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KDS Innova 700 V2 DFC Flybarless Helicopter Kit

KDS Innova 700 V2 DFC Flybarless Helicopter Kit
KDS Innova 700 V2 DFC Flybarless Helicopter Kit

Looking for PRO class helicopter performance at a price that can't be beat? Your search is over...KDS is here!

Constructed from top quality materials and featuring the latest in 3D helicopter design, the KDS Innova V2 series will not disappoint.

The new Innova V2 series feature a DFC (direct flight control) rotor head minimizing rotational mass providing the ultimate in response, control and efficiency. This head design brings the rotor disc closer to the main frame providing a lower center of gravity. This increases agility and performance making it ideal for 3D flight.

The Innova V2 main frame is constructed from genuine carbon fiber and reinforced with aluminum side plates to provide the ultimate in rigidity. The beefy 25mm tail boom eliminates vibration and flex found in other helicopters with smaller diameter booms. This means no flex even under the most extreme of 3D maneuvers!

All the functional features aside, the KDS Innova helis simply look amazing with their beautifully finished carbon fiber main frame, black anodized aluminum parts and expertly painted fiberglass canopy. It will be sure to turn heads every time you bring it out to your local flying site!   

KDS is a high quality brand that you can trust. They are well known in the PRO helicopter world performing very well in 3DMasters, 3DX and other R/C model helicopter flight competitions around the globe.

*Note: This is the latest version of the KDS Innova series helicopters featuring the all new DFC rotor head design and update parts. No old stock here!

• High Precision DFC Rotor Head
• High quality carbon fiber main frame
• Expertly painted high gloss fiberglass canopy
• Lightweight aluminum main bearing/tail boom blocks
• Lightweight carbon fiber tail case assembly
• High efficiency belt drive tail system
• High quality carbon fiber main/tail blades included
• Oversized 25mm diameter tail boom providing extreme rigidity

Length: 1400mm
Height: 410mm
Main Rotor: 690mm
Tail Blade: 105mm
Motor Pinion: 12T
Main Gear: 115T
Tail Drive gear: 42T
Tail Gear: 9T
Gear Ratio: 9.6: 1: 4.6
Weight (w/o power): 2500g

KDS Innova 700 V2 DFC flybarless helicopter kit
690mm carbon fiber main blades
105mm carbon fiber tail blades

420~480KV Brushless outrunner motor
120A brushless HV ESC
UBEC/Voltage Regulator
Standard size digital cyclic servo x 3
Standard size digital tail servo x 1
Flybarless control unit
4000~4500mAh 12S 44.4V lipoly battery
6CH transmitter/receiver

Sale Price $469.99 limited stock!

PRODUCT ID: 104000111

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Weight: 4195g
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Price  $469.99

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Egg Man  71 points - 3/2/2015
WARNING! Be Very careful when tightening the screws that hole the pitch arms to the mainblade grips. There is only 3.5mm of thread on the M6 screw and 5mm of thread on the M8 screw and if you are ham handed you will strip the screw. Snug it down and stop tightening when you feel the screw stop. Gorilla torquing it WILL strip the threads (ask me how I know) and cost you $25 for a new set of grips.
LikarD  54 points - 4/6/2014
Please bring KDS helis to NL warehouse, and BTW why are we unable to buy in UK warehouse as UK is ipart of EUROPEAN UNION too, so no troubles with custom and stuff...And UK has many items that NL does not... Bye
Ruben  22 points - 12/28/2013
please please put these into eu warehouse!
Fabio  3 points - 12/26/2013
Este helicó*ptero é* perfeito! Recomendo a todos!!!
Ruben  22 points - 11/19/2013
eu warehouse, stock them please.
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Overall Rating
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I recieved this kit yesterday Amazing quality and finishing,i think the quality and design better than align trex strongly reccomended!

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Overall Rating

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KDS 700Inova V2 Preisleistung nicht zu toppen Danke!!

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Overall Rating
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Little review about the KDS 700, Very low parts count, because of belt drive Good construction Cheap Parts Flies great (Flies like a Logo 600se) Big battery tray, plenty of room for 2x 5000 6s -No spare parts available for the V2 DFC type -Overall Quality is ok but some small quality issues like canopy came in broken edges of carbon not sanded very well. -Landing gear is too flexible and needs to be wide, changed it with a Align Trex 700

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Overall Rating
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This easy maintance heli is superb. Nice quality and in my opinion better than align in many ways. A more robust frame and no play in the bearing details. Runs 3d like hell and with vbar u really get nice vslues in collective and cyclic. Can run very high gain. Swashplate is really nice, gaui style. Abit heavy but no probs with a scorpion motor :)

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