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TrackStar 18 LED Battery Powered Pit Light

TrackStar 18 LED Battery Powered Pit Light
TrackStar 18 LED Battery Powered Pit Light

The new super bright 18 LED Folding Pit Light from TrackStar, offers a convenient and compact way to light up your pit table.

It is designed with a single cell Lithium Polymer battery inside (rather than using an external 12V supply from other available makes).

Features include an extruded, anodized aluminum frame with adjustable angles.

Input: 1s LiPo 3.7V Battery
Lighting: 18 x White Colour (6500K) LEDs
Technical: Built-in Discharge Cut Off
Power: Built in battery inside the unit 2600Mah 1s Lipo


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tboggst  1 points - 2/22/2014
For those of you that need a battery for this like I did, you can get a replacement on ebay from a company by the name of Dalbani Corporation. Item #141183619403 fits in it perfectly and is 2800mAh which is an upgrade from the original. I had purchased one of these lights about 2 years ago and just got a replacement for it today. The battery that HobbyKing suggests don't come with the pcb installed on it and this one does. My battery came dislodged from the two-sided tape, unplugged itself. When it slid back forward, pierced itself on the jst pins which created a dead short. I finally have a working light again.
Munich  89 points - 8/23/2013
How can I recharge Pitt Light. My charger says Connection Break 1.3A and 1S, Charger is Skyrc x2 400Watt
 the right stuff 1635 points
The bayyert has become disconnected. inside the unit. Make a male to female jst extension and re plug in the battery. It will work and charge fine.
Eli  30 points - 7/13/2013
I was disappointed when it didn't want to charge or work OOB, then I read the reviews and found out that the batts came unplugged a lot. We took it apart - We decided to make a jst extension from board to battery which made it possible - no idea how these were ever assembled at the factory. HobbyKing, why has this issue persisted since February? Once we had finished final assembly on this brand new retail product, we had a light that is very innovative and is perfectly suited for the task of RC car work.
Plano  1 points - 6/25/2013
Mine came with a lose lipo battery and the battery contact was unplugged. Needed to replace the double sided tape holding the battery. Used double sided foam tape.
adrictan  8 points - 6/10/2013
I bought one of this when it first came out. Good buy. Nice build and bright. No regrets.
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I received mine last week, very good product I recommend, the lighting is very powerful and lasts very long.

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I've been looking for this light for a long time. Muchmore Racing sells one for $74. This is a great deal and very bright.

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I've uploaded some files for sharing. The 18 LED array is so bright that I couldn't even starring on it. The LED is the square type similar to those used for the Corn LED lights. The entire assembly is more than half a kg. A small sliding switch is provided at the front end of the "Z" to switch on and off of the light. It is a good piece of tool for detail works indeed. Can be double-up as an emergency light since there is built-in over-discharge protection.

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Captain Wayne
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I just received my Track Star light, set it up to charge kept getting connection break,checked cont on plug ok,I did hear batt sliding back and forth inside case,pulled end cover where charging plug is located and both plugs were pulled lose from circuit board,theres my connection break,pulled slide cover over batt,the thin double stick tape pulled lose letting batt pull the plugs off of circuit pins on the board,the tape they used is like thin clear double stick tape, this is going to cause a lot of problems with this product,I used double stick foam tape to correct.

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Just received mine today, wouldn't work at first... My Accucell 6 said "connection break" when i tried to charge it, took the base apart and found the battery lead unplugged from the circuit board, reattaced it and now it works, very bright! I'll enjoy using this handy light... Overall a good buy.

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