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1/10 Quanum Skull Crusher 2WD Brushless Monster Truck (RTR)

1/10 Quanum Skull Crusher 2WD Brushless Monster Truck (RTR)
1/10 Quanum Skull Crusher 2WD Brushless Monster Truck (RTR)

Are you ready for the ultimate in bone breaking, car crushing, dirt pounding R/C monster truck action? You'd better be, because the Skull Crusher has arrived!

Built with one thing in mind - total domination...the Skull Crusher is not here to make friends, it's here to beat the competition into the ground!The Skull Crusher's chassis is built simple and slimline, yet reinforced in all the right places to ensure that it can take a beating.

Its gigantic monster truck tires and huge amount of suspension travel allow it to overcome just about any obstacle. There is not much that can stand in the way of this brutal beast!Power to the rear wheels is delivered from a potent brushless power system which comes pre-installed. The 2700KV brushless motor dishes out lethal torque, allowing for wheelies on demand! It's 2013, not 1993, so we don't believe in using old, dodgy brushed motors like some other brands.

To help harness the massive power of this monster, a fully adjustable wheelie bar comes pre-installed. This will help keep the truck upright while smashing the throttle. The body shell features a pre-mounted roll bar which not only looks cool, but helps to keep the shell in one piece during those "not so pretty" landings. Tough as nails construction, killer good looks, monstrous suspension travel and brutal brushless power...these are the things that make up the monster that is known as "Skull Crusher". Don't dare look directly into this beast's eyes or you may pay with your life!

• Completely ready to run with power system, steering servo and 2.4gHz radio system pre-installed
• Wicked long travel suspension utilizing oil-filled shocks
• Massive monster truck tires and wheels
• Potent brushless power system pre-installed
• Fully adjustable wheelie bar included
• Adjustable slipper clutch assembly
• All metal gear diff/transmission assembly
• High-torque steering servo pre-installed
• Pre-painted and trimmed body shell

Length: 467mm
Wheeltrack: 325mm
Wheelbase: 274mm
Tire Size: 136x71mm
Wheel Diameter: 82mm (12mm hex)
Gear Ratio: 10.86
Battery Tray Size: 140L x 48W x 34H (mm)
ESC: 60A (190A burst) brushless (pre-installed)
Motor: 3650 size 2700KV brushless inrunner (pre-installed)
Servo: High-torque standard size (pre-installed)

Quanum Skull Crusher 1/10 Monster Truck
2CH 2.4gHz transmitter and receiver (pre-installed)
Decal Sheet
User Manual

2S 7.4V 3300~5000mAh lipoly battery pack

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Weight: 3560g
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Price  $152.19

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Total of 90 discussions.
KarlEiner  1 points - 3/22/2015
One question, where can I buy the spare part 33269 - gear box housing?
Joshua  1 points - 2/2/2015
Is this waterproof or will you have to waterproof It your self and does any one know what it's preformance is like in mud and water
EduardoNX4  10 points - 1/19/2015
Ele é* igual a Stampede da Traxxas? As peç*as sã*o compatí*veis?
Carlo  3 points - 12/17/2014
I was going to buy this tonight - but it went to back order... will it be back by the 19th?
 Tank1 726 points
It's back in stock now Carlo but be quick because there is only four left,best thing to do to find out when an item will be back in stock with HK,is to add it to your wish list just under the price tab and then HK will email you when they are back in stock,good luck.
 Diederik Harkema 27 points
Grab it, my son had one and had a lot of fun with it, did not easily break
 Diederik Harkema 27 points
My son also had one, was a lot of fun
Isac  3 points - 10/28/2014
Ele vem sem bateria. Uso uma 2S 5000maH com ele, dura cerca de 30 minutos.
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This car is a lot of fun to drive. It has lots of power and speed. It's a bit heavy in the back so too much gas and the car is on it's back wheels. The car is too back heavy to spin circles. I can get half a circle and then it rears. The included pistol grip radio works well. (I recommend getting 8 rechargeable aa batteries for it). The radio has a built in charging plug so if you buy the JR/Futaba TX charging lead you can charge the batteries without taking them out of the radio. The esc comes with a 4mm HXT connector so don't forget to buy one for the battery(I did :P). I put the turnigy nano-tech 2s2p 6600mah lipo battery in it and it fitted perfectly in the battery compartment. With the 6600mah battery I get a lot of driving time on one charge. I would say longer than many gas cars. There were a lot of loose screws on the car so you absolutely have to go over all the screws before taking it for a spin. A cross wrench tool is very handy to have ;) All over recommended.

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