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Cloud Dancer Trainer Balsa Laser Cut Airplane Kit 1300mm (KIT)

Cloud Dancer Trainer Balsa Laser Cut Airplane Kit 1300mm (KIT)
Cloud Dancer Trainer Balsa Laser Cut Airplane Kit 1300mm (KIT)

Here's another great affordable little balsa Kit for the traditional R/C hobbyist and builder who enjoys constructing models from kit form.

The Cloud Dancer is an all built up, 4 channel, electric powered trainer. It features sharp accurate laser cut parts that simply slot together with little fuss, the wing looks fantastic when covered with transparent covering to show off the construction.

The power system consists of an 30 size outrunner and 2200 3s battery, using Mini servos to keep her nice and light.

The resulting model is a nice electric trainer model with tricycle undercarriage that performs well. The cloud Dancer has aileron/elevator/rudder/motor control and steerable nose wheel, yet is tough enough to handle the odd 'oops!' moment from novice flyers and compact enough to be transported easily.

Span: 1300m
Length: 900mm
Weight: 1000g (Bare Airframe)

4 Channel radio system and 4 x mini servos
30 size Outrunner
40 Amp Esc
3s 2200mah Lipoly battery
Propeller (9x5)
CA glue
Covering film
Basic hobby tools (knife, sand paper etc)

Build manual listed under the 'Files' tab below 

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4 Channel 1300mm (51.18in) 900mm (35.43in) 1000g (2.2lb)

Weight: 1420g
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Price  $31.94

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Total of 86 discussions.
pghern  10 points - 4/4/2015
My preference is to build over a plan. Do any of the HK balsa kits come with a full sized plan?
 BacodiRC 41 points
HobbyKing kits come only with the build instructions (really bad instructions), no planes. I like to have a plan, not only for the building, but also for made more.
KryPL  258 points - 2/8/2015
What size of glow 2-cycle engine should i use for this plane?
 BacodiRC 41 points
0.25 - 0.30 ci will work fine
 BacodiRC 41 points
Thanks fpr the credits *)
Jamie  1 points - 1/18/2015
hi all, i have ordered this kit. i use to fly in the ate 80s but havent since. i enjoy the build but am a bit confused by the electric setup... would a Turnigy D3536/6 1250KV be overkill for this trainer? also what would be good battery and esc and prop size for runing it with this motor? thank you, jamie
Dr.Steph  1 points - 1/15/2015
Please give me advice. Before, I used only electro models. Now I want buy this model and use ASP S25AII eng. Is it ok for this model? What accessories will I need to buy for this eng. and plane?
 Louis 18 points
Please be sure you see that this model has NO elevator, and NO ailerons. Rudder only for control surfaces. If you want to go glow, that engine might be a little small but should fly. You will need a fuel tank, and a separate servo for the throttle. CG is critical when placing fuel tank. Good luck. (If this helped please hit like button).
Kobe  16 points - 11/26/2014
how gets the wings together?
 NewToHobbyKing 15850 points
Kobe this is a KIT ,not a ARF. She comes in little parts. You put them together and then you join the two halves of the wing, with glue.
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Well 5 days from being posted it arrived on my doorstep, that was this morning and i have just about 3/4 assembled the fuselage, only about 2 hours taking my time. So far its going well, slight trimming of some areas but only minor, some parts not quite laser cut all the way through (not the areas holding to the sheet). If the rest of the build goes the same I will be happy, only my second build and the last one was about 23 years ago. Will comment later in build.

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Overall Rating
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Looks like a fairly ease build. No full size plans to help with aligning parts.Havent built for many years, so will see how this build goes.

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Overall Rating
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Well kit has gone together well, getting close to covering some parts soon, wings basically ready to join and cover. Had to buy extra balsa to sheet the top side of wing over aileron servos, not enough balsa stripes to go between aileron ribs, but wouldn't a solid balsa triangle stripe be much simpler for the beginner to build? The fuselage went well just make sure to epoxy some of the joins to fill gaps and around motor mount for extra strength. The Instructions are very basic and not really suited for a beginner builder, really lacking in any useful detail. Overall though I am very pleased with this model, just hope it's a good trainer as I have a version of the 1600mm pitts bi-plane hanging on the wall waiting for me to get worthy of even trying to fly it.

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Needs a bit of patience, and some experience to build. Blame it on the patchy instructions. I used a Turnigy 3536-910, with a 10*7 prop, although I think a 1250 KV will be better. Pics & Video in the Files section, please do have a look :)

13 comments. Reply..

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Heres a video of the

2 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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