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Stinger 64 MK2 4S EDF Sport Jet 700mm EPO (PNF)

Stinger 64 MK2 4S EDF Sport Jet 700mm EPO (PNF)
Stinger 64 MK2 4S EDF Sport Jet 700mm EPO (PNF)

The Stinger 64 MK2 has taken "style" to a whole new level with its vibrant new paint scheme and wicked graphics! We've also added metal gear servos and upped the power with an all new 4S EDF system, the Stinger 64 MK2 now has all the speed and performance that you're looking for right out of the box! 
The EPO construction & pre-applied decals are all excellent quality, in fact as you are assembling the Stinger your confidence grows with it, everything is just "right". Assembly time is really fast, the servos, EDF & ESC all being pre-installed. The aileron servo arms are protected by covers, there are hand launch pockets molded into the under-wing, really strong magnets for the canopy & a nice clean battery bay where everything fits just so, this jet has been really well thought out.
The Stinger MK2 looks great and manages to fly even better! There is a servo per elevator and of course it has an effective rudder as all Sport Jets should. All of the servos are metal geared and are mounted at the rear with short control rods, the end result is precision. Although this jet features a powerful new 4S EDF system and can tear up the skies when you want, it's not just all about full has a large flight envelope and is quite happy flying at low speed, ultra stable and ultra predictable. This makes the Stinger MK2 ideal for the budding jet pilot, but wind it up and it becomes a brilliant aerobatic model! Jet aerobatics always look exciting and there is nothing the Stinger MK2 can't do and almost effortlessly. Stinger 64 MK2 has it all, looks, performance, power, price & quality, just make sure you take plenty of batteries to the field, this jet is totally addictive!
• Vibrant new paint scheme and graphics
• Powerful 4S EDF system pre-installed
• Metal gear servos
• Full 4-channel control
• Plug and fly - simply add your own battery and radio system

Wingspan: 700mm
Length: 800mm
Flying Weight: 570~600g
EDF: 64mm with 2836 3500kv Brushless Outrunner
ESC: 40A w/BEC
Servo: 9g metal gear x 5

Stinger 64 MK2 EDF Jet
All Hardware
Your Own 4~5 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
1800mAh~2200MaH 4S Lipoly Battery

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2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 700mm (27.56in) 800mm (31.50in) 570g (1.254lb)

Weight: 1780g Quantity: 
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  • Stinger 64 MK2 4S EDF Sport Jet - Replacement Tail Set

    Combo Price: $10.68   BACKORDER

  • Stinger 64 MK2 4S EDF Sport Jet - Replacement Fuselage

    Combo Price: $26.28   IN STOCK

  • Stinger 64 MK2 4S EDF Sport Jet - Hardware Pack

    Combo Price: $3.48   IN STOCK

  • Stinger 64 MK2 4S EDF Sport Jet - Replacement Nose Cone

    Combo Price: $1.40   IN STOCK

  • LCD Radar Speed Gun 5 - 199 Mph/Kph SRA3000

    Combo Price: $99.95   IN STOCK

  • OrangeRx R615 Spektrum/JR DSM2 Compatible 6Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver

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  • OrangeRx T-SIX 2.4GHz DSM2 6CH Programmable Transmitter w/10 Model Memory (Mode 1)

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  • OrangeRx T-SIX 2.4GHz DSM2 6CH Programmable Transmitter w/10 Model Memory (Mode 2)

