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NGH GT9 9cc Gas Engine With Rcexl CDI Ignition

NGH GT9 9cc Gas Engine With Rcexl CDI Ignition
NGH GT9 9cc Gas Engine With Rcexl CDI Ignition

This is the GT9 9cc (.52cu) Gas engine from NGH. Well suited to .40-.50 glow sized models, this engine offers light weight and fantastic power output for it's size - 0.8hp @ 15,000rpm.

This is a good quality gas engine and comes complete with the reliability of an Rcexl CDI ignition system. Full installation and run-in instructions are also included. The GT9 is not only a great little performer, it looks great too! Featuring a sand cast crank case, contrasting blue anodized head and prop driver.

This package is economical to run in comparison to similar sized glow engines. Get some gas engine economy for your model today!

NOTE: Do not run with less than the manufacturers recommended oil:fuel ratio!

• GT9 engine
• Diaphragm fuel pump
• Muffler
• Spark plug
• Complete CDI ignition system
• Full instruction manual

Engine type: Single cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled
Bore/Stroke: 23.35 x 21.2
Piston displacement: 9.07cc
Max. power: 0.8HP/15,000rpm
Min. idle Rpm: 2200-2600
Practical RPM: 2,600-15,500
Ignition: Rcexl CDI with auto advance
Spark plug: 1/4 x 32 Rcexl
Carburetor: NGH 2 needle 60G integral regulator (external pump included)
Ignition Power DC 4.8-6.0v (Lipoly via a Ubec)
Lubrication oil: 2 cycle Engine Oil API TC / JASO FD or better specs. (Mobil + M2T)
General use fuel: 20:1-25:1
Propellor range: 10x6 to 12x6

Length backplate to propeller boss: 90.7mm
Stand off: 22mm
Mounting: 44mm x 18mm
Height from crank centreline to spark plug tip: 86.6mm
Weight: 545g (including ignition and muffler)

PRODUCT ID: 406000001

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Total of 188 discussions.
Twin_Flyer  13 points - 4/9/2014
Have spare parts? i need a new ignition module for mine...
 bolbot 82 points
PRODUCT ID: CM-6spcap in gas engines accessories but in backorder for the moment :)
Narvy  2 points - 3/25/2014
has anyone tried fitting this to trex 600n ,any mods needed or straight on fit. please post back,cheers
 larryoakley 22 points
based on the power output/RPMs I see it difficult to reach a healthy head speed in a 600 size heli. my 0.02 cents
larryoakley  22 points - 3/17/2014
What I am missing here? the E v o 10gx (gas) and the O s 55 ax(Glow) are having 1.68HP but this only offers 0.8HP???
 chris 11 points
Petrol engines produce less power than nitro engine as they run a lot leaner (less fuel per stroke) but therefore can run longer on less fuel. Engines running methanol on the other hand run richer, consuming more fuel per stroke and giving a higher power output. Nitro engines also usually run at a higher rpm than petrol engines as well, increasing the power output and fuel consumption.
 larryoakley 22 points
Chris, you missed my point, the E v o 10gx is also a petrol/gas engine having the double HP of this NGH GT9 (0.8 HP versus 1.68 HP) hence my doubt knowing that these two engines are pretty similar based on displacement (only 1cc more) , my mention of the 55 ax was just to enlighten the weight / power ratio.
 chris 11 points
Fair call. That is a good point your bring up. I can only imagine porting/exhaust refinements make the difference between the two. If you look at the exhaust supplied with this engine its a very basic cylindrical design which will give the 2 stroke no advantages where as the E v o 10gx comes with a more typical coned exhaust thats more suited to a 2 stroke cycle.
Multiprop  13 points - 3/14/2014
Anyone recomment a exhaust from hobbyking like the os 46 one. going to remove the pump as it causes more problems than its worth.
 Nick107 118 points
Use the asp.52 muffler.
larz001  1 points - 3/9/2014
liveforfun yes it is worth the extra 60 bucks,, I have both of these motors the evolution 10cc and the gt 9,,, the evo motor is a rocket in comparison, the best place for the gt9 is in a slow type trainer plane not a spacewalker like these guys are claiming
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1 thumbs up!
I have this engine installed on the Hobbyking 0.46 Decathlon it fits right in into any plane that needs a 0.46 or 0.50 plane. It can turn a 11x6 prop at 11,000 RPM. The good thing is that a a OS 46 exhaust will fit perfectly on the exhaust of this engine. the only challanges with this engine is getting it tuned. since there are a few issues with the carb and pump system. you can view my maiden vid on youtube. search "Hobbyking Decathlon with NGH 9cc maiden "

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
been using this engine for over a year ! very economical and i echo the opinion of tuning issues, but then that is the challenge, full review here www dot rcindia dot

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Overall Rating
Mauricio Moura
1 thumbs up!
Nao ouvi falar bem deste motor mais comprei para fazer um teste em um Reactor que esta com um motor ASP61.
A minha intencao é ter só um tipo de combustivel.
Hoje eu tenho aeromodelo com motor 2t, 4t e gas, entao quero ir para a pista com um combustivel só.
Depois eu posto dados sobre o motor e mais informaçoes.

Not heard much more bought this engine to test this in a Reactor with a motor ASP61.
My intention is to have only one type of fuel.
Today I have with model airplane engine 2t, 4t and gas, so I go to the track with a fuel only.
After I post data on the engine and further information.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
le dimenzioni sono quelle di classe 40 cosi come la potenza, bisogna considerare però un discreto aumento di peso e soprattutto alla necessita dello spazio per la bobina. In compenso la benzina verde (ancora per poco) costa meno del metanolo.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
I've purchased this engine fitted in a Fieseler Storch of 2 meters and it has the following problem.1St can not be booted by hand, only starts with electric starter.2 ° Setting optimum needle of low and high is almost impossible.3 º Pump will not prime when starting and there are bubbles in the tube that leads to the carburetor.4 º Carburetor is very poor for a gasoline engine, has no butterfly to close the air of cold start.5 ° speed of 15,000 Rpm announced in characteristics, are not reached or approximately with a 12/66 Th at low revolutions are completely irregular, when you spend high to low with the stic for the station, down increasingly gives totally different speed.7 ° The power that gives this engine to blow my Fiesseler Storch is insufficient8Th this Fieseler Storch has flown before with an electric motor Turnigy 3548 with a 3-cell battery pack (11.1 volts) 5.0000 Mamp and a propeller 12/69 TH IN MY OPINION THIS ENGINE NEEDS A NEW DESIGN OF FEEDING PUMP AND CARBURETOR10Th if I were HOBBYKING comunicaria these problems to the manufacturer so that correct them and buscaria another manufacturer of 9 cc engines for sale

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