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Turnigy Double Tap 7A 80Wx2 6S Balance Charger/Discharger

Turnigy Double Tap 7A 80Wx2 6S Balance Charger/Discharger
Turnigy Double Tap 7A 80Wx2 6S Balance Charger/Discharger

Tired of carrying two chargers to the field? With the Double Tap dual 80W battery charger there is no need to. The Double Tap gives you everything you need for charging multiple batteries at the same time in one convenient charger.

This charger features dual 80W outputs, that’s a total of 160W charging power. Each channel is independent meaning that you can charge two completely different types of batteries at the same time! You can quickly and easily switch between each channel by the touch of a button.

The Double Tap gets its name from its unique "touch button" design. All buttons on the control panel are operated by touch. No physical pushing is required. Simply touch the buttons as you would on your favorite smartphone or mobile device. This gives the Double Tap and stylish and modern feel.

The Turnigy Double Tap features an alloy case and temperature controlled cooling fan which helps to quickly dissipate heat.

• Touch button operation
• Dual 80W output (160W total)
• Supports Li-XX, Ni-XX and PB batteries
• Store up to 5 battery setup memories
• Nicely finished alloy casing
• Temperature controlled cooling fan
• Wide input voltage range (12~18VDC)

Charging Output: 2 x 80W (160W Total)
Input Voltage: 10~18V DC
Charge Current Range: 0.1~7.0A
Discharge Current: 0.1~1.0A
Discharge Power: 2x5watt
Balance Current Drain: 300mAh/cell
Li-XX Cell Count: 1~6S
Ni-XX Cell Count: 1~15S
Pb Battery Voltage: 2~20V
Battery Setup Memories: 5
Intelligent Temp Control: Yes
Cooling: Single fan
Weight: 477g
Dimensions: 190x97x42mm

2 x XT60 charge leads
1 x Alligator clip charge lead
1 x Multi charge lead (JST, glow igniter, JR lead)

PRODUCT ID: 9070000019

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Total of 32 discussions.
Oleg  40 points - 12/29/2015
Does anyone knows, is it possible to update firmware for supporting LiHv batteries??
Alexander  1 points - 3/7/2015
з*а*р*я*д*к*а* с*у*п*е*р*.
Jonni_Bee  4 points - 1/31/2015
Is it Ni-Zn capable? 445 points
it doesn't say you can. you might be able too though but it's more a gamble. better get a charger that can or do more research.
IL KUYN  1 points - 1/19/2015
This model is possible the motor drive? 445 points
what kind of battery do you want to charge?
IL KUYN  1 points - 1/19/2015
This model is possible the motor drive?
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
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excellent button sensitivity, internal resistence value that divided to old and new batteries and silent cooling fan during charging with 160W but some cheap cable and connector. => good product for 450 heli users

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Overall Rating
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A nice design, but poor quality control. A nice compact package for a dual charger, and the touch buttons work well. It operates just like any of the other 4 button chargers that HobbyKing sell, and comes with a decent selection of charge leads. So the basic design and construction is good. However they appear to have calibration issues. 2 out of 3 double tap chargers I’ve seen have had poorly calibrated balance sensors. The first one I purchased was out by -0.10v on one cell, making that half of the charger useless for balance charging. The second one I ordered is only out by -0.05v, and only on the 4th cell, so I think I will just put up with it. So until they sort out the calibration issues, I really can not recommend this charger.

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Overall Rating
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Looks and works nice. Using for short time so can not tell how durable it, but does not get to hot even with two channels loaded close to limit. Only one fault on the display, a single vertical line is dead. But in a place it does not disturb.

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Overall Rating
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Все как и не греется при на оба порта. не но в быту более чем За такую сладкую цену нет вообще. Видел много от

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Overall Rating
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Works great! I have always wanted a charger that would measure internal cell resistance and this one does the job. To get that feature in other chargers was very expensive.

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