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Alloy DPS 64mm 10 blade Electric Ducted Fan Assembley 3300Kv

Alloy DPS 64mm 10 blade Electric Ducted Fan Assembley 3300Kv
Alloy DPS 64mm 10 blade Electric Ducted Fan Assembley 3300Kv

The alloy Dynamic Power Series fans are of the very highest quality. The construction of this ready to fit and fly unit offers a combination of huge power with reliability and efficiency.

Featuring a 10-blade impeller and 4 stator alloy housing, this fan provides an amazing sound and spectacular performance!

The impeller is factory dynamically balanced resulting in turbine-like smoothness. This superb EDF unit is totally pre-assembled complete with motor, simply fit to your model, connect to your ESC and tear up the sky!

EDF Rotor Diameter: 64mm
Outer Diameter: 68mm
Construction: Alloy
Motor Type: B2950 3300kv
Max Power: 1000w (continuous)
Max Voltage: 14.8v (4S)
Max Amps: 68A
Max Thrust: 1.40kg
Weight: 236g 


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  • Dr. Mad Thrust 64mm 11 Blade Rotor Only (Counter Rotating)

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pierre  2 points - 9/16/2016
Hi, what is the overall length of this unit? regards
wes  1 points - 9/5/2016
Does I meant im wondering because im working on a ducted fan car / jet car and i need to make a lot of thrust
wes  1 points - 9/5/2016
Dose the castle mamba pro fit in
Baqar  33 points - 8/28/2016
Will it be good with 4s 1500 mah
Richard  2 points - 2/27/2016
Will I get away with a 70 amp esc?
 simplyG 531 points
For sure, but I advise you to keep your speed sessions close to 10 seconds. Happy flying
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Very Nice EDF!!! I'm running two of these in my F-22 Jet with 2 Hobbyking 90A ESC, 4s 4000mhA 45C Lipo and the 7,2 BEC. There aren't any vibrations from the Fan, after i figured out that it's a 12-pole Motor and the timing had to be set to 15° The sound is very nice, in low Fly-by's... I very recommend this for every 64mm EDF-Jet!!

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First test on a Zippy Compact 35c 2200 battery.....first spool up hit 910 watts and leveled out at about 885....stayed there for a good 25 seconds before i shut it down. Second test today showed a max watts of 916 then leveled out at 887 with a max amp reading of 61 amps. This was on my 4s Zippy compact 35c again. Now I just have to fit this thing in my new Freewing F15 kit. Flights wont be long, but will sound great with this unit. My unit came perfectly balanced with no vibrations through out the entire throttle range.

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Overall Rating
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A super adition to EDF systems. Better sound and better quality And they look like the real deal.

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Overall Rating
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Received unit 11-9-13. This 64mm EDF is a little heavy from being made of aluminum but is well built piece. Runs so nice, using a turn push 60a and 1800map turn 4s 25c lipo in an EDF wing.

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Overall Rating
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I installed this fan in the Rafale. The unit fits well, doesn't need cutting and doesn't even need to be glued in. Its high weight helps balance the Rafale out because now I can put a (4S 2200 mAh) battery in the cockpit itself without needing to shove it through the back of the cockpit. I tried to fit it in my F5 as well, but here the fan added too much weight in the back which I could not offset by putting the battery in the nose. I guess this unit fits best in nose-heavy planes such as the Rafale or Eurofighter (the latter unfortunately being out of stock). I'm a bit disappointed by the fact that the marginal gain in thrust vs the stock fan is offset by the increase in weight of the unit itself and of the bigger ESC that is needed. Nevertheless, it is a quality purchase and makes for nice whooshing jet-like sound when the Rafale flies by. I'm happy with the purchase.

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