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Sunbird Electric Glider Laser Cut Balsa Kit 1600mm (Kit)

Sunbird Electric Glider Laser Cut Balsa Kit 1600mm (Kit)
Sunbird Electric Glider Laser Cut Balsa Kit 1600mm (Kit)

Here's another of our superb Laser Cut Balsa Kits for the traditional R/C hobbyist and builder who enjoys constructing models from kit form.

The Sunbird is an all built up 1600mm, 4 channel, electric powered glider - with a little 'old timer' flavour mixed in!

the Kit features sharp accurate laser cut parts that simply slot together with little fuss and the wing looks fantastic when covered with transparent covering to show of the construction and your handywork.

The power system can be a simple small outrunner and 2s battery, using micro servos to keep her nice and light.

The resulting model is a great little park fly electric glider that performs well and has aileron/elevator/rudder/motor control. The Sunbird is tough enough to handle the odd 'oops!' moment from novice flyers and compact enough to be transported easily.

Span: 1600mm
Length: 850mm

4 Channel radio system and 4 x micro servos
1550kv 15amp Outrunner
15Amp Esc
2 or 3s 1300mah Lipo battery
Propeller (8 x 4)
CA glue
Covering film
Basic hobby tools (knife, sand paper etc)

Build manual is listed under the 'Files' tab below

PRODUCT ID: 099000031

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4 Channel 1600mm (62.99in) 850mm (33.46in) 0g (0lb)

Weight: 850g Quantity: 
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Total of 67 discussions.
gary  1 points - 7/30/2014
Tried that and that when I got the total of £*34. and I have now missed out on the offer ,,,,, Oh well wait for the next one
gary  1 points - 7/28/2014
I wish to buy the sunbird for the sale price of 17.36 but when I get to the checkout it wants to charge me an extra 17.40 for delivery and I live in the UK where the warehouse is ... what am I doing wrong
 Destelant 22 points
You have to switch your warehouse in the uper left corner of the menu bar to the UK warehouse. Then find the sunbird again and buy it.
David  2 points - 7/18/2014
I do not get that as an option , not sure if it is my operating system or my internet explorer choice or what but those are not options when i try and save it. I tried right clicking on the word "build plan" it just saves the word "build plan", then i tried right clicking the file image and it just saves the file image. I opened the build plan and right clicked it, but acrobat does not give me any "save as target" or save option at all.
 Destelant 22 points
Maybe you have to update Adobe Reader... And I'm using FireFox as well...
David  2 points - 7/17/2014
ok i Can open the build plan, but i cannot download it so that i can print it and use it. Any one else have this issue?
 Destelant 22 points
Right-click on the link, choose "Save target as", choose folder where to dave it and that it is.
bob  1 points - 7/14/2014
has anyone had a problem with the vertical rudder and the horizontal stabiliser horns catching each other ,,, as I had to modify where the slots are in the fuselage,,, and also made a small mod to each elevator, and I did,nt realise that the control rods are carbon fibre,,, only found that out after I tried to bend one of them and it snapped... I have also modified the nose from the leading edge of the wing to the new cowling where the motor lives, I added a full one piece curved covering.. apart from these small probs it been a pleasure to build ,,,,
 Andrew 2 points
The control horns should be on opposite sides of the fuselage, ie rudder horn to the left and elevator horn attached to the right elevator. I have made plenty of mistakes but avoided that one. My biggest gripe was the spar webs, most were too narrow and they didn't match the rib pitch at the trailing edge. This has put most of the ribs 3mm closer together than the design. Still looks ok, just about 100mm smaller than it should be. The wing tips are about 1.5mm too thin, easily fixed by adding an extra lamination. One of the cabin top pairs is too short, this will need replacing. I have moved the firewall back about 20mm to accommodate an outrunner motor left partly uncowled, and added ply reinforcing infront and behind the firewall.. Mine is just about ready for covering, but I have enjoyed the build so far. I think the kit offers fair value for money, a few small changes that would cost nothing and it could be excellent value. Not a rokie build but certainly not difficult.
 bob 1 points
thanks,,,, I did work that one out,,, guess it was just me going a bit blank,lol...........yeah your right about the spar webbing,,but no big deal,, I just added thin strips to each spar to build them up ,,,it is a pity we cant up-load pics as I think a pic says a thousand words,,as I said,,, this is a great price,,,no one can complain about that,,,the postage yes,,,lol
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I am still awaiting delivery of the sunbird, but you guys can't seem to agree on much some say great others infer a load of rubbish. Does HK not take notice of all the comments you guys make about their shortcomings or is it a language thing!!

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I dont recommend this kit for the main reason that half the pieces were not cut through. The advertisement stating "sharp laser cut parts" is completely misleading. I normally dont mind cutting out balsa when I build from a plan but not when I have bought a kit for a quick build that states "simply slot together with little fuss". If I dont bin the lot then I will have to cut most of the parts out by hand and its not soft balsa. The second and minor reason I dont recommend this kit is that there is no plan to help line up all the angles. The well printed colour build photos are very useful but inadequate.

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Excellent Build quality, Going with FC2822 motor, Hobbyking 30A ESC, 8x4APC style prop, Zippy 1800 30C LipO, HXT9g servo....

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The Sunbird is the second plain I made. It was realy a pleasure to find out how to realise it, as the instructions are "not allways clear". I uploaded 14 pictures, so I hope that everybody can see my black/red Sunbird result soon.

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Since the accuracy of the laser cut was bad, difficulties were required for building a plane. However, flight performance is wonderful. Easy circling, easy flight control. It was a disappointment in the good meaning.

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