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NiZN AA 1.5A Battery Charger

NiZN AA 1.5A Battery Charger

Use this convenient battery charger to re-charge up to 4 x NIZN AA batteries at one time. This charger will automatically stop charging once the battery has reached full capacity.

*AC power cord included w/USA style plug

Input voltage: 100~240V AC
Output: 1.9V DC @ 1.5A

PRODUCT ID: 169000009

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Total of 21 discussions.
jerry  3 points - 5/17/2014
do you have a y-type connecter that will fit 2 small escs to 1regular receiver? the same way you would do with servos.
Sergio  1 points - 5/10/2014
Can work with PKCell 900mah AAA Ni-Zn battery?
 Wishes 45 points
Yes the charger has the necessary spacing made to be able to charge both AA batteries and AAA batteries.
vincent  1 points - 3/8/2014
is it working for Turnigy AA LSD 2400mAh Low Self Discharge or not
 the right stuff 1681 points
No NIZI only
Cassidy  9 points - 1/17/2014
Can someone how long it take deliver to MALAYSIA
 barreta 24 points
depending on your shipping method. pay more for fast delivery. DHL recomended.
bothal3  2087 points - 12/20/2013
Hallo LUNDY. Can you please tell the final voltage you obtained after a full charge? How close is it to 1,6 V? (or is this charger also charging the cells to 1,9 V?) Did you check what is the lifetime (usage time) after a recharge? I found that it needs a 12 hour charge at least to regain any usable capacity. Charges to the point where the charger decides the cell is full, only render a few hours of use (instead of a day or two) in my applications.
 Andrea 10 points
charging batteries in 4 hours about the final voltage measured by the meter at the end of charge is 1.88 volts
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Overall Rating
Mauricio Moura
Like it?
Produto excelente.
Acabamento bom.
Qualidade muito boa.
Vou fazer mais testes e posto mais detalhes depois.

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Overall Rating
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Is there an instruction manual for this charger.? Mine seems to work ok but the LEDs stay red always.. are they supposed to turn green when fully charged? If I put an NiMh battery in (just for a few seconds) the LED blinks green and red... What do these lights mean? Nice charger but a manual would be great.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
I use it now for 2 weeks and have not found any problem with it ,it's doing the job very well.
When charging the cells don't heat up, just hand warm ,when starting to charge it's with 1.5Amp pro cell after some time that goose down to 1Amp and the more the cell's getting to there max the charging current is going down.
No over loading at all .
All the comments of to heavy charging current of 1.5Amp are exaggerated and based on nothing .If you do not own this charger you can not judge it.

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Overall Rating
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Мне нравится,я доволен покупкой.

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Overall Rating
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works on 220 and 110 V nice build quality

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