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Highly Detailed Model Pilot (H77 x W75 x D44mm)

Highly Detailed Model Pilot (H77 x W75 x D44mm)

This highly detailed, beautifully painted pilot figure will give you the authentic look that your after for your scale model.

Height: 77mm
Width: 75mm 
Depth: 44mm 
Weight: 29g

PRODUCT ID: 246000004

Weight: 68g
International Warehouse
Price  $7.05
was $9.40

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greasmnky  737 points - 5/21/2013
Is this a WW1 German pilot or WW2?
 Luftpirat 34 points
Ahhh, come on! Didn't you see the "Pour le merite" round his neck...? (WW1!)
 Andy Dodson 17 points
And what's he doing amongst the 'Civilain Pilots' here ? Is he a spy ?
 greasmnky 737 points
Yeah, I didn't realize he was wearing the poo-poo De La kaka, Any half wit should have recognized that. I thought maybe he was modeled after the lead singer for Judas Priest.... or possibly the Village People....
Crgteam  62 points - 5/6/2013
Se corresponde a una escala de 1/6
cunningbaldrick  70 points - 12/23/2012
After spotting the USS Arizona , Bruce realises he is in the wrong movie.
 honda rebel 27 points
Good one!!
cunningbaldrick  70 points - 12/23/2012
Does this fur coat make my *** look big!!!!!!!!!!
CKidd  113 points - 12/22/2012
A dab of clear epoxy (arts and craft stores have stuff called liquid glass) over the goggles will make them look more realistic. Just fill the goggles with epoxy and let them harden.
 greasmnky 737 points
This was a really good idea, by the way. Thanks for sharing it with us!
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Celui-ci je le laisse d├ęcorer mon bureau! Belle finition.

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Overall Rating
Ace Daniel
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Looks great for a 1:5 ore 1:6 model. Coloreing is perfect made and Looks very scale. With that my fokker looks greate.

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