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OrangeRX RX3S 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer V2 (V-tail/Delta/AUX)

OrangeRX RX3S 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer V2 (V-tail/Delta/AUX)
OrangeRX RX3S 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer V2 (V-tail/Delta/AUX)

The RX3S OrangeRX Flight Stabilizer V2 adds support for V-tail & Delta models, it also offers a remote ON/OFF feature that can be controlled via your transmitter's AUX channel. All of these great new features yet it's even smaller/lighter than the original!

Utilizing a single high precision 3-axis MEMS gyro, the RX3S OrangeRX Flight Stabilizer V2 is capable of stabilizing flight on just about any fixed wing aircraft! It provides added stability by automatically correcting the aileron, elevator and rudder channels in flight. This compensates for unwanted changes in the airplane's attitude due to wind and other factors. In short, it makes your airplane much more stable in flight!

The RX3S V2 is great for those who tend to fly in windy conditions, as it will compensate for wind gusts that would normally push your model around. It's also an ideal add-on to your favorite FPV model to keep it on the straight and level while flying.

This unit is very simple to install and use. The adjustable gain settings are pre-set to 50% offering mild stabilization. You can easily adjust the gain for each channel as desired to increase or decrease the compensation for the respective channel (AIL, ELE, RUD).

Because we design, test and manufacture these units completely in-house (from 3D/2D drawing to materials sourcing, final assembly etc.) we can completely control production and ensure product consistency from design right through to shipping the product to you. Also, the removal of middle-men has meant we can drive better value to the market and retail these units at factory(our) prices!

• Capable of stabilizing flight on just about any fixed wing aircraft (including V-tail/Delta models)
• Remote ON/OFF feature that can be controlled via your transmitter's AUX channel
• Supports 3D flight without undermining stability
• Independent gyro gain adjustment for aileron, elevator and rudder
• Easy-to-access gyro reversing switches on front of unit
• Compact and light weight design

IC: Atmega168PA
Gyro: 3-Axis MEMS
Input Voltage: 4.8-6.0V
Signal from Receiver: 1520us
Signal to Servo: 1520us
Size: 44x26x14mm
Weight: 10g

PRODUCT ID: 9171000156

This is an archived page. This product is no longer available and has been replaced by a newer product.

Weight: 21g
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Price HKD139.60

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Andrew031  8 points - 11/19/2014
Hi, does anyone know the range of this receiver/ flight stabilizer Thanks Andrew
 EffinA 1921 points
I have range checked mine to 800M, but reliable to 500M. These do vary from place to place, but if you want to use it FPV, you should get the V2, and use FrSky. Line of sight, it is fine.
 EffinA 1921 points
My bad, this IS the V2. This one goes between your receiver and the servos, it doesn't have range, that is a function of your receiver. The V3 has a receiver built in, and that one has the range I mentioned.
granville  1 points - 11/14/2013
Frank  3 points - 11/11/2013
Can I use it with mx new 9XR radio system.
 Patrick 130 points
yep. it just goes between the electronics and your reciever.
 Hurley 345 points
Yes. Where the servo's wire come out of the RX to Rud,Ele,Ail. go In to this. And out of this goes to the servo's. Just make sure the controls are going in the right way. And start with little control movements. and turn them up from there. And I would have it on a Aux channel on/off. So if you don't have it right you can turn it off. And it does NOT come with servo wire's. you need to buy them. 4in work good
William  1 points - 11/10/2013
This device is setup for 4 channels 1 Rudder 1 Elevator and an Aileron channel. The Aux is used in conjunction with the Aileron channel. This is set up in the transmitter. The Throttle is not necessary unless some one can tell me how to connect the throttle. What would the RX3X since to control the throttle? I have 2 and they both work excellent when the feedback pots are set correct. I hope this helps and happy flying. BILL
 Miguel FP 1495 points
You are right, It doesn't control throttle only rotation matrix: roll, pitch and yaw
t100au  14 points - 11/9/2013
Can I use this on a plane with two servos on the ailons and two servos for the elevators with one on the rudder and one for the throttle ? 6 servos in total.
 Richtofen 1271 points
This takes current from your rx, which takes it from your ESC /BEC - the problem with too many servos is current, so if your ESC can take it...
BTW, the double aileron port did not work on older versions unless you reflash the unit (I did). I don't know if more recent versions solve the issue. The solution is the old Y cable, and forego asymmetric throws.
 t100au 14 points
Thanks Richtofen. I was thinking of putting one in my Cap-21 It hasn't been in the air yet. My problem is it has twin elevators and its just as easy to put a servo on each then just one, plues I feel it mite be a bit safer. Not shor on haw to wire up just one. And the ailerons I thourt of having two so I can have flaprons. I started with the bixler then upgraded to the bixler2 then I got a wilga witch I up graded so much it gos VTOL, so now I've taken the cap down, witch I hade hung from the roof for 20 years and am setting it up with electric instead of nitro. My big problem is I lost the instructions for her.
 Richtofen 1271 points
There are two solutions for flaperons. First is reflashing the unit (google "open flight stabilizer"), which also soved some problems of earlier versions. Second is using a (hardware) v-tail mixer taking in flaps as elevator and ailerons as rudder, and sending output to your aileron servos. If you are into acrobatics (cap-21) you might consider the first option. Cheers.
 t100au 14 points
Thanks you, that helped me. I did the google and problem solved. :-)
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1 thumbs up!
this is a great product i highly recomend this for your plane. i can fly hands off in good 15mph wind its great. you helped me increase my piloting skills. and on my grey hobbyking fpv168 fiberglass plane with this stabilizer means the difference between shakey video or nice smooth quality pictures and a true dream to fly. i am buying some orangerx flight stabilizers as prizes and gifts i love these. thanks hobbyking! Tommy

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Overall Rating
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awesome can now turn on and off from tx

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Overall Rating
Capt. Smoke
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This is the best thing i ever bought except for maybe that blow up :)well that another story the stabilizer works great it is windy here and that kept me grounded it was just to hard to keep fighting the wind at about 10 mph i would stop because i like my planes and do not like to take to many chances with damage , now flight begins at 15 mph no problem the other day the wind was 13-15mph right down the strip i hovered over the run way effortlessly just steer and add power as needed . i'm new in planes and some of the guys at the field were going home and stayed to watch me try to fly in the wind boy were they surprised how well i flew even i am surprised some time with the way the plane almost flies itself. p.s. i do not tell them that i'm stabilized if they don't ask it's my secret .

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Overall Rating
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Good quality package. Much smaller than the origional one I got a few months ago. Keeps getting better.

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Overall Rating
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Mejora la version anterior. Menor tamaño, menos peso, añade la posibilidad de cotrolar la funcion de estabilizador encendido o apagado remotamente desde un canal intrruptor en la raddio. Incorpora tambien configuracion para ala tipo: delta y V-atil. Precio muy intersante..!

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