    Combo Price: $64.95   BACKORDER

  • Stinger 64 MK2 4S EDF Sport Jet - Replacement Main Wing

    Combo Price: $19.28   IN STOCK

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james  5 points - 3/25/2014
Can you fly this using a 3s lipo? \Thanks
 Brett 27 points
Hey James the draw on the 3s with the 3500 kv outrunner would kill it way to quickly. The 4S is really the only way to go. I have tried the 4S1800 and4S 2200 and the 4S 2200 is a tighter fit but has that bit more air time and punch
 Tinkers 2 points
I too have this concern for 3s. If I simply changed the motor to the stock one to that came with the 3s version, presumably there'd be no issue? Presumably a 40amp esc (the one supplied with this plane) would work with both 3s and 4s(?).
 Brett 27 points
The 40amp would work for both. Its standard in the new kit to cater for the 4S so there would be no issue running a 3S as the stock motor from your original would be drawing less.
Schrumpfmuffe  7 points - 3/24/2014
HK please make the kit Version available and please change the colours.....or leave it white.....
 luke ritchie 3 points
Second that, kit version would be awesome!!!
Seonkyu Jin  1 points - 3/10/2014
When can you have stock of the goods?
Michael  1 points - 3/7/2014
Hello, today ist was the first flight with my stinger64mk2 flighttime with half throttle ca3,5 minutes i think that the esc is wrong programmed because i carged two diferent batteries with only 550mah i have got two batteries 4S 2200mah and zippy 18000mah same flighttime and same charge 550mah have somebody an manual from the original esc or can you tell me wich esc is inside the stinger64 mk2 thanks mike
 Michael 16 points
According to the product's specs, it has a 40A ESC. I'm not too good with ESCs so this might not be the answer you want but that's what the specs said. Hope you get your stinger mk2 flying with a good ESC!
Jersep  3 points - 3/3/2014
Hello Guys, I have a question, I was flying an EDF Jet with 11.1 V 2200 mAh bat and just to check I switch over a 14.2 V battery and Know the esc do not recognize the 11.1 Battery again, What Can I do? thanks Jose E
 LasseK 1354 points
What ESC is it? Some ESCs have a "return to factory defaults" setting, maybe you can use that? You will lose all configuration of the ESC, but it seems that is what you need. HTH
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I maiden mine yesterday and it flew fantastic, I used a 1800mah 4s 40c and got 5min flight, which did not stress the battery. The speed it not too bad at all for a stock unit and the fan and motor was well balanced. As for the colour not so sure it is any easier to see than the red and white version, but it was cloudy. For me out of the box I give it 5/5 an excellent first EDF and if you need more speed it is easy to up grade. The fit and finish are excellent and the colour scheme seems to be a bit more resilient, now for some spares just in case.

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Flew this maiden today with a 2200 4s. I've got an 1800 5s on the way. We'll see.... This edf gets small (It's already small) fast. Making some relative statements on speed. This edf with 4s is a bit slower than my stock Stryker. With that said...its' a still a screamer. Fit and finish...FANTASTIC. This is my 3rd stinger. The quality is GREAT. I always notice a few things. Do the wing bolts line? Yes...on this model very easily. I HATE one control arm on elevator. This plane goes way beyond that. Each elevator has it's own servo with short and very precise throws. I really enjoyed flying this today and my buddy who is not an EDF guy has now ordered one. Don't think'll love this.

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Had the maiden flight of this little beast today in quite gusty conditions,it is so powerful it literally flys out of your hand and gets own step very quickly,I had my rates on 50pcnt with 30pcnt expo an it was still very manoeuvrable and you really have to concentrate to keep control of the thing as its FAST and gets small very quickly indeed.
Model went together in around 40 minutes and the hardest part of this is feeding the elevator and rudder wires through the fuselage,the rest just screws together,I'm using a 1800 flight pack and it balances the model well and lasted about 4 minutes of ballistic flat out flight,landing is a breeze as it does float quite well.
All in all a great model that will get the adrenaline pumping! Love it!

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Maiden mk2 yesterday. Had several fights. Needed very little trimming. Hand launch was easy over handed. Had to add just a touch of weight to get CG right. Used 60pct d/r. Only difficulty I found that as it was cloudy sunday and the busy colour scheme made it hard to see in the sky.. Have painted out pink on underside of wings this made the orientation much easier. All in all great edf jet and great fun. Won't be disappointed.

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