, com port, tool and hit burn bootloader. I am totally new to this and am not sure I follow you. I will get on my pc and see if I can put it together. Thanks a lot for your help! I can't find any info on this anywhere that is directly related to this board.
 tricopterY 1124 points
Well, that is the way to do it, if all is good. Please note: avrdude is a utility that does all the work, and you can use its command-line interface/interpreter to get it, do interesting things that through Arduino IDE it does not. The avrdude: warning cannot set scx period is attributed with wrong cabling. Make sure you have connected things correctly from your USBasp to the ICSP/SPI header of the FC. Your best chance is to get the info, searching via google, and at your own pace.
 tricopterY 1124 points
If you ever had a working firmware, be assured that your FC did have a bootloader, and probably it's still ok too. I strongly suggest you use one of the IDE's sample programs from File>Examples>EEPROM>eeprom_clear first, just to establish a working platform. You may have to experiment with selecting different com ports in the IDE.
 cole 10 points
Thanks again for your help. I did have a working fc with 2.2 multiwii. I could use multiwii conf program and Bluetooth to adjust pid settings but i could not make any changes to the board with ftdi or usb using arduino for gps or update to 2.3. Now I have usbasp tool I think i burned a bootloader but I still cannot upload 2.3 or even clear it. I'm pretty sure everything is hooked up correctly.
 cole 10 points
After burning bootloader, when I plug the usb cable in 2 main red led lights turn on and stay solid, and the 2 really small red tx/rx leds next to usb port flash then turn off.
 tricopterY 1124 points
Power up the FC using your computer's USB cable only i.e no power from any other source. Compile/Verify your updated firmware source code. Make sure in Arduino IDE you have selected Arduino Mega2560 or ADK for your FC via Tools>Board. From Tools>Programmer select AVRISP mkII for your upload. From File>Preferenecs select Show verbose output during both Compile and Upload. This will help you with any error reporting. Then upload your new firmware. Watch the two small red tx/rx LEDs for serial communication activity. I assume you know how to change/modify things in config.h file for your desired frame and GPS etc. otherwise a badly configured firmware will not run (go through boot sequence) and the GUI will not reflect anything.
 v_max 3788 points
cole, disconnect BT module. Serial0/FTDI port must not be connected when you are flashing firmware via usb. Otherwise it will fail with flashing
 cole 10 points
Thanks tricoptery, I will give it a try. Thanks v_max, the Bluetooth has been disconnected every time I try.
 cole 10 points
And yes I am familiar with how to make changes to config.h . I really appreciate the help guys! I will report back soon.
Ray  18 points - 10/13/2014
How do I get hold of: 1 x Molex 1.25mm 4Pin cable 100mm 1 x Molex 1.25mm 6Pin cable 100mm 1 x Molex 1.25mm 8Pin cable 100mm Separately? Any ideas?
 v_max 3788 points
on e b a y .. there is a lot fo prewired connectors ... search for "Micro JST 1.25mm 4-Pin Connector Wire"
 Ray 18 points
Thanks. On it!
 Ray 18 points
Except JST is not Molex :( How do take points back off someone?
 Ray 18 points
 v_max 3788 points
Molex picoblade is trademark sellers avoid to list on e b a y. They list it as Micro JST 1.25 ... JST do not produce any 1.25mm pitch connector which looks even similar to ones used on this FC. You can check officiall JST site ( jst. com /home 21. html) remove space... then follow "Wire to Board Crimp Style Connectors" link... Check list of 1.25mm they all are very different from what you will find if you will search as I suggested...
 v_max 3788 points
Well... What I wanna to say... "Micro JST 1.25mm" not really existing product. Ones sold on e b a y as "Micro JST 1.25mm" is actually wrongly listed molex picoblade 1.25mm
 Ray 18 points
Yep. JST is 1.5mm. I had done all that research myself and came up naught which why I asked the question. So you giving a couple of point up or not? In any event. Can HK think about selling sets of these with wires separately?
 v_max 3788 points
There is no way of returning points unfortunately... But, I'm confused, isn't ones listed on e b a y as "Micro JST 1.25" is what you was ACTUALLY looking for? In context of this flight controller discussion thread I expected you are looking for connectors matching this flight controller type. You can find genuine Molex Picoblade 1.25mm through molex. com (remove space) site (follow link "find distributor") and find where to order ones at aroud 10 times more expensive price...(with precrimped wires sold separately by molex distributors at same unfair prices)... The way to choose is up to you.
 tricopterY 1124 points
Molex and JST are both manufacturers of connectors. So the thing to look for is 1.25mm pitch connector(s). It's like saying I hover my carpets instead of vacuum cleaning. LOL.
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Opened up my FC today and wasnt really happy. I got someones returned board. HK didnt even take the time to remove all the the previous persons double sided tape from the back of the board. After reading all these reviews I am wondering if it is worth my time to figure out which version I have and dive in. Man those KK2 boards are making this thing look like a nightmare! All these features better be worth the time investment.

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Top, no problems with it. I use it with Multiwii Software. Altitude hold, Level mode, mag, bluetooth, gps hold and return to home, all works fine with high precision. Nice Board... Altitude sensor must be covered with foam... Gps is a Locosys from a Tiny OSD 2 with serial interface, 10Hz and 112500 data transfer rate... You can use one gps modul for Flightcontroller and Osd (it needs only TX from Gps Modul)

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CNC mill
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very good, it work perfectly!

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Great product at a great price!

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It seems that version 2.0 doesn't have the problem of the 1.0 batch. I am using it with MegarPirateNG, NEO-6M and a bluetooth module. No problems whatsoever. If seems that HK deleted all documents in the "File" section, so search youtube for rcjoseb and you will find some great videos how to configure it. Cheers!

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