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Hobbyking® X-Car 120A Brushless Car ESC (sensored/sensorless)

Hobbyking® X-Car 120A Brushless Car ESC (sensored/sensorless)
Hobbyking® X-Car 120A Brushless Car ESC (sensored/sensorless)

Hobbyking® X-Car series ESCs offer excellent performance and features at a great price. With precise throttle linearity, smooth startup/acceleration, strong brakes and fully adjustable programming options, you will not find a better value in R/C car ESCs on the market today!

Built with high quality components, and offering both sensored and senorless motor operation, this is a truly versatile high performance ESC that wont break the bank.
• Enhanced throttle response, precise throttle linearity, excellent acceleration and strong brakes
• Programmable with the Hobbyking X-Car programming card to make adjustments. (sold separately)
• Automatically detects the number of cells within the battery pack.
• Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection, throttle signal loss protection and motor blocked protection.
• Supports both sensored and sensorless brushless motors.
• Compatible with NOVAK, LRP and ORION sensored brushless motor.
• Built-in cooling fan
• Programmable via USB (USB adapter sold separately)

Continuous Current: 120A
Burst Current: 480A
Suitable Car: 1/10 on and off road
Battery: 2-3 cells Lipo (5-9 cells NI-xx)
BEC output: 5.7V/3A switch mode built-in
Motor type: Sensorless and sensored brushless motors
Running mode: Forward only or forward with reverse (user programmable mode)
Dimension: 43 x 36 x 33mm
Weight: 84g
120A Sensored/Sensorless Brushless ESC
Sensor cable (6-pin)

*Note: See related items below for compatible programming card and USB adapter.

PRODUCT ID: 9351000015

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  • USB Programming Adapter for HobbyKing X-Car 120A & 60A ESC

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 Customer rated
Total of 427 discussions.
Robert  1 points - 8/27/2016
Wich prog.card is needed for this ESC?
 Aaron 3 points
there is one suggested to go with this esc above
 Robert 1 points
Do you mean the USB adapter? I want a prog. card.
 Aaron 3 points
oh, than i dont know
david  2 points - 8/8/2016
Would this work well with the motor from a Novak Hv Maxx ? The original one part #55-3020-1 from 2004 ?The speed controll kicked the bucket but the motor is still good just need a cheap replacement thank.
Lord Boognish  5 points - 8/7/2016
I am unable to get this working correctly in my slash 4x4 with my venison motor. It works for a couple seconds then it cuts power and then shuts down entirely. I flashed the latest hoobywing firmware (didn't work at all with firmware that it was shipped with). I also tried with a spare speed passion motor which worked worse. I have tried many timing options and nothing seems to make a difference. Not sure if my setup is bad or the ESC has problems but I am unable to get it working correctly
 Lord Boognish 5 points
I found these instructions that fixed my problem' When your ESC is off... FIRSTLY: Hold the "SET" Key while Turning on the ESC Switch from "off" to "on" SECONDLY: Turn on your controller and set the THROTTLE TRIM To 100% or full THIRDLY: Press the "set" key ONCE and a single beep will occur while leaving controller at NEUTRAL FOURTHLY: Pull the Trigger fully to the position of FORWARD THEN Press "set" key while holding it and 2 beeps occur. once 2 beeps are done go back to NEUTRAL POSITION LASTLY: Push the Trigger away To BACKWARD and make sure to push the trigger is pushed whilst pressing the set key... Once its all done beeping.. RESTART ESC...
gokay  1 points - 7/27/2016
very low quality, don't spend your money for this. Broke on 7-8. run on my touring car
antonyyy85  142 points - 6/19/2016
Hello, i'm using this esc with a LRP x20 4.5T withouth sensors. Dual rate on the radio, on throttle, is 50%, so the motor can to reach maximux 50% his power. With 30°*C of air-temperature and 55°*C on the track, this esc work for about 10 minutes....after it stop work and blink green light, on the manual says the esc is gone in protection. The temp on the heatsink of the esc is 70°*C, not so high... What could be the problem?
 ChktSnowblind 46 points
Heat sink not secure or over-amp?
 Nathan.j 13 points
what would be a good motor?
 ChktSnowblind 46 points
It greatly depends on your R/C and what you want it to do, I wanted faster than I could use, so I put a 5250kv 4pole in my 4WD buggy and geared it to the moon with this ESC. I have found you need a lot of room in the model for interference to die off with this ESC, I had to use my TGY i6 instead of my car radio just to get the glitches out. I'm however using the Quanum Vandal, with like zero room inside.
 Nathan.j 13 points
So this ESC is not really a great choice? Im making a 3-D printed 1/8 scale truggy
 ChktSnowblind 46 points
I like the ESC, very little cogging even with an 8.5T sensorless at a gear ratio that makes the theoretical top speed of my buggy reach past 120 MPH. With your antenna outside the body, and aligned with your handset, there should be no detrimental interference.
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Overall Rating
Diogo Chaves
Like it?
5 stars ESC, work gerat at my Durango Dex 410 V3, the hobbywing firmware run great

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Overall Rating
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Another 5 star product from hobbyking. Good overall quality, very light and well made esc. Powerfull fan! Awesome value! I used the hobbywing software to make settings and usb adapter. Forget branded names. You don´t need branded names, I have 20 hobbyking combos at this time, they are keeping better and better. They are excellent!!

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Overall Rating
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love this and the 60A x car esc's , we all know what they are but that should not detract from the fact that they are awesome , super adjustable from very quick to rather slow or anywhere in between, get the usb dongle or hobbywing LCD/turnigy LCD usb programme boxes and set up and change firmware on your pc, not waterproof sadly , no wonder they keep selling out .;-)

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Overall Rating
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Nice Esc, i'm using it with my Xcar 10,5T Motor in 1/10 Touring Car with Hobbywing's V3_110930STOCK Firmware. After 5 minutes of race, Esc it's 35ºC and Motor it's 60ºC. It works very nice, run smooth and its small. Great Work HK! ;-)

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Overall Rating
Like it?
For sure, a best bargain price for 120A Car ESC~ with well with Hobbywing firmware & 4 poles motor. Maybe, wire updated to 12AWG is required when the motor draws high amp!

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