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Q-BOT Micro Quadcopter w/2.4gHz RF Module (Spektrum/JR/Futaba compatible)

Q-BOT Micro Quadcopter w/2.4gHz RF Module (Spektrum/JR/Futaba compatible)
Q-BOT Micro Quadcopter w/2.4gHz RF Module (Spektrum/JR/Futaba compatible)

The Q-BOT Micro is the first micro quadcopter on the market today that includes a 2.4gHz RF module allowing it to be used with your own transmitter. This means it can be flown with Spektrum, JR, Futaba, Hitec, Turnigy, Walkera and other transmitters*. The transmitter will simply need to have a trainer port (JR style 3.5mm or Futaba style 6-pin) and be capable of outputting PPM signal.

This micro quad features leading edge technology including a highly precise 6-axis gyro stabilization system making it ultra stable. Normally, building and setting up of multi-rotor aircraft requires lots of time, tuning and having to choose your own power system/components. The Q-BOT Micro takes away all of the complicated setup and makes it as easy as opening the box, charging the batteries, connecting the RF module to your own transmitter and flying!

The included 2.4gHz RF module can be powered several different ways. It has its own rechargeable 3.7V LiPoly battery pre-installed but can also be powered directly from the transmitter via the transmitter's charging jack (DC power plug included), or by the Futaba style 6-pin trainer port.

The Q-BOT Micro is very capable with plenty of power to spare. In normal mode, its stable flight characteristics make it stress-free for the less experienced quad pilot. Switch it to aerobatic mode (via your transmitter's GEAR channel) and it's very responsive for those looking to push it to the limits. When in aerobatic mode, the responsiveness is greatly increased which allows for flips, rolls and loops to be performed!
• 2.4gHz RF module allowing for use with your own transmitter*
• 6-axis gyro stabilization system
• Ultra stable flight characteristics
• Aerobatic flight mode allowing for flips, rolls and loops
• Compact and lightweight design

*Note: Your Transmitter must have a trainer port (JR style 3.5mm or Futaba style 6-pin) and be capable of outputting PPM signal.

Quadcopter Specs:

Width: 125mm
Height: 35mm
Weight: 26g (w/out battery)

RF Module Specs:
Battery: 3.7V LiPoly Battery 120mAh
Operating Voltage: 3.7~12V DC
Operating Current: ≤ 100 mA
Operating Frequency: 2.4gHz
Spread Spectrum Mode: FHSS
Number of Frequency Channels: 20
Hopping Rate: 240 Jump/s

Included in box:
Q-BOT Micro Quadcopter
2.4gHz RF module
3.7V 20C 250mAh LiPoly battery x 2
USB dual battery charger
Spare propellers (2 x Black, 2 x Orange)

Your own 4CH (5CH or more required for aerobatic mode) transmitter with trainer port (JR style 3.5mm or Futaba style 6-pin)

*User manual available for download located under the "Files" tab below

PRODUCT ID: 9255000042

Weight: 480g Quantity: 
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Price $34.99

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Mechboy  1 points - 9/1/2014
Won't bind with my 9XR Pro and no instruction is available anywhere. Please help. Thanks.
Jacek  1 points - 9/1/2014
Hi, My QBot has finally arrived and after owning a Hubsan x4 before am so far impressed with the quality of the included components, manual etc. Haven't flown it yet as I still need to pair it with my Evo. However I have a question regarding a motor shaft. When I was changing the canopy, I noticed that one of the motor shafts is a bit loose and it's possible to move it up and down by roughly 2mm. The rest of the motors seems to be fine and there is no play on their shafts at all. Is this normal? Many thanks.
FoamBoardPilot  6 points - 8/4/2014
Hi All This little copter is awesome. I had to do a slight modification from the new style futaba square plug to the old style round plug. i just snipped the square plug off and soldered the wires directly to the back of the transmitter module board on the inside. Since the unit runs from 12 volt as well, i just put the red wire on the of the battery wire and the yellow one on the - battery wire of the actual transmitter battery. Note that the cable for Futaba has 3 wires that need to be connected as follows : RED yto the cable of the battery of the transmitter YELLOW to the - cable of the transmitter battery WHITE to the PWM signal (if you are correct in identifying the correct pin for the pwm signal, the module signal light will turn to green ons you turn on the radio) Note that you also need to remove the RF module from the back. Those wires are easily identified by following the wires where they connect to the board on the inside of the transmitter case. The white wires goes to the actual PWM signal that the radio put out on one of the pins of the transmitter plug. I identified this wire by using my scope to scope for the signal. If anyone need to know how to find this signal or what pin to use or do this mod for the 8U , just mail me on avdberg* and i will guide you .
Claudia  1 points - 7/31/2014
I can't switch the mode on the radio adapter . I have a turnigy 9x , and the 2 leds on the radio adapter of the q bot , are always lit red , Help me please .
Michele  3 points - 7/2/2014
Will this work with the Futaba 6J???
 hermit81 1912 points
Your Transmitter must have a trainer port (JR style 3.5mm or Futaba style 6-pin) and be capable of outputting PPM signal.
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Lze sparovat s Turnigou 9X

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Overall Rating
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Its fun but the range is really bad with the little included tx unit. Becomes unresponsive about 4 feet away even with all the batteries charged. Also the included turnigy cable fits in turigy's own 9x, but will not deliver power to the unit!! I feel like the polarity is switched. Overall a great idea but problems with the little transmitter make it unusable.

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Overall Rating
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I received mine on 03/02/2013. I have tested the unit this morning in a gymnasium. The range is really good, about 20 meters (>60 feets), i didn't try more because its easy to lost it ^^ Quad is strong and accept all your crashs. I used a futaba t8fg super with futaba training port in mode 3 and that's why i bought this one. usually, it is sell in mode 1 or 2. With this one, you program mode as you want. You can use it outdoor, i did it I am so happy, it's a great deal.

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très bon petit quadricopter, j'utilise la prise écolage futaba sur ma turnigy 9XR. pour les débutants pensez à réduir les débattements sur votre radio, 70pcnt c'est pas mal. Attention à l'orientation de votre antenne sinon perte de signal à faible portée. très pratique le petit chargeur.

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Overall Rating
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This quad is great. It's more powerful than I expected and handled a few pretty bad crashes without breaking anything. The props come off the motor shafts in a crash, but they're easy to push back on. Careful setting up your channels. I found I had to reverse the throttle channel, when I powered it on for the first time it went nuts and put a couple of small cuts in my leg. Once I'd got the channels sorted and added some expo it flew great.

6 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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