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Y-3 Fiberglass Tri-Copter Frame (KIT)

Y-3 Fiberglass Tri-Copter Frame (KIT)
Y-3 Fiberglass Tri-Copter Frame (KIT)

Looking for something new in the multi-rotor world? Well here it is!

Just when you thought that all multi-rotor frames looked the same...the Y-3 appeared on the scene and is breaking all the rules! Featuring fiberglass construction with ply reinforcement, the Y-3 is super rigid yet lightweight. Its high gloss paint job is impressive to look at making it really stand out in the air. 

This is the first fiberglass Y-3 multi-rotor frame on the market today and is very unique. It will be sure to turn heads at your local flying site. It even features mounting grooves for LED light strips on top and bottom, making it perfect to setup for night flying as well!

The Y-3 arrives in KIT form with all required hardware included. You will simply need to add your own brushless motors/ESCs, multi-rotor control board, micro tail servo and lipoly battery. The Y-3 is mostly pre-built making it quick and easy to get in the air.

• Unique full-body fiberglass construction
• Beautiful high gloss paint job
• Full body design makes for easy orientation while flying
• All metal pivot tail motor mount
• LED strip mounting grooves

Width: 525mm (motor shaft center to center between front arms)
Length: 550mm
Frame weight: 460g (w/out electronics)
Flying weight: 900~950g (w/out battery)

28-XX brushless outrunner motor x 3
25~40A brushless ESC x 3
High speed micro servo for the tail x 1
8x4~10x4.7 propeller x 3 (2 standard/1 reverse rotation)
Multi-rotor control board
2200mAh 3S lipoly battery
4CH transmitter and receiver

PRODUCT ID: 9108000005

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Weight: 1767g
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Price $65.33

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Total of 192 discussions.
Neil  1 points - 10/5/2014
Still waiting to build mine - arrived with the tail motor plate epoxied in at a nasty angle. Can't be used like that. Will see how the RMA process works for this one :/
 Doobieman 1150 points
This can certainly be a major issue. I suggest you contact Rob C at the New York City support office. You will get *much* faster resolution for your problem. You can reach him via PM on rcgroups, using the PM Address: HobbykingCSNYC. The problem I've had with both of my kits is that the press fit screw studs on the rear motor mount came loose. I fixed these issues, but it's not something you should have to fix.
 Neil 1 points
Well it took 2 hours on the chat site but a $20 credit was the result. Probably better than the expense of sending the frame back, covers the p.i.t.a of removing and re-fitting the mount and making it look good. You're quite right though, not something that I should have to fix.
Doobieman  1150 points - 10/5/2014
It appears as if a frame stiffening bar has been added to this frame, as both of the ones I've purchased previously did not have the crossbar under the canopy. Of course, this can easily be added by a good craftsman. I've reinforced the frame using epoxy at the weak points (under the "wings", where the tail meets the tail strut, at the outrigger motor mounts). You can also repair this frame if you break something. It doesn't always work, but it is worth a try if you have any skill.
 Doobieman 1150 points
I also suggest using a secondary battery if you're going to add lights. I've added a Dr Mad Thrust 3A BEC with 2A switchable circuit for my 'festival' lighting system, powered by an Arduino Nano. This also powers the flight controller and the receiver. Using a 500 mAh 3S LiPo, I get 3 or 4 flights out of the secondary battery when using a 2200-2500 mAh 3S LiPo. I also power my standard navigation lighting system from this separate BEC.
Wirlybird  5 points - 9/9/2014
What is total cost , to get in the air and do you have in Stock all the required parts. Best regards, Dave.
 Daniel 8 points
I`m at 362$ (I included some extras, but they are all in Stock My Recommended Setup: TGY-306G Ultra Fast/High Torque MG Digital Servo Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 2830-1020kv Brushless Motor Turnigy Multistar 30 Amp Multi-rotor Brushless ESC 2-4s APC 10x5 Props (you can use 10x4.7 SF Props too, but they`re too soft for me) Zippy Compact 4000mah 25c 3s Regards Daniel
 Doobieman 1150 points
Gee, aren't we lazy?
DutchRC  85 points - 9/2/2014
My maiden flight with this copter (and my first flight with a copter)
 Roger 6 points
Check the balance on your props, and make sure you hve your gyro vibration isolated.
 DutchRC 85 points
Thanks for the tips Roger :) The wobble is now fixed.. I increased the gains a bit..
Guihano  12 points - 8/16/2014
my Y-3 1x Fiberglass Y-3 3 x Scorpion SII-2208-1100KV (V2) 3x Mystery 30A ESC SimonK 3x 8x4.5 Carbon fiber prop 1x KK2.1.5 flight controller 1x TGY-306G-HV ultra fast servo 1x Turnigy A-Spec G2 3S 65C 2600mah 1x Graupner GR-12 1x UnisenS-E 8x random LEDs 1x 5V 40mm cooling fan SUNON ME40100V1-000U-A99 3x Xinte heatsink 22*22*10( for ESCs)
 Guihano 12 points
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1 thumbs up!
Flyes perfectly with a lot of power, with the following components: TGY-306GHV Servo, KK2.0 Multirotor Control Board, AX2810Q-750KV Brushless Motors, Turnigy Multistar 45Amp ESC's, 9X4.5 Props. RH rotation, or 10x4.5 Props RH rotation, 9 mode Color LED strips meets perfect for a good looking Tricopter.

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super tricopter, original, je le fais tourner avec 3 turnugy 2822/17,un servo corona 919 mg, helise 8045 et carte hk kk2.0

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Overall Rating
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Got one of these a while back with a KK V 2 controller.... no directions for the copter... yaw mechanism looks impressive and had thought they should sell it as a stand alone part for tri copters but had slop in the linkage... after a few flights and a few minor bumps it appears a bearing in the yaw pivot has failed adding more slop... took it off but have not disassembled it yet to see whats bad.

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This is my Second Y-3 Frame i built up. The first one is still alive and for Beginners. This one will have more powerful Motors for some Acrobatic flight. Best Frame ever!!!!

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Very good frame, slightly heavier but with proper motor, it will give a good account by itself. Its easier to see on air and it looked grand.

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