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Fieldview 777 TFT LCD Monitor for FPV 800x480 LED Backlight (7.0 Inch)

Fieldview 777 TFT LCD Monitor for FPV 800x480 LED Backlight (7.0 Inch)
Fieldview 777 TFT LCD Monitor for FPV 800x480 LED Backlight (7.0 Inch)

If you are looking for the ideal LCD monitor for your FPV ground station or any other form of aerial videography, the Fieldview 777 is your best choice! Designed specifically for FPV use and outdoor conditions, a foldable screen shroud is included for optimal viewing. This monitor has a very bright image which is fully adjustable, and a wide power supply voltage range (DC 6~18V).

The most important feature of the Fieldview 777 monitor for FPV users is that it does not switch to the "blue screen" when the signal gets weak. This allows you to fly much further without losing the image. When there is no video input, the monitor just shows static, it never turns blue or black.

• 7.0 inch TFT LCD Display
• Ideal for use with FPV
• No "Blue Screen" caused by weak signal input
• 800 x 480 High Resolution Display
• LED Backlight
• 16:9 Display Ratio
• 15ms Response Time
• 500:1 Contrast Ratio
• Wide 6~18V DC Input Voltage Range
• Foldable Screen Shroud for outdoor use included

Panel Size: 7.0 inch
Panel Type: TFT LCD
Resolution: 800x480
Backlight: LED
Horizontal Frequency Range: 30~60kHz
Field Frequency Range: 50~75Hz
Dot Pitch: 0.0642 (W) x 0.1790 (H) mm
Display Ratio: 16:9
Brightness: 400 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: 500:1
Response Time: 15ms
Viewing Angle: 70°/70° (L/R) 50°/60° (U/D)
Input Voltage: DC 6~18V
Power Consumption: ≤ 5W
Working Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C
Storage Temperature: -30°C ~ 70°C
Dimensions: 182 x 127 x 32mm
Weight: 363g

Included in box:
7.0 inch TFT LCD monitor
Outdoor screen shroud
AC to DC adapter (100~240V AC input, 12V DC 1.5A output)
User manual

PRODUCT ID: 9425000001

Weight: 998g
International Warehouse
Price  HKD620.72

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Francois  1 points - 12/18/2014
Will this screen work with the : SkyZone RC32S 32 Channel 5.8Ghz Auto Scanning Video Receive
Oak4sale  19 points - 11/27/2014
Great for fpv and spectators. Used it so folks could watch while I was shooting this video.
Matthew  1 points - 10/22/2014
I am trying to open the menu but when I press the button nothing happens and if I hold the button pressed the unit enters display mode. I need the menu to change to NTSC for my receiver output.
 pipablo 144 points
You need to turn on this monitor with a valid video signal to access settings...
 Matthew 1 points
Thanks that did the trick.
Renny  1 points - 10/8/2014
this monitor has his own battery,,i wold like for using in phantom 2,,dou recomend this,,or another?
 Eric 1 points
no battery, i purchaed one and I would like to purchase a rechargable battery for it but not sure which one to buy
Ryan  4 points - 10/8/2014
Does this work with fat shark 250mw transmitter? Thanks
 BuBu1 253 points
Hello, this monitor has no video receiver, so the answer is NO, it is not compatible with any video transmitter. It needs a separate receiver in order to show the video signal.
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I tested this monitor out and fully recomend it as brilliant! I can see it in bright light outside no problems at all. I prefer it to my fat shark goggles i find them difficult to use. I recomend the transmitter tray that will hold the monitor in front of your tx, also sold by hobby king.

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Overall Rating
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Comes with all the accessories I need. Readable in bright sunlight..a definite must.

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Overall Rating
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Muy contento con este monitor cumple prefectamente su funcion y se ve realmente bien, las opciones del menu, sin ser muchas, son mas que sufucientes, el acabado esta bastante bien y sobre todo en el campo se ve perfectamente y sin pantalla azul. La visera esta realmente bien para protegerlo del sol directo y se instala facilmente con velcro adhesivo, la rosca inferior entra perfectamente en el tornillo de un tripode normal, asi es como lo uso yo. Como digo muy contento sobre todo por como se ve en el exterior, ya estaba cansado de mi antiguo monitor y la diferencia realmente se nota.

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Overall Rating
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I just received this unit, got it hooked up and tested. What a great little monitor! Great color, contrast & brightness. A very affordable alternative to video goggles.

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Overall Rating
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Great little monitor for FPV, at the price though it would have been nice if it had a swivel attachment.

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