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Turnigy 3D-H 3-Axis Flybarless Helicopter Control System

Turnigy 3D-H 3-Axis Flybarless Helicopter Control System
Turnigy 3D-H 3-Axis Flybarless Helicopter Control System

The all new Turnigy 3D-H FBL System is breaking all of the rules by offering top-notch performance at an unbelievably low price. Affordability, ease of use and compatible with any helicopter from 250~800 size, the 3D-H makes going flybarless on your machine a no-brainer!

The 3D-H supports just about any servo type, digital or analog, standard or narrow pulse width. Compatible with 90°/120°/140° swashplates and featuring excellent pirouette optimization functionality, the 3D-H ticks all of the right boxes!

We've flown the 3D-H on our own helis and we are very impressed with its performance and ease of setup. It didn't take long at all to have our HK450 in the air with this system. All programming is done via the transmitter sticks and confirmed by LEDs on the control unit. This keeps things simple and eliminates the need for bringing a PC to the field should you need to make adjustments.

There are 3 adjustable potentiometers on the top of the 3D-H that allow quick adjustments for fine tuning. You can adjust the cyclic gain, cyclic response and tail dynamic (stopping power) by simply turning the pots. This furthermore simplifies setup by allowing for quick and easy fine tuning at the field.

• High performance 3-axis FBL system
• Compatible with 250~800 size helicopters
• Pirouette optimization functionality
• 90°/120°/140° swashplate support
• Aluminium case to reduce vibration
• Easy to setup

Size: 36.5x26x14mm
Weight: 23.8g (without wires)
Operating Voltage: 3.5~8.5V
Sensor Technology: MEMS angular rate sensors
Cyclic Servo Type: Digital or Analog 50Hz/65Hz/120Hz/200Hz
Tail Servo Type: Digital or Analog 960us/760us/1520us
Adjustable Cyclic Servo Frequency: 50Hz/65Hz/120Hz/200Hz
Adjustable Tail Servo Frequency: 50Hz/165Hz/270Hz/333Hz

Included in box:
Turnigy 3D-H 3-Axis Flybarless System
Gyro mounting pads
All necessary wire leads

PRODUCT ID: 9417000001

Weight: 168g
International Warehouse
Price  HKD387.92

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Total of 93 discussions.
Frenki  1 points - 12/5/2014
when is it coming back in stock?
Dion610  5 points - 11/14/2014
Hi is this compatible with jr propo 721 receiver with staurolite and turnigy 9xr transmitter ??
Joerg  8 points - 10/18/2013
Hello, is this compatible with Spekrtum Satellite - Receiver? Can i use the 3D-H with a Satellite?
 mklements 109 points
Hey, yes it is compatible, there is no "data" transfer between the two, the 3D-H just modifies the receiver outputs to stabilise the hell.
molokaiboy  52 points - 10/9/2013
I just recently bought on of these NIB on the forums. I set all the servo information first, center pulse, frequency, mounting orientation. I then installed it in my Blade300x on top of the boom block and it will not initialize. Tried it mounted inside the frame and same results, the lights do its normal routine, then the LED just slowly flashes red. Info says 250-800 size heli. Has anyone had issues mounting in a 300X? It does initialize perfectly on the bench just not installed on the 300x. Thanks, Les
 silas 11 points
When you power up the unit, make sure you are not moving the helicopter. Another thing to check is make sure the unit is not close to the motor. Hope this helps..
Rondie  3 points - 10/7/2013
Hi what's the best ESC to use with this controller that is also sold here?
 gman4reel 156 points
The best one I use in my 450 is the yep 45 For my 700 and 830 I use the YEP 150 and YEP 120 heli. VERY smooth control.
 Rondie 3 points
Ok I will re-word the questions. What's the smallest ESC that can be used on this controller? I intend to use it on my 130x as I'm fed up of the 3 in 1 controller that comes with it! *)
 gman4reel 156 points
1. TURNIGY Plush 6A /.8bec/6g Speed Controller 2. HobbyKing 10A ESC 1A UBEC Two options either would be depending on your applications
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Overall Rating
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easy as breeze to setup, i have uploaded the manual,

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Overall Rating
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Very easy to setup like the beastx. I'm not a 3D pilot. Just acrobatics flights. Does its job. Facile à régler comme le beast x. Je ne suis pas un pilote 3D mais il passe la voltige "hard" sans problème.

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Overall Rating
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Works nicely on my 450, quick install and setup. For someone who is just starting out in FBL, this is the ticket. Simple and easy. There things I would like it to have SBUS/Sat/rpm sensor etc. But for an introductory price for fbl this is value for money. I'm giving it 4 for overall rating because of the sbus and sat support.

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Overall Rating
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I have the Turnigy 3D-H FBL System on a Logo 500 , have now 3 fight's with it , fly's very well , easy to program it and works very fine. Hope more flight to make in a short time and let it now on Hobbyking.... until next time....

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Overall Rating
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Tried this on my Trex500 and setup is identical to beastx > I got the original beastx and I can tell you that flight characteristics is also identical . Just got a couple of acrobatic flights and i'm impressed.

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