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Turnigy Trackstar 1/10 12.0T 3300KV Brushless Motor

Turnigy Trackstar 1/10 12.0T 3300KV Brushless Motor
Turnigy Trackstar 1/10 12.0T 3300KV Brushless Motor

Trackstar 3300Kv (12.0 Turn) sensorless brushless inrunner to suit 1/10 scale cars.

Kv: 3300
Max Voltage: 15v
Max current: 35amps
Watts: 550
Resistance: 0.0221Ohms
Max RPM: 50000
Diameter: 35.8mm
Shaft dia.: 3.175mm
Shaft length: 15mm
Weight: 168g


PRODUCT ID: 9052000040

Kv(rpm/v) 3300
Weight (g) 168
Max Current(A) 35
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 15
Power(W) 500
Shaft A (mm) 3.175
Length B (mm) 50
Diameter C (mm) 36
Can Length (mm) 33
Total Length E (mm) 65
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Weight: 247g
International Warehouse
Price  $22.99

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James  4 points - 4/10/2015
Is this motor a plug and play replacement to the motor that comes with the Turnigy TrackStar Waterproof Brushless 1/10 Super Stock Power System 3000Kv/45A? my motor finally wore out but the ESC is fine. thanks. Jim
Terry  5 points - 3/31/2015
Would this work for a Redcat Caldera 10e 1/10 4x4 truck. Current set up with 45a stock esc, & stock 3421kv 540 brushless, with 13T/51T. Running 2s battery max, no plans to go to 3s. Would this be a direct swap out? Thanks.
Tzicul  5 points - 2/11/2015
Would this motor take 4S? It's not very clear, spec says 15V, which is ok if they meant standard lipo 3.7v, but a fully load 4S is around 16.8V. Anybody tried it with 4S?
 Michael 6 points
I would not put more than a 3s into this motor. They don't last on 4s. 3s is plenty fast enough. If you want to run a 4s, consider a 550 1/8th motor
Joshua  1 points - 1/10/2015
Will this work as replacement for 2wd Stampede with a Brushed 12T TItan? What would need replaced on the car to make this work?
 Michael 168 points
Joshua- It should be just fine in the stampede. One of the reviews states it fits in a slash perfectly. They have the same transmission assembly. 3300kv is a good one. i am running the 3500kv Valeneon system in mine. The transmission should already have metal gears. If it doesnt, I would rebuild it to all metal to handle the stress. (Around 15 bucks at LHS). You will have to play a little with the Spur and Pinion gear to get he setup you want. I am running stock and it will do a backflip without a wheelie bar, lol. I am fixing to order this one for a rustler (same tranny) Be sure to get a brushless ESC (45-60 amp) The stock one is for brushed only. Good luck with your build!
Luca  2 points - 10/9/2014
lo scrovo anche per gli italiani che ordinano da questo sito e soprattutto per chi ha il TL 01 tamya e simili ...... questo motore è* fantastico ... le prestazioni aumentano vertiginosamente .... io l ho abbinato con un esc della Novatech da 30 amp visto che il motore assorbe massimo 35 amp è* più* che sufficiente .... un consiglio per chi usa il TL 01 conviene ordinare the metal supr gear, perchè* quello in plastica non dura molto si consuma
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Dobry jako upgrade na HIMOTO TRUCK s 540ky

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Ordered it and got it a week and a half later, good timing for coming from the HK warehouse. Packaged very well, came in a nice professional box for it. Fit in my slash perfectly with room to spare, running with a 3s 5000mah lipo on 23/86 gearing. It screams! Even on such a gearing it pulls wheelies and puts out more torque than the tires could put to the ground. Doing constant stop/go, wheelies and donuts it got very warm but still touchable and handles very well for its size. I'd say go for it on this one.

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These are nice motors that when tested on a brushless motor tester, they came in right around 3200-3325kv at 150 degree's temperature. The only thing I wish is that hobbyking would sell the 1/8"x3/8"x5/32" ceramic ball bearings as an upgrade for these motors and others as well...

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akin agrag
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This engine is really süperrrrrrrrr ..... :)

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schön verarbeiteter Motor gute leistung
einziges manko das hintere Lager kratzte schon aus der schachtel raus
aber bei dem Preis kann man ihm ein neues für 2€ spendieren den der Motor läßt sich leicht zerlegen um es zu wechseln

